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          The Uninvited Guest


There once was a man whose name was Alexander. He lived in a small house with a wife, a dog, and a cat. He was a very happy man, until October 12, 2001 when the official papers went in for his divorce. Alexander Moore had divorced with his wife Meaghan Harris.

Two months before the divorce, Meaghan and Alexander were happily married. Meaghan was a very pretty lady with ombre hair, tanned skin, long legs, and crimson painted nails that would change color every four weeks. Alexander would always do the laundry (there would always be two tubs of laundry). Normally Meaghan would always have one whole tub to herself filled to the brim. Then Alexander would only have half a tub filled. But today Meaghan didn’t have more clothes than him. In fact, he had seen a shirt he had never seen before in either of their dressers!

After Alexander did the laundry, he went upstairs to clean their bedroom. He figured that the desk needed a little bit of dusting so he lifted up the book and saw a note that said To Meaghan: Hey what’s up, anything new? Alexander got so furious he threw the book down on the bed and rushed down the stairs. When he reached the last step, he found Meaghan on her phone sitting on the sofa.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

“Nothing, just checking up on my email.” she explained innocently.

Alexander did not believe her. So, when she wasn’t looking, he crept up behind her to pretend clean the table, and peered over her shoulder to look at her phone.

Alexander saw a bunch of messages from Mark. Alexander remembered Mark from when they went to dinner together.

Oh Mark. I HATE that guy! He likes Meaghan, obviously . . . Alexander thought to himself.   After long weeks of battling and fighting with each other, Alexander and Meaghan finally got divorced.

After their divorce, Alexander became very depressed. He thought that it would cheer him up if he decided to go on a cruise. So, with all that thinking and depression, Alexander went on the Inner Passage cruise to Alaska.

On the cruise, Alexander met these really nice people on the cruise who helped him with his directions, food, and finding his room. Alexander decided to invite them to his home one day.

After the cruise was over, Alexander then decided to go back to work.

One day, when Alexander got home from work, he went straight to the teapot to make himself some tea. He switched on the teapot and went to the TV.

While he was watching TV, Alexander swore he saw the door knob twitch. At first, Alexander thought it was his dog Cheeto but then Alexander looked to his left to see if the teapot was done and instead he saw Cheeto taking his afternoon nap!

Since it wasn’t Cheeto, Alexander figured it was just the wind. At 10:00 that night, while Alexander was going to sleep, he heard footsteps. He thought there were people in his house, but then he remembered about the squirrels in his attic.

It’s probably just the squirrels . . . he told himself.

Throughout the night, Alexander kept hearing noises around his whole house, but mostly the attic.


The next day after breakfast Alexander heard a very big thud in the attic.  Maybe I should go up and see where all that noise is coming from . . . he thought.

Alexander went up to the attic and found lots of things he had been missing ever since he had divorced with Meaghan. He found the pen he had used at work all the time, the tie he had thought he lost at his friends Liam’s house. He also found the picture frame he had given to Meaghan the day he proposed to her. All this was beginning to puzzle Alexander.

Alexander kept pacing the attic wondering about all sorts of things. He wondered about Mark, about Meaghan, especially how she lied to him.

Then, something caught his eye. Something small and very bright. He looked down to inspect it more. It looked like the crimson nail polish color Meaghan had put on a week before their divorce.

Alexander didn’t know what to think about this because Meaghan never had come up in his attic, ever. Alexander kept pacing the attic until suddenly he heard a thunk. He looked to his right and saw a flash of ombre hair rush behind the boxes he had kept in the attic. Alexander’s eyes popped out.

He had just seen ombre hair…. Meaghan, he thought. Alexander didn’t believe any of this  that was going on. Just a dream, just a dream… he thought.

He saw a piece of crimson color nail polish that Meaghan was wearing before their divorce, he saw a flash of ombre hair, he even saw the picture frame he had given to Meaghan the day he proposed to her.

Alexander walked over to the boxes to see what was behind them.

No, said Alexander, No it cant be.      




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