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Never had a few moments deliberation seemed like an eternity, as I felt my consciousness ebbing away, and my thoughts, as clear and concise as they were mere moments ago, came to an end. My eyes grew heavy from the strenuous effects of excessive agitation of the brain--that faculty which, in all its strength, I had not prepared for such a weakness. At once, I was stricken with incoherence, and inconsistency in my thoughts, as I knelt down and leaned a shoulder against the wall— I had already decided to give myself away to my pursuer, to be dead to the world before the rest of me ever hit the cold concrete floor. I heard the cries of a thousand angels, and falling from the darkness, I could hear them screaming with bloody horror. I have never heard death at its loudest. The black demon towered over me. I felt the void ripping through the sky. The scream of the demon brought chills down my spine like nails on a chalk board. Its scream ravaged the landscape and destroyed everything within sight. I look at him with a naked eye. The demon towered over me and my heart stopped beating; I felt like a woodland creature, defenseless. Without moving I heard a voice, “It is your time to awaken.”


With a dropped jaw, buggy eyes, and hot, sweaty palms, my head pops up from my warm pillow in a heart-pounding state of emergency. After a second of massively intense panic where my head zooms into brain-rushing, adrenaline-gushing overdrive, it just suddenly just dawns on me. It was all a dream, it was all a dream. I rise out of my bed and wipe the sweat off of the brow of my head. Silence swallowed the room as I walk through the empty hallway. The floor slowly creaks as I take a small step down the stairs. The dream that gave me chills keeps crawling up my spine. My heart was still beating loudly up against my chest like a drum, and I was short of breath. I still found water running down the side of my head. I step outside and look at the  still bright blue sky, and the sun warmly smiled at me as I soaked up its rays. The clouds walk from one side of the sky to the other as I look above me. As I take small steps away from my house, I feel a cold chill go through my body. I hear small noises creak closer to my direction. I throw my head to where the noises were coming from. An eerie silence hung in the air, yet there was no one. I resumed my walking, but heard more thudding. My heart started beating hard, and the air around me seemed to thicken. I was sure someone was following me. I froze in my tracks. The sound of footsteps continued for a stride then stopped. I try to walk again, but my legs are jelly. If someone was following me, I'd be an easy target. trembling inside, I turned around in total fear,


“Seria, it is just me. Don’t be scared.” I slowly turn my head and I see Mike behind me smiling warmly. He slowly approaches and starts walking next to me.


“You really scared me. I am very cautious about people sneaking up on me like that.” He looks at me and starts laughing at me,

“You are easy to scare.” I look at him and start laughing with him. We walked into a dark forest. The light was fading, creating new shadows and dark patches around me. Eyes glimmered from tree hollows. The wind wailed between distorted trunks, carrying the sickly stink of wood rot. I moved faster, ignoring the briars that caught at my jeans, the damp leaves that gripped my skin, and as we walked deeper in the forest, Mike looked at me and kept on giving me his warm, sweet smile. Suddenly, my breath fled from my lungs like a balloon.


“What are you doing? Why do you keep staring at me like that?” He looks at me and smiles,

“I am just staring at you. What is wrong with me staring at you Seria?”



As we continued walking through the forest, we heard more footsteps. We both turn our heads super fast. The forest got quiet. Silence was wrapped all around in the air. We tried continued walking, but we heard more thudding. A spirit appeared before us, we both shook, a nervous chill goes up my spine. She stared at me with a dead eye and blood ran down her face and her arms were consumed with purple spots. We look at her as she stares at us. I slowly approach her,


“Who are you?”


She looked at me and grabs my neck and pulls it down. I felt my nerves stop working. I wanted to move my head away, but my body shut off. My arms and head would not move. I felt her eyes burning on my back as I felt her arms wrap around my neck and I felt the air start thickening around me,


“Let Seria go!” The spirit looks at me and stares into my eyes. I started to lose my breath,

“Wait, you are Seria?”


She looks at me and lets me go. I fall hard onto the thick soil; my head was spinning around, and my eyes were closing. As I close my eyes, I hear the same voice calling to me, “It is your time to awaken.”


My eyes slowly wake up. I look around and I am still in the dark forest. The spirit looks at me and then looks away. Mike takes his hand and picks me up. I look at her without saying anything. Looking directly at me she says,


“I am so sorry Seria. I have been looking for you.”

“Why have you been looking for me?”

“This will change your life forever Seria.”


I look at her as my face turns pale. I feel like I am going to die. I feet like the world is caving in on me. I feel like I am in a tight space and was not able to breath.


“Seria, you are an angel. The strongest angel I have ever met too. Your mom, was once an angel, but she is one of the fallen angels. She ended up being one of the demon’s puppets. She fell under a dark spell under a dark spirit. She was defenseless. A mere shadow of her former self. She let the darkness consume her. But you on the other hand, you are ordinary. You hold a special power. Something more than your mom possessed. You have inner strength. The evil spirit is roaming around now. You're walking in this forest and that weakened the seal. She tricked you into coming in here because she knows that you are the spoken one. That is why you feel so light-headed. You will be okay soon. She is deep in this forest looking for this ancient demon. The last battle we had was with that demon. Only one person survived the dark chaos. He is looking for you still. He destroyed the demon to keep us at balance.”


I stood there and felt like I was dead. The air started getting thicker and thicker. It started surrounding me. It smelled like a toxin in the air and I felt suffocated. My heart kept pounding against my chest, and the dream I had kept coming back to me like someone following me that I could not get rid of. I felt like the darkness started surrounding me. I look at her with no expression on my face,

“I had a dream.”

“You had the dream about the inedible chaos that was brought onto this world? Did you hear all of the angels crying?”

“I did have that dream. I have no idea how I should feel right now.” She looks at me as she glances at Mike. I look down at the ground trying to absorb what she told me. I felt like I was in a dream, but I was awake,

“You have to stop her Seria, you are the only hope. You might feel small on the inside, but you are a lot more than you seem. I have heard the cries of the angels and they told me that they wanted you to destroy the demon and end this. I even heard your mother.”

“Please don’t be messing with me. You heard my mother calling out to me?”

“I did, she wanted you to destroy the one thing she could never destroy. Complete the task that your mom never finished.”

I look at her and I tighten my fists. I look at her and I nod my head. I start running into the forest. Mike starts running behind me. I suddenly stop running and then looked at her. Before I could say anything, she looks at me and smiles,


“My name is Maddie, by the way.” I look at her and I smile at her. Maddie turns around and I looked at her back. Two long scars ran down her back. I saw blood stains on the back of her jacket. Her jacket is torn apart. As I gaze into her back, she vanishes,


“Seria, are you coming?”

“Yeah.” As I walk up to him he stares at me and then looks at where Maddie was standing,

“What is wrong Seria?” I look at him and I try to shake my head,

“There is just something odd about her, do you know her Mike?”

“Not that I remember.”

We continued walking deeper within the forest. Not aware of what danger was ahead of us, we still have courage to keep going. The forest was still and quiet. We heard the trees whisper to us. The wind howled within the forest. My brain did not want me to do this. I am not capable of doing this. I did not even know that I was an angel until Maddie told me. I needed to do this, for my mom. She is crying for my help. I love my mom and I will do whatever it takes to help her find the light. My mom’s former shadow continues to haunt her. I need to help my mom find the light. To give her peace. My thoughts were shouting and I feel like my thoughts are echoing within the forest. Mike keeps looking at me trying to wonder what is on my mind. I tried ignoring it,

“Are you okay Seria?”

“I am just thinking very hard. That is all.”

We suddenly started hearing echos throughout the forest. We hear someone walking and breathing. We look at each other and then look beyond from where we were standing, and start slowly walking toward the noise. My heart starts racing with worry as I turn to the voice. I smelled toxins within the air. I look in front of me and she looks at me with her red eyes; I felt the burn of her sight go right threw my retinas. Blood was dripping out of her mouth like a red waterfall. Her smell turned my insides out. Her face was swallowed with scars and blood. I felt a chill crawling up my spine as she stared at me with anger. Bruises consumed all over her legs and arms. It was her,

“You… are… the one…  looking for… me” She slowly walks up to me and I look behind her and saw the tombstone of the demon. We were right where we needed to be. She puts her hand in front of me and continued to stare into my soul and I felt the burn of her skin. I was paralyzed. I could not move as her red eyes locked into my eyes. She lets go of me and then turns around,

“I have some business to take care of. Why don’t you leave Seria? Make it easier for yourself.”

“Why would I leave? I am trying to stop you. I heard the cries of the angels. I came here to destroy the one thing my mom could never destroy. I am going to stop this from happening ever again. There is nothing you can do to stop me.”

Her veins started popping out, her anger spilled over. Her fists tighten as I look at her with no expression. My heart turn into stone as I look into her dead eyes. She starts walking to the tombstone,

“You better not move.”

I look at Mike as he stands in front of me and looks her in the eyes. She turns around and opens her mouth as blood runs off the side of her face. I look at Mike’s back. He has the same scars as Maddie. Two long scars on his back. Blood stains covered his jacket. I look at Mike as water runs down his face. He looks at me and then looks down with droplets falling onto the soil,

“Seria, I have not been honest about myself.”

“What do you mean Mike?”

“You know how Maddie was talking about the fallen angels? She told us about one angel who survived that day and he is one of the fallen. Remember how she told you that this person has been looking for you?”

“I remember, where is this fallen angel survivor?”

Mike continues to remain silent as tears fall from his face onto this hands,


The spirit looks at me and then puts her hand on the seal. The ground starts shaking with violent rage. I feel deep down the ground something moving, pounding. The pounding gets stronger. Suddenly the pounding on the ground gets weaker and weaker. Except for the pounding in my heart. Suddenly the demon rises out of the grave. The sky was consumed with darkness. As the demon towers over me, the air swallowed with silence. Its scream destroyed  everything. Plants started dying and the trees lost its purpose of life. The demon drained every last thing of life. I could hear the angels crying as I looked at the demon showing no fear. The demon slowly approaches me and I continue to stand still. The spirit turns around and as I look at her back, she had the same marks on her back. She vanished into thin air and no one has seen her ever again. A loud hush spread to the forest. The air was still and quiet. Silence consumed all around us as I continue to stare at the demon. As I stand there, I look at the demon,


“Mom? Is that you?”


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