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She sits there on her bed waiting impatiently for his text. She hears a buzz on her iPhone! She rushes up and sees that it is only her best friend telling her to text her.She sent a text to her best friend saying "I'm not in the mood I'll text you later".He finally texted back. His text reads  " Why do you keep texting me"?I'm in study hall right now please stop texting me I have to go.She replied asking him if they could text around four... Then she finishes what she was doing and was walking to school when she received a text from a number she didn't recognize. The text read "Text this number after school or u will be next"... She thinks to herself long and hard and doesn't understand what it means!


At school all day she seemed a little jumpy. Her best friend kept asking her what was the matter but it was always the same response," Nothing is wrong I am just thinking to myself." That's when she sees it... Someone slipping a note into her locker! She doesn't  see who because they are wearing one of those hoodies that zip up into a mask. Her friend sees it and marches over to the shout's out loud "who do u think you are slipping notes into people's lockers!! "I have never in my life seen her so angry before" Veronica thought to herself. Then she went and opened up her locker to find a nicely printed envelope! She opens it and reads. You're invited to our ninja party! Veronica shows it to her friend. Her friend Abigail's face turns very red and stops shouting and quickly apologized for the misunderstanding.


Then the ninja masked mystery man hands her an envelope just like the one Veronica had received and slipped away quickly and quietly!! Abigail and Veronica walk out of the hallway into their next and last class of the day biology! Just as they sit down the classroom phone rings! Abigail and Veronica report to the principal's office immediately! They look at each other as the walk down the silent hall. They don't speak they just stare ahead. Till finally Veronica says "Do you think we are in trouble for the hallway thing? Abigail just shrugs and says “I have no idea.”


They reach the office and the door immediately opens for them! Feather the meanest most popular girl in school is sitting there in tears. Abigail gives Veronica that we both know what is about to happen look! Just then the whole world stops when he walks in the most stunning guy in school walks in he might be two grades ahead but he is still a girl's dream! "Brandon please take a seat" says principal black. You all must know why you are here. She says in that sad but cheerful tone. Veronica and Abigail are just listing to Brandon say that yes he broke up with Feather and he was going to ask out someone in this room! Then veronica and Abigail send a look to each other that says did he just say in this room?


Then he looks to Mrs.Black and says this hardly conserns you though no offence. True but Feather has been crying all day today! That is a girl thing everyone but feather shouted! Well you are all dismissed except feather you I am sending home for the rest of the day! On they way back to class Brandon says wait up Veronica we need to talk!


He asked her out and she said "yes" the held hands the rest of the way back to their classes! Just then veronica stops cold! She forgot to text the number! She realizes it was then end of the day and busses were loading! She texts the number and says I'm texting you what do you want? Then number replies "revenge". She stares at the screen and it is still typing! Then it says "I will be at the ninja ball and I will kill someone it is your job to hide the body or ELSE!!"


She looks at the screen bewildered by what she sees! She is getting ready for the party and stashes a shovel in her car trunk! She realized she needed to text Brandon so she texts him and apologized for the weird texting this morning. She is driving her car when she sees a car crash on the side of the road the recognized the car, she finds a note that reads I did the kill now you hide the body. She looks at the body and sees...... Then it hits her all at once! How she recognized the car who It was. She walks up to the car tears rush to her eyes she sees....Veronica closes her eyes and pinches herself! Maybe I am dreaming she thinks to herself as she slowly opens her eyes.


She starts to cry harder and calls 911! They pick up "911 what's your emergency?" But then she realizes she can't call for help or she will be killed just like Abigail was, so veronica just hangs up the phone! She runs to the river and gets water from a bucket that she stashed in her car and put out the fire! She grabbed Abigail and said I am so sorry for this! And veronica throws her in the river dives in and digs a hole under the water! She struggles to keep Abigail's body in place then buries her. She goes home takes a shower and cleans up! She drives to the party but when she arrives no one is there! "This was a set up" she yelled angrily! Veronica thinks and says "I will get to the bottom of this and find out who killed my best friend!"


Just then she feels something sharp on her throat. She hears a voice in her ear that whispers "If you even dare to try I will kill your family and friends one by one and frame you for all the murders including Abigail's! Now count to one hundred then turn around and leave if you turn around before you reach one hundred then I will kill you then and there! She begun to count. One,Two,Three by the time she reached one hundred an hour had passed! She got in her car and turned on the ignition! Her car says low on fuel, so about ten miles up the road she stops at a gas station! She fills up her tank and when she gets back from paying she finds a note on the car door! She reads it and says " I have a game for you to play let's see if you can beat it."step one: link these pictures if u can figure it out then text the number I told you to yesterday and come back to this gas station and tape it to this gas pump! She pulls out the pictures!" One of them has a dollar sign,one of them has a picture of her house,and the last one is a bottle of gasoline! " she thinks she has it so she sends a text to the number!


After that she picks up a pen and begins to write what she thinks on the envelope. She taps it to the gas pump and leaves! When she gets home she find another envelope on her door... She sits on a chair and reads it. It says " very good." Now you know that I will burn down a rich person's house but can you figure out who? She couldn't figure it out so when she got invited to a sleepover at her friend Jenny's house she said she was bringing a game! She told her friends that is was a murder game kind of like clue!


She said there were three pictures given and they had to link them together. She explained that she linked two together already but she needed to figure out who! She said that someone was going to burn down a rich person’s house but they needed to know who's house would be burned down. Some guessed people that wouldn't match the description. So I said it was someone that lived in this town. They all shouted the same answer... They all shouted Feather! She couldn't believe she just used her friends like that but Veronica thinks they just solved the next clue! She announced that she was going to the bathroom.


While she was in there she was texting the number she was instructed to. It replied back “good now your job is to find out when and hope it wasn’t too late!” Veronica gasped, she went back into the room and said that she wasn't feeling well. Her friends bid her a goodbye as she walked hesitantly out the door.She ran home as fast as she could then plopped on the porch! She was so out of breath that It felt like her heart was beating out of her chest each time she inhaled the cold fresh air. “ She quietly opened the door and set her bag inside.


She reaches for her coat that is hanging on the coat rack  but she cannot find it. She is so nervous she will get caught that the slightest noise coming from way beyond in the distance will freak her out. Veronica finally feels the cold metal of the coat rack beneath her fingertips.She lets out a slow soft breath of relief as she grabs her North face and shuts the door. She silently slips on her jacket and puts her phone in her pocket as she sees a little piece of paper shoved between two boards of the porch. She pulls it up as gentle as possible so she doesn’t rip it. She gets it out and begins to read it. It says…


Hickory dickory dock,The mouse ran up the clock.The clock struck one,The mouse ran down,Hickory dickory dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The bird looked at the clock, The clock struck two,Away she flew,Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The dog barked at the clock,The clock struck three,Fiddle-de-dee Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The bear slept by the clock,The clock struck four,He ran out the door,Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The bee buzzed 'round the clock,The clock struck five,She went to her hive,Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The hen pecked at the clock,The clock struck six,Oh, fiddle-sticks,Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The cat ran round the clock,The clock struck seven,She wanted to get 'em,Hickory Dickory Dock.Hickory Dickory Dock,The horse jumped over the clock,clock struck eight,He ate some cake,Hickory Dickory Dock.  Find the right time before it is too late!


Veronica shoved the letter in her pocket and ran, she ran as fast as she could to feathers house. The when she saw it she stopped dead cold. She was so shocked and so out of breath she ran frantically but the fire was so big. She saw feather trapped in her room upstairs. She kicked the door down and the fire blazed in the house. The ashes and smoke going into her lungs, she raced to the stairs placing her footsteps in specific spots so she wouldn’t step in fire.


The smoke was almost unbearable but she pushed thru it. She went to Feathers bedroom and got the door partially opened but it was stuck. She yelled for feather but it was faint because the smoke in her lungs affected her vocal cords. As she coughed and coughed Feather finally came to the blocked off door. She yelled for Veronica but together they got the door opened a little bit more. Feather squeezed out, She had scrapes,cuts, and burn marks everywhere.


They slowly made their way to the stairs but they were covered in fire.They stopped and began to panic. Veronica found a cable cord. “ How sturdy is the chandelier?”Pretty sturdy I guess.” Said Feather with a big hard cough. Veronica threw the cord on the chandelier and made sure it was sturdy. “Can you swing?” she asked feather with a soft heroic sounding tone. “Sure.” feather replied. Veronica tightened the cable cord around her waist and said “Once you hit the ground just go, run out of the house and get help.” Feather began to swing and she hit the ground…


Next thing I know I am in a sleep dazed state in a hospital. The nurse gave feedback into a recording device. She said, “Month seven, The patient opened her eyes.” She looks sad,happy,and worried. I tried to speak but no words came out. She reassured me everything would be alright. She told me that when I was in the fire my vocal cords got very badly damaged. She went out of the room. About an hour later my parents arrived. They told me everything was okay but I might not be able to talk for a while. They went to go get me some good food when feather came to visit.


She had thanked me for saving her. She said that I was a local hero and that she was so sorry for the way she had treated me. She asked some questions but I was unable to answer them. After she left one of the questions did get me thinking. How was I going to explain why I was at the fire, or how I knew it was on fire!The question stayed with me just like the stale air in the room. Just then Brandon came in.


He had a bundle of roses and a teddy bear. He set them onto a table and began to talk. He said that he felt terrible about what happened. He said “I know about the texts you were getting.” But he said it so smooth I almost didn’t catch what he just said. “WHAT” I said in an angry tone because that was my first word I’d said since the accident and in a flustered tone because I was scared.“How?” I said with worry and disappointment.”It Turns out that my sister was sending them, and doing all that crazy stuff, I turned her into the police and she is now in jail”.


I saw a tear rush down his face as I leaned in for a hug. We hugged for a while. He was so upset but I don’t know what upset him more. The fact that his sister was in jail, and she did all those crazy things, or the fact that she hurt me. I was completely oblivious and unaware to the fact that we were dating but you know what he was my dream guy and I guess I was his dream girl.


About a month later I was out of the hospital and back to school. I was known as a hero and Feather became my best friend. We had a tribute to all whom lost their lives with the fire, and “poor Abigail”. I decided that I would leave an anonymous tip to the police wear her body may or may not have been buried. I caught up with life and it was going pretty spectacular! A couple little bumps here and there but we get thru those. Some asked my how Life was going  and i would tell them great till This one particular time. I was explaining how good it was to be out of the hospital and everything and then I got a text that said “caught one of us but there are still two, Good luck. The next round begins “Now.” At first I didn’t understand,  now I am fully aware of what’s happening. I am afraid that it will happen again,except this time much worse.

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