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Gelman's Plans are More Than Audacious

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Gelman's plans are more than audacious

I read the recent Ann Arbor News articles about the Gelman Sciences clean-up, but they were so remarkable that I felt compelled to write.

If I understand the article, Charles Gelman wants to dump his untreated, polluted groundwater into Honey Creek and endanger residents’ drinking water wells. If denied, he would dump his pollution into Ann Arbor’s sewers, and force the city to bear the liability for his pollution. Then, he wants Scio Township to lower his property taxes because his pollution has devalued his property. And finally, we’re supposed to vote for him for mayor?

Did I read this right? If I did, it appears that Gelman is not just "audacious,” as suggested by the Scio Township assessor, he is, in fact, a menace.

Anne Drake Ann Arbor

TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1994