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It was the time of autumn. Yellow leaves kept falling from the tree every passing second. I lay down on the soft grass of the park with my head under my knees with little droplets of tears running down my eyes. My mind re-played that horrifying scene.


I was talking a stroll here two days ago. The sky was black and I could see the shining stars and the bright moon clearly. I was just gazing up the sky trying to find a constellation when suddenly I crashed into someone. I looked up. Three huge men wearing red t-shirt and jeans caught my eye. I looked into their eyes which, for sure, didn’t showed innocence. They kept staring me up and down and I was left still. One of them started to run his hand down my body when I tried to run when I was blocked by another one of them. As I was blocked, he stripped me off my upper clothes and tears welled up my eyes and I was left blanked. One of them drew me closer when I finally pushed him and ran away as fast as I could.


It has been two days since and I have still not told anybody. The scenes keep coming back in my mind and I feel all choked up. Suddenly I saw a boy coming and sitting down at some distance away from me. I turned my head so that I could see him. He sat down with his knees folded up and his hands caressing the grass. Even in the blending of orange and yellow colour in the sky, I could say that his blue eyes had a charisma of its own. I kept looking at his eyes for a couple of seconds. He was fair as milk and to admit, at utmost handsome I have ever seen. Soon some sort of warm feelings gushed up inside me and I started to breathe in deeply. I realised, “You were assaulted by a boy two days ago. You have had trust issues since a long time. You shouldn’t be admiring the boy when you have lot to deal with at the present moment.” I closed my eyes and shook my head in despair.


“Hi, I am Vaibhav. You kind of look distressed. You were breathing deeply and...” said a voice.


I suddenly realised it was that blue eye-boy.


No words left my mouth. I could feel that warm feeling again gushing up. I began to stammer “Uh-huh...I...It was....nothing.”


He smiled and started to look up at the sky. I couldn’t help noticing that his smile just paved way to two of the cutest dimples.




I stood up and brushed off the dirt on my jeans. The scene of that night two days ago was still stuck to my mind and I was feeling depressed. I could sense blackness all around me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Suddenly...It was just like a slip of tongue when I...said “I am Vaishnavi.” facing that blue-eye boy. Vaibhav turned his head toward me in a fraction of second and then I could see his dimples coming back. He said, “That is a nice name, indeed.” I smiled.  Our eyes met for couple of seconds...or maybe it was just my imagination.




I opened the door of my home. I jumped upon the bed and rested my head on the pillow. I wanted to sleep but as soon as I would close my eyes, that horrifying scene started flashing back. Tears started coming back when anyone used to touch me. I wanted to tell somebody, I want to vent out all my frustration but there was no one because somebody would say...I had a rough life.




I was seven years old. I used to know that my mother was ill. I could easily grasp that fact seeing her. She had started becoming weaker and weaker ever passing day. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the real thing. One month later, she passed away and I found a letter from her in my drawer. She had leukaemia- WBC cancer and that was the monster that made her go to heaven. I was left lamenting for a couple of months when suddenly my father too died in a car accident. It reached to me like an electric shock. I couldn’t face...the fact...I had become an orphan. I was really close to my parents and the fact they were now with god made me cut my hands day after day. In the teenage years, I made close friends but for one or the other reason, they parted with me and since then I live alone...all by myself with no one with me holding my hands.


Suddenly my imagination was interrupted by a loud beep on the phone.  I unlocked my phone and in bold letters was written ‘1 new message.’ I clicked on the inbox button. There was a message from an unknown number. I opened it. It said, “Hi, you may not know me but now I know you.” I was left puzzled with my eyebrows moving up and down. I started to think, “It must be someone sending to a wrong number. Who will send me such messages? Forget it.”  I closed my eyes and soon I was asleep.






“Hey Vaishnavi, how are you?” voice greeted me when I entered the park. I turned towards where the voice had come from and to my utter shock it was Vaibhav. Warm feelings gushed up inside me and I replied, “Hey Vaibhav. It’s a surprise meeting you again. I am fine, what about you?” The ‘I am fine’ was certainly false. He replied, “I am good. Wait...” He turned to a shopkeeper and in a couple of minutes we were sitting on a bench eating ice-cream.


Vaibhav started the conversation, “What do you do now? A college girl, I expect?”


I shook my head and said, “That’s a no. What do you do?”


Vaibhav replied, “Thank God, I thought you were some kind of Einstein-mind girl. Well I didn’t have into any college; I am looking for a part-time job. Can I ask you something?” I nodded.


He said, “You kind of were little distressed the previous day, you know like depressed. Is anything troubling you?”


I was startled. I replied quickly, “I guess it is none of your business.”


Vaibhav replied, “You can tell me freely, I can be of some help.”


I don’t know why I said it...I guess it was because the way his eyes were looking deep into mine and I couldn’t help admiring his blue eyes. I said in a hushed tone, “I was assaulted by some goons a few days ago.”  He looked astonished as his mouth turned oval and I kind of felt regretting telling it to half-blue-eye-stranger.
He said, “Are you ok? I am really sorry, Vaishu.” He tried to come and hug me but I stepped back and I couldn’t forget him addressing me ‘Vaishu.’ He continued, “It is still your fault.” I replied, “What do you mean?”  Vaibhav said, “It is always the girl’s fault with all their dressing sense.” His words got into my nerves and I was all red. I stood up and said, “How dare you even think so, you filthy dog.” I stormed my way out of the park and said to him, “There was a reason when I said it is none of your business!”




I cried all my way to my home. I just choked up inside me that the only person whom I shared the fact judged me and blamed me for it. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I ran up to the rooftop. I ran to the corner. Just one thing ran through my mind, “No one cares if you live and most probably no one will care if I die. It’s time I go and meet my parents.” I stepped on the corner wall and gazed down. It was a twelve floor apartment and all the trees and vehicles looked tiny from up here. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and mentally counted “1...2...3” and I slipped my one leg down and in a fraction of second I could feel the weightlessness and my heart skipping a beat. Suddenly I felt something soft thing upon me pulling me down and then took me up and surely it wasn’t the rocky land I had expected. I opened my eyes and another pair of eyes met me. I soon realised...”Oh my god! Oh my god! Vaibhav, what the hell are you doing here? You caught me from up there?” I was in utter amazement. I was out of my senses. He hushed me with a touch of his fingers on my lips. He said in the softest tone I ever heard,


“Dear Vaishnavi, with you on my arms now, I think it is the perfect moment to tell you something. I love you and I love you the most and I will love you forever. If you saw me as a stranger in the park yesterday, I have something to tell you. I saw you at that park a couple weeks ago and it was love at first sight. I fell in love with your brown eyes and your elegant nature. I was a fool myself to let that words slipped out from my mouth, yes I am a filthy dog but a one who is crazy for you. I was the one who sent you the message on your phone. I never expected you to commit suicide and I believe there is a lot inside you bottled up and believe me, I am all ears. If you tell me that your life is none of my business then please let me make it my business. If I want to sum up this conversation in three words then I just have to say that I LOVE YOU.”  He moved his face forward and our lips touched and we kissed and then I said, “I don’t know about the stars shining. I just care for when you came and shined my life. You said there are many things bottled up inside me but the only thing that keeps getting out is ‘I LOVE YOU.’ “