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“I’m nervous mom”, I say. Today my parents and I are traveling to Egypt for the first, and it's the first time I have ever flown over the sea.

“Everything will be ok Cam”, my mom says but I still feel like something will happen.

“Two minutes until takeoff”, the pilot says. I always feel like a catastrophe or something bad will happen, so I always pack prepared. Even after my mom's reassurance, I felt like something was going to happen.


In a matter of seconds we are up and in the clouds. It takes about 15 hours to get to Cairo from Charlotte, North Carolina so I brought two books to read. It was about 9:30 and we were a good 5 hours into our trip when we flew right into a storm. I get a little nervous now. I hear a burst of thunder so loud, it felt like a whole marching band blared on their instrument at once. A second blast of thunder goes off and all the plane lights shut down.

Filled with fear, I grab my bag and like that, it hits me. We are crashing. The plane must have been struck by thunder because there was no power. The plane shifts to one side and all the overhead luggage falls on top of me knocking me unconscious. When I come to, I was on the ground. I climb up and gaze out the window. The water was approaching quickly. I sprint to the end of the plane where the flight attendants usually sit and quickly open up an inflatable raft. BSHHHHH! We hit the water with such force, it cracks the plane in half and shoots me into the air.

Next thing I know, I’m in the raft being smashed by the waves. I look over and see something that I will never be able to get out of my head. The plane I was riding 10 minutes ago was now split in half, on fire, and slowly sinking. I was the only survivor. PFEEEEERWW! An explosion goes off from inside the plane, knocking me unconscious.  

It’s  been I think 4  months since the crash.  I had been unconscious on the raft after the explosion, and had luckily drifted onto this island. I had found food and after 4 tries, I successfully built a shelter. Now I was just lying on the beach, wondering if  I would ever make it off this crazy island.

A flare of hope sparks in my heart. In the distance I see a dark speck. A helicopter.”Finally,” I say hopping with joy. I quickly run to my shelter and grab as many sticks as i can. I quickly run back to the beach and frantically start to form a word. Help. The word I have been thinking of most. The word I need most. I make the word as big as I can. Now i just wait.The helicopter is close now and a burst of anxiety spreads through my whole body. The helicopter stops over me, and lets down a ladder. I let out a huge sigh. All the struggles I’ve gone through has all led to this moment. Before I grob the ladder i look over my island. So many memories. I remember all the times I sat on this beach hoping for one thing. Help             



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