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Kailey was a sweet little farm girl who lived in Tennessee and she loved cowgirl boots. For Kailey’s birthday her dear old granny bought her some expensive diamond cowgirl boots! Oh by the way that’s me, her amazing boots. I dont just know Kailey, I know her friends and family too! Kailey has an annoying sister named Alyssa. She is such a drama queen! Did I mention Yosue, he is one of Kailey’s good friends. Yosue is a scientist and he invents all sorts of weird combinations. He always shows Kailey his inventions. I know most of the weird stuff that goes on in Kailey’s life, but i’m just a shoe I don’t know everything.

Usually Kailey gets up in the morning and puts on my evil cousin “THE SLIPPERS” and goes out for a morning walk! Though this morning the slippers were looking a little lonely so I was getting suspicious! I was wondering where Kailey was? I was thinking and here comes her evil twin sister “Alyssa” heading straight to me! I can tell the difference between them! Have you meet Alyssa, she dresses like “A PIG” with her big shirts, and her droopy sweat pants, and her messy hair! So it’s definitely not Kailey. So anyway Alyssa comes over to me and grabs me and starts running! She ran all the way to the basement. I was thinking what is going on here.

There Kailey was locked in a room, and Alyssa showed Kailey that she had her boots, and told Kailey “I’m going to sell these for lots of money and be rich.”  Alyssa did her weird little evil laugh, it goes a little something like “Muahahahaha.” She is the creepiest person I know. Well besides Yosue anyway!

Kailey replied “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME!” and Kailey crouched down on the cold, crackley, cement ground and started to shed her tears. Just then Alyssa left and took me with her! This is why I call her Kailey's EVIL twin! Why would she do this to her own sister. I wish I could do something.

Yosue who was a few blocks down from Kailey was upstairs is his supposed “Layer” he calls it. He was making a liquid that when you put a drop it on something it will make it tiny like an eraser. He wanted to show Kailey his new invention so he started to walk to Kailey’s house when he saw “Kailey” at least that’s what he thought, with her cowgirl boots in her hand. He knew something was up because Kailey would never wear those clothes! He has a feeling that “Kailey” was really Alyssa. So he rushed to Kailey’s house. He heard a whimper coming from the basement. He followed the noise he heard, and he followed it to the basement.

He announced “Who is in their?”

Kailey got up and hollered “It’s Kailey, Kailey Lyson.”

Yosue gasped “Why are you down here!”

Kailey blurted “Alyssa locked me in this cold, tiny room.”

Yosue said “I’ll get you out of their.” So Yosue looked around and he spotted a metal pole lying in a wooden box. He snatched the pole and yelled “WATCH OUT!” He banged the pole on the door, and the door fell to the floor.

Kailey ran out of the room and greeted Yosue, “Thank you so much.” Then they both got out of her creepy basement and went out to find her cowgirl boots that her sister stole. Kailey was just so grateful that Yosue saved her. Kailey and Yosue started to fall in love! Kailey just made it in time to get her boots back from Alyssa before she managed to sell them. Kailey was angry with Alyssa.

Kailey complained “You could have killed me!”

Alyssa gently whispered “I’m sorry Kailey, I guess I was jealous that grandma gave you some expensive diamond boots and not me.” Kailey corrected “Grandma gave me those shoes because she missed my birthday, remember she was in florida for her vacation?”

Alyssa replied back “I knew grandma didn’t give you shoes and not give me any.”

Kailey said “I can’t believe you all you care about is yourself!”

Alyssa denied “No I do not.”

Kailey chatted “Whatever,” and rolled her eyes at Alyssa and walked off.

A few days later Yosue was in his layer creating a new invention to impress Kailey. He finally finished it and went to go show Kailey when he dropped his invention and it spreaded into the misty air and he then realized it was a dangerous chemical, just then he sprinted to kaileys house as fast as he could to warn her about his threatening invention! When he got there he advised Kailey to put this mask on that he had handed her!

Yosue explained “I have created a poisonous chemical that is very dangerous, we don’t have much time though.”

Kailey replied “What!”

Yosue informed her “I didn’t mean to, it was a mistake.” So they both put the masks on and took cover. Kailey tried to contact her family to let them know what has happened, but it was too late. It killed everyone on earth. Kailey was devastated! She was very angry with Yosue! She wouldn’t talk to him for a days… even weeks!

Every day she went to the woods where she would go hunting with her dad and she went to the field where she would horseback ride with her mom! She bawled so many tears I didn’t think she had anymore left in her.

Although one morning Kailey went over to Yosue and stated “I can’t live like this, I can’t be in grief for the rest of my days.”

Yosue explained “I’m very upset too, I didn’t mean to murder everyone!” They were very depressed and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Kailey screamed “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

Yosue replied “What do you mean Kailey?”

So Kailey said “I have a plan, but your not going to like it.”

Yosue gulped “What is your plan?”

Kailey informed Yosue “I’m going to eat the poisonous berries from the woods.”

Yosue burst out “You're going to kill yourself!”

Kailey said “I want to be with my mom, dad, my whole family!”

Yosue agreed “I guess if that’s what you want… if you are, I will too!”

Kailey replied “If that’s your decision then okay.” Kailey insisted “lets and head for the woods!”

So Yosue and Kailey started their journey off to the woods to find the berries. On their long path down the dirt trail I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, she was silent. I didn’t want Kailey to go, she meant a lot to me, even though I’m just her smelly cowgirl boots! We went on walks together, we went horseback riding, and I loved when she won first place because I loved to see that smile on her face… Well I couldn’t see it but I always imagined it. Even though she didn’t know me for a long time, I still care about her. I just wished she would change her mind! I think of her as my sister because we're close like a cowgirl and her horse! but I’m the boots instead. On the other hand she wants to see her family, and if that’s her choice I support it. Just that moment they found the poisonous berry bush right along their path.

Kailey commented “Here are the berries we are looking for.”

Yosue was silent and didn’t make a sound, he just glared at her wishing that this would have never happened. Kailey suddenly yanked two handfuls of berries of the prickly bush. She handed a pile to Yosue and kept one for herself.

She said “On the count of three”

Yosue gulped “Okay.” So Kailey continued “1… 2… 3…” They both put the berries in their mouths and swallowed. Kailey whispered “Bye scientist.” Yosue whispered back “Bye farm girl.” Then they both took their last breath and fell to the cold, muddy, hard ground.


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