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 Once upon a time there lived two boys David and Steve in New Jersey. They both were best friends before his father’s death his attitude was good but after that his attitude was changed. His father died during the war. His mother worked to make him a successful person. He was also handicapped. He was 12 years old at that time.








One day David asked to his great grandfather that how peoples work when they are handicapped.


 His great grandfather told that all that is about practice and how important is that work for you. 


He then asked that why my best friend (Steve) is angry with me?


 His great grandfather told that his father is not in this world so his mother is stressed and he saw his mother stressed and anyone don’t like his loving ones to be stressed. That’s why he is angry.




 One day his great grandfather asked him what you what to be when you grown up he told that he want to be a solider when he grew up. His great grandfather asked the reason he told that his friend Steve s father was a solider. His father lived for our country. He told that he also wants to live for his country.  His great grandfather was very proud at that time. Then David told that he also want to become a writer. They studied in the same class and David knows it very well that Steve was handicapped but he was very intelligent. He had got several scholarships, medals and certificates also.




 His ambition in life was to fulfill his mother’s wishes and to become a fighter plane pilot. The principal of the school didn’t want to lose a brilliant student that’s why he didn’t send him to special school. 






At the age of 19 years they both were in the collage they had many friends but some were senior while some were junior.




 One day his seniors decided to bunk the lectures and to watch a movie. All were ready but only David and Steve was not ready because they love to study. Their senior forced them then all went to the mall. But when they entered the mall they saw David’s parents in the mall. They were tensed they tried a lot to hide them but his parents saw them. And his parents were very disappointed so they parents decided to organize a program for their for their work their plan was to make them feel ashamed of them.  Their plan worked they were ashamed.  But they tried to hide their mistake so, David told that it is my entire fault Steve was not ready but I forced him to go there. Then Steve told that it is not his fault it’s my fault because I told them him that we can copy notes from our classmates. Their parents plan was also successful and this also proved that they were best of friends.   






At the age of 23 years they completed their desires and they played many wars sometimes they killed peoples of the other country and sometimes they get injured.   






David and Steve had many real stories of their bravery and one of them was during a war between America and Vietnam. All knew that high ranking officers were exchanged during wars so all were tension free and then David and his group went to Vietnam. The Vietnamese killed his group but they made David a prisoner there. After few days Steve also went there. They wanted to kill him but his leader told that we will blackmail Americans with them.  David was kept in a forest for about 2 years and Steve was kept there for about a year. Then they both were sent to the main prison of the country they both were treated like an animal. They both were standing in between life and death. In the first room after the leaders room they kept David there and in the second room they kept Steve there after about 6 months David heard a sound from the next room he thought that if there is an American I can talk with him by knocking because all the Americans knew how to talk by knocking the wall or if they might be checking my patience. He knocked the wall for a month but Steve didn’t reply because he was bewaring of Vietnamese then after about 2 months he replied. when Steve replied they both started crying. They both were happy because they could hear an Americans voice after so many years after about 8 years and 145 days they were exchanged. They reached New Jersey by plane and a crowd of peoples, media etc. and a party was organized for their bravery during these was the most adventurous years for them. 






They had defeated Somalian pirates also. their plan was to attack by fighter planes and then to leave best officers  and only high ranked officers knew about this plan but it was not so easy they have thought of happening when the fighter plane reached Somalia they saw that at that time a ferry was passing through the ocean so they  were waiting for the ferry to pass but one of the member of the pirates saw the fighter planes and the pirates thought if we will make the peoples in the ferry prisoners then they will not attack .so they made them prisoners .the fighter planes told the same  they were thinking some option for the peoples to keep them safe. They sent a group of high ranked officers there and for more soldiers they even sent the pilots of fighter planes. Their plan was to dress up like a people and to get inside the ferry and to keep the peoples in a safe place and then to attack the pirates. Then entered ferry but there was no way of going outside because there were many members there at every place expect the engine room. All the peoples were safely in engine room but many were injured. They had many weapons so they asked the peoples that you can attack on the pirates and all the peoples told yes. So they gave light machine gun and a pistol to all the peoples. They made four groups in every group few soldiers were there. They first killed the members near the engine room it took three days to kill all the members of the pirates and on the fourth day they were ready to kill the pirates but the pirates were also ready to kill them they were so many members so they kill them easily but many peoples of the ferry were also killed all the peoples of the ferry were given bravery award also for their achievement. One day David thought that I could complete only my one ambition. Years and years went.








One month before his retirement during a war he lost his right hand.  At that time he thought that he can complete his second ambition but one question was in his mind that how I will become a writer I don’t have my right hand for writing. After losing his right hand he practiced four to five years as a result his writing improved a lot. At that time he realized what his great grandfather said that it’s all about your practice and how important it is for you. He made many friends there also one of his friend didn’t know him but he always reads his articles, stories, poems etc. His name was Johnson. One day David gave invitation for his party. When he came he saw David few question was in his mind that how he can write so beautifully as compare to ours. He asked him David told the same to what his great grandfather told to him. After that they both became best of friends. After few years they came to know that Johnson was cousin of Steve. After that their friendship became very strong.




At the age of 89 years Steve died in New Jersey by an enemy. And in the day David also died by heart attack in New Jersey.




An American writer Elbert Hubbard has also written that a friend is someone who knows everything about you but still loves you. And I believe this is really true.