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Seattle: Friday, December 31st 8:00 p.m.  Ashley walks up to the door and is greeted by her favorite 7 and 8 year olds, Timmy and Jenny. Though reluctant to babysit the kids due to the party at her friend's’ house that she is missing, the look of excitement from the kids can’t help but make her smile. As she walks into the house on 8th Street, the parents are frantically searching for the car keys as they are late for a party. Ashley offers to help out, but they already find the keys. The parents say goodbye and the usual routine and out the door they go.

“How are you guys?!” Ashley says, excited to see them.

“Awesome!” the kids reply enthusiastically. Ashley decides to feed the kids dinner. The debate is heavy as it usually is with any family. One kid wants spaghetti and the other kid wants a burger. It’s complicated. They eventually compromise on pulled pork sandwiches, an all-time, forgotten favorite for Ashley and the kids. She starts the stove, as it warms up, the kids are playing basketball on their mini hoop in the T.V room.

“Be careful!” Ashley reminds them.

“We will! Stop worrying, jeez” Timmy replies offended that Ashley would think they would get hurt.

Ashley chuckles and mutters to herself “Always talkin’ back”. Dinner is served and excitement fills the kids for they are starving as if they never get fed. They eat and all is good. Ashley and the kids clean up the kitchen because pulled pork gets pretty messy, but it’s worth it.

They settle on the couch and start to wind down for the night. Because, ya know, making pulled pork and ballin’ mini style really takes a lot out of you. They turn on the T.V.

“Disney, Disney, Disney, Disney!!!!” demands Timmy.

Challenging Timmy, Jenny screams, “Bob the Builder, Bob the Builder!!!”

Thinking to herself and trying to make a conscious decision, careful not to upset the kids. “Ok, we will watch 30 minutes of both starting with whoever brushes their teeth faster!” Both kids run upstairs to win the race that means the most to them. As of right now. Ashley chuckles for she is amused by the competition between the two. While the kids are brushing their teeth, she decides to turn on the news to see what is happening on this New Year's night. The news comes on and what she hears is shocking. “A man going by the title as ‘New Year’s Killer’ is causing havoc around the suburbs of Seattle. 7 families have been murdered and he is still at large. Any witnesses that have information about him are ordered to report their findings to authorities immediately. Anyone who is out is encouraged to go inside and seek protection.” After hearing this, Ashley runs upstairs to get the kids but making sure not to scare them or spook them about the situation.

“Let’s play basketball!” Timmy yells.

“How about this, let’s play in the basement” Ashley offers.

“I don’t care as long as I can play” Tommy ensures. Ashley takes the kids downstairs and locks the door behind her. They get downstairs and Ashley feels her pockets. “Something is missing” she mutters to herself.

“I’ll be right back guys, my phone is upstairs” Ashley tells them. She runs upstairs to get her phone. She walks into the kitchen and hears a loud crash. She turns around frantically and runs downstairs as if she is sprinting in the olympics.

“You just got dunked on!!” Tommy is yelling at Jenny. Ashley takes a sigh of relief.

“Be quieter! Don’t make that much noise!” Ashley scolds them and orders them to calm down and relax and watch T.V. Having really no choice, Timmy and Jenny give in and do as told. The night goes on as Ashley gets increasingly nervous. She has news reminders set on her phone. Every 20 minutes she gets an update of the killer. 8 families dead. 9 families dead.

It’s now 10:30 p.m and the kids have fell asleep downstairs. Ashley lay wide awake. More alert than ever. The news now has a pattern on the killers movement. 10 families. 11 families. Now moving on 6th street.

“If they know where he is, then why can’t they catch him?” Ashley wonders. 12 families. Now on 7th street. Ashley lays over the kids and can’t help but wonder who would ever want to do this. In mid thought, she stops abruptly. She hears a sound loud enough to wake up the whole block, and it stops. Again it happens, again it stops. She calls 911 and reports what she is experiencing. As she hangs up the phone, it rings once again and she answers.

“Hello” says a deep voice that sounded somewhat familiar.

“Who is this?” Ashley demands timid and scared. The phone hangs up and Ashley starts to get very nervous. She looks at her phone ‘13 now estimated to be heading toward 8th street’. She then receives a text. “It’s a blocked number” she thinks to herself. ‘See ya soon’. She hears footsteps going through the kitchen right above her, very slowly as if searching for something. Ashley now knows for sure what is happening, he’s in the house. She takes the kids and puts them in closet along with herself.

“Ashley what’s happening?” asks Timmy nervously.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine” Ashley assures them. The footsteps gradually get louder as Ashley and the kids get more and more nervous. Ashley, calling 911, trying to get help for she knows what is about to happen.

“The phone line is cut” she realizes as an alarming no connection error appears. Thinking to herself, “I have to do something, I can’t just sit here”. So she makes a move. “Stay in here and DO NOT move”, she told the kids. Timmy and Jenny nodded while sobbing. Ashley slowly makes her way up the stairs and just as she gets to the top, a door creaks. She ducks in a hope to hide her body and not make any noise. The squeaking subsides, she feels it is safe to go. She slowly opens the door to the basement and steps up and out. She shuts the door as quietly as possible. She follows the noise as silently as possible and trying to make the least amount of noise as she makes her way to the kitchen. She grabs a knife and pursues what she has come up here to do. The house is laid out in such a way that the kitchen and family room are in one big circle and the basement door is half way around the circle. She makes her way around the circle, hands shaking, heart pumping out of her chest, she is scared and fears what could happen. She doesn’t hear or encounter anything. When she has made her way all the way around the circle, she looks to her right, nothing. Her left, something felt off, not right, out of place. She peers around the corner, the basement door is cracked. She runs, faster than ever towards the door. She opens it and skips the entire flight of stairs and lands at the bottom. Frantically searching, she finds nothing. Slam. Ashley jerks her head back towards the top of the stairs hard enough were it will be sore in the morning. The basement door has shut. She runs to the kids.

“Are you guys ok?” she asks, barely able to get the words out fast enough.

“Yes, we are fine” Jenny replies. Ashley hears another noise, something rolling down the stairs. It lands and stops against the back of the couch. A toy. Sceptical, she picks it up and walks back to the kids and asks if they had seen it before.

“No” Jenny replies with a timid sound in her voice. Ashley turns around to be eye to chest with a big, smelly, strong man with a shotgun in his hand.

“Sit down” he orders. Ashley, completely stunned in disbelief, takes the kids and sits on the couch as told.

“What do you want?” Ashley asks timidly and with a horrified tone in her voice.

“You are different” he tells her over and over again. “You guys are different, unlike anything I have seen before”.

Saturday, January 1st 12:30 a.m. The man is now pacing in panic around the basement though Ashley does not know why.

He keeps saying to himself, “This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening”. As he started pacing, Ashley heard noises outside. Before she knew what was happening, there was a red laser coming from behind her pointing right on Timmy. She slowly turned around to see a man standing in a window with a fully automatic weapon. She sees another laser. This one pointing at Jenny. The third, Pointing directly at her chest.

“Get down” someone says. Gun fire erupted. She and the kids ducked under the couch and table. After about 2 minutes of gunfire, the same voice speaks. “Targets down”. Ashley looks to see if the intruder was dead. He was gone.

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