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“Class, for the new year’s, we will do our own resolution.For this month, we will write about the first month. This is the easiest test grade you’ll ever get; write at least a few pages.” Ms.Solow explained.

Moaning dreadfully, I blankly stared at the book on my desk, pencil fiddled in my fingers, thinking for what to jot down.This was the usual, uncaring effort Ms.Solow always had; the teacher was just buying time for herself, whatever disappointment she’s sending on her unfinished stack of pity students’ quizzes. An adult like her isn’t that shocking; she just reminded me of Vlad, my foster parent. The only difference was how I was punished from my misbehavior.

Right now wasn’t the time for those ponders; I wasted a minute from it. January…. January means of beginnings, though, doesn’t everyone say that? Although Vlad isn’t a philosopher, he did say there’s always the end of something to start up the new beginning. Oh boy, what a ball game I say; I could finally be forgiven for what I’ve done, as if anyone has to me. As I mark the lines with amazing information, I showered myself through the connections of the other months.

Now, what things start up in January? Chicken scratch was the only place sitting on the book as of now; I was multitasking of the next line than the actual phrase. Technically, nature slowly opens back up to blossom for spring. In a matter of moments, my muscles ached from the quick jitter as I wrote; sighing contently, I loudly stretch my body off the chair. Swishing my head, I felt as if I’m ready for another run off a course.

I vaguely skimmed the journalism I’ve closed off, seeing many errors than most of my averagely expectations. I didn’t feel like erasing, reciting, and looking over again, or else this process would continue until the bell rings; then probably I’d get yelled at for being late to class. Doubtfully, I raised my arm. She was distracted from the grading that she doesn’t bother to check around the class. This happens a lot, and not just from terrible mentors, but even the most generous of them wouldn’t dare glance as they’re scribing our potential.

We would get detention if we called her out, but times like this, it’s prefered. Vastly, I left my lips ajar for a gulp stuck in my throat. This sensation is reminiscent when my best friend was suspended for a wrong answer. Quietly, my sneakers trot worriedly towards the unaware, insulting beast that is my educator.



“Are you grading based on correct grammar and errors?

“No; this is the only time I’m grading for the things you grasp on the paper.”

“Thank you” At that second, I fliched the coughed up distress for another, just question.

“A-Are we allowed to-uh...write more, but on the other months?” Ms.Solow edged her eyes towards my face, which was clouded with a light tint, and irritatingly replied:


My heart pumped each step and shook immensely from the situation I was in. I couldn’t clarify why and how it was odd. Thump! Well unfortunately, my anxiety dragged off to my physical actions and now I was on stage of a show from my embarrassment. Whatever the case, I was pleasant to get back to my book and pencil for the next editions.

I wasn’t excited to go back for past scribbles; I would like half of the year’s worth done for. The answers flew so fast that a cheetah wouldn’t be a match; though, one separate, unrelated thought glued my mind. It was the fact that I had intentions of speaking more than anyone in this damned prison; I couldn’t waste my time towards something I can’t fix at the moment. So, how about we discuss on what the other months meant, then?

For February, I linked it with how January is with beginnings. Of course, the main thing was about love, though I wrote “All great events are from the heart”. This is surprising in my classroom or for the grade level, so to say some scholarly-like words. I also reflected for nature on it too, however I couldn’t get a grand attention of nature-loving people, since that’s rare these days too. I left off the reader by hanging slim with “Then, what does it mean to bring about people with origins?”

For March - the thick word popped up - winds. Winds...winds as of March’s winds? No, or so that March isn’t as a person, but still an impression they would have. It does make sense; March is when spring occurs. The winds in my mind tell me of both literally and figuratively of moving along the current road. By this opinion, then we could say that the road is switched; a new road acts a new beginning. These appointed speculations are unlike most afterwords, but my hand is a bullet train throughout each track.

April….April is for showers. These showers make sure that nature thrives for the new year; if the drips had feelings, then it would be of love for giving of their youth for new-comers. If you recognize closely, I forgot of the relation between March and February as so with April and January. In addition, I’ve broken this wall of you with me. Now see, I can’t prove why I’ve done these acts, but so forth, I finished your query; there’s no other reasons for me to show the truth. This isn’t the point of my story, in which I had destroyed the fact that you are a bystander, though it’s more so for both of us to understand today my tale.

May supposedly rhymes with April’s main word of showers; that word is flowers. This concept is self-explanatory; seeds need to grow with some water. As of this point, I write that “April combines with...” blah blah blah; thinking about this, the relevance of finding ways to associate all of the months is nothing. Solely, there’s just a hook with March, April, and May without the first 2. The months with the drabble of writing on the book slowed after I guessed again of my knowledge; doubt is a great tool for thoughts like these.

Besides of that speculation, I then said about June, which, in the frame of heavy nature-caring, this line is the most questionable; it is the words of “a moon and you”. Still as of this fragment of the moment, I can’t connect the months with June. A moon may be of darkness, so the flowers are dark too; the person that is you is of security possibly. Then that could be as a combination of some peaceful visit; thoughts on moonlight, another folk, and some rich new flowers is enticing. The only conclusion for the reading would be that I’m referring to a date.

The last lines of the assignment consisted of reciting of March and April, but May and June are cut off; this was replaced with “The lovey-dovey things would come about so that there’s a heaven of both of the people”. I’m doubtful of this wording, since it sounds so premature, but it’s the best I would do for a great grade. The waves of my soul string happily to correctly hypothesize what I meant; I meant that of that there would be freedom of both people and no dangers for their love to stir until end.

All of these statements relate to something I can’t remember; specific sayings must mean something to soothe the soul, in which I seek out for. RRRRRINNNNNNGGGGGG! Oh dang; it’s the bell! I snatched my belongings aside and rushed out the hallway to the narrow doors out of the school. The school is over, though that book with what I’m writing; it will be finished as I gather my intellect out. Sitting on the bus, looking out the window, there was my peace where I can think of the rest of the tale to unfold.

Vlad stopped the good mood off my system, since I was strictly said not to do anything noisy in the house; he pretty much thinks anything would be noisy at this state. As I walked in my room, my hand latched out for a hug and so my book greeted me too. Flipping otherwise, I ended with that of what I remember from staring out the window. With slashes of scribes, I completed the assignment. I loved the ideas I put down for the months, as if it could make a great song some day.

When I halted to close the book, I realized the sensation that caused of the celebration. Before my mother was killed from her death sentence, before she was even convicted of a murder that wasn’t her tea, I was her child. The clear image of her voice, but not her face, shined through the empty look in my eyes. I shut them loosely to hear the soothing for my heart to commend.

“March winds and April showers, make way for these May flowers, romance will soon be ours an outdoor paradise for two.” I then sang with her, as she is just a thought in my head:

“March winds and April showers, make way for these May flowers, and then comes June, a moon and you.”

Now you see, Jess? I know I introduced of my thoughts quite like any other story, but I wanted you to know how I felt back then and as of now. This is a vivid way of getting my thoughts around the corridor, isn’t it? Jess, please make sure you ask if questions are there. I appreciate the support when I was a kid; now we are of a relation just of work. Thanks for the concern; I guess I really did need a pick up from remembering of the whole load I wrote down first as an actual textbook example to my analysis. Don’t forget your coffee, and have a nice day.

- Your coworker

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