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“Nine Fifteen”

A Short



Have you ever felt the barrel of a gun pressed against your temple? Have you ever experienced the sensation of time slowing down and the consciousness of the sweat rolling down your forehead? Have you ever seen a person get killed right in front of you? Have you ever had your life be threatened by a human being? Have you ever known you were going to die?



Alex’s P.O.V

9:15 am

I always thought that if I could skip calculus I wouldn’t mind what happened to stop it, even if it was natural disaster or some murderer was set loose in school, as long as I could miss calculus it didn’t matter. But when I heard the heavy footsteps and shouting of the men who would soon stop my class, I was anything but excited or relived. They arrived at 9:15am that’s when everything started, their faces were covered and they carried guns. They shoved us and took anything that we had on us, then proceeded to remove all the seniors like myself from the classes, after that they marched us all up to the library and locked the doors, a guard stood at each of them, another man going into the computer room that was connected to the library, there he set up his own devices and drew the blinds for the windows after he realised we were looking in.

There were thirty of us all in that room not counting our captures, this year’s seniors were a small group, for such a big boarding school. I wished the group was bigger, that there were more seniors after, what we assumed, was the leader’s announcement to us.

“We are here because we are looking for the child of a very important man, a man by the name of Anthony Willmore, perhaps you’ve heard of him. You see want some information from Mr. Willmore but we need some help, so we’ve come here to get that.”

He’d stopped talking for a minute to look around the room at our faces, I could see other people were confused and a little shocked but everyone seemed pretty scared I’m sure I looked the same as well.

“We’re going to wait here, in this room, until the child of Anthony Willmore confesses there identity and agrees to help us, if all of this works out no one will get hurt”

If we were able to see under his face covering I swear he would have been smirking.


Mika’s P.O.V

9:30 am

If they thought I was going to come easy, that I was going to be like a sheep like the rest of them, they really were stupid. I had emptied my pockets voluntary because I didn’t want their hands on me, so when I felt the hand of one of them on my arm pushing me through the library door I snapped.

“Don’t you dare touch me” I pushed my arm into the guard at the library door as I snatched it away.

“You little brat” he had stumbled a bit back and was finding his ground, “do you want to die?”

The smart remark that was about to leave my mouth was stopped as I felt another hand on my arm, again I was about to roughly push them back, but when I turned around it was Oliver.

“Mika stop, let’s go.”  With that he pulled me into the library leaving the angry guard behind, I trailed behind Oliver as he dragged me through the room until we came to a couch.

“Don’t start that sort of stuff here, they have guns you know Mika, there not going to fight fair with you”

All I could was shrug to Oliver, I knew what he was saying was true and I knew I had been stupid but I was never going to admit that, speciously to him.

The room had gone quite before Oliver could scold me anymore the person who I assumed was the main dude started talking, explaining why they were here. People were shocked and scared by the time he finished talking, but me, I still held an expressionless face.


Max’s P.O.V


The girl I was sitting next to had been in my class for five years yet I don’t think I had ever said a word to her, I knew her name was Alex though at least there was that. She looked afraid after the man had stopped speaking, as he uttered those final words I could truly see in her eyes that she was afraid.

It was interesting that those words “if all of this works out no one will get hurt” were the ones that troubled her.

 “Are you afraid?” it’s her that asks me this question, and I realise I’ve been looking at here the entire time but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“Yes” it’s a simple answer but nothing else seems right to say, a simple yes seems best fitting.

She smiles at me, the room is mostly quiet, murmurs and whispers can be heard though, I feel comforted by it and by Alex. She doesn’t tell me it’s going to be okay but I like that, because it’d be a lie to say that it’ll be okay so instead she says this,

“I hope that it’ll be okay” she’s looking forward when she says this and there’s something that I can only describe as a sad smile on her lips, “ I always thought you were pretty cool you know”,

I smile at her and think about how wrong she really is.


Marcy’s P.O.V


I’m sitting right by the computer labs windows at the very end were the blind doesn’t reach, here you can just see into the room and any one in it. I see a man on a laptop typing stuff with one hand the other is on a small old mobile phone, he speaks into it calmly before setting it down and then continues to type. This is all that’s been happening in this room since we’ve entered the library and it doesn’t help me at all.

I sigh in frustration, this apparently was a mistake as I draw the attention of the man who’s been doing all the talking,

“So you like to snoop huh?” he lifts his hand gun under my chin forcing me to tilt my head upwards, “how about if I make an example out those who put their nose were its not wanted?”

He turns around at this point looking around the room, everyone’s eyes are on me, and I swallow hard and feel goose bumps rising on my skin,

“Any last words” his facing me again now, his looking me right in the eyes,

I swallow again, and focus my eyes and voice, “may god forgive you and your sins”, it comes out in more of a gasp but it’s because I can’t seem to breathe properly,

Everything silent for a few moments, and then laughing, deep loud laughing, then then lowering on a gun. I don’t notice I’ve closed my eyes until I open them again, and when I do I see him laughing at me,

“Go on back”

Perhaps if I wasn’t in utter shock I would have asked what or questioned why I was let off but instead I just stumbled towards the others.





Oliver’s P.O.V


“He was never going to do it” my whisper goes into Mika’s neck, as he is still looking at the man who had threated Marcy, he doesn’t reply but I know he’s listening,

“It’s because we all have the possibility to be ‘the child’, they can’t afford to kill us” I know this because its simple logic and I hope that this will calm him down,

Mika does this thing when he’s stressed, he pulls his hands through his hair pushing it all back, and he does this over and over again,

I think about saying something to him, like that he’s doing it again, but when Mika is under stress things set him off easier so I stop myself,

“Who is this guy anyway, ‘Anthony Wilmore’?” Mika questions me,

“Don’t think I’ve ever heard of him”

“Are we really just going to sit here waiting?” Mika is still looking at the guy and I can see he’s frustrated,

“Don’t start something Mika” I know he wants to do something, but it’s not a good idea it really isn’t.


Mika’s P.O.V


“Okay, I’ve got it” as I say this Oliver’s face drops and whispers ‘no’, but I simply wave him off,

“Hey Max” I whisper shout over to Max and wave for her to come over to us when I see the guards aren’t looking,

She shuffles over to me and so does the girl next to her,

“What is it?” she’s sitting at my feet leaning against the couch,

“I need your help”

“I’m listening”, she sounds curious about it, and I can see Oliver glaring at me but I just smile innocently at him,

“I need you to ask to go to the bathroom and then I’m going to state I’m going with you to ‘protect’ you” I wait for her to say something and ignore Oliver’s looks,

“Then what?” it’s not Max who says this though it’s the girl she’s with,

“Who are you again?” I’m slightly annoyed at her interruption of my amazing plan,

She laughs softly at me “Alex, I’m in your History class”

“Uhh” I have no idea who this girl is,

“Anyway like Alex said ‘then what’?” Max interrupts us,

“Then I make a run for it and get help”

“That is a horrible plan, have you thought it out at all, your basically winging it” it’s the first thing Oliver’s said this whole time,

“Don’t worry they can’t shoot me right? If there’s a possibility I’m ‘the child’” I apply Oliver’s own logic against him,

I see Oliver open his mouth then close it,

“So no objections?” I ask,

Max shrugs, Oliver scowls and Alex just shakes her head,

“Then let’s do it”


Max’s P.O.V


“What exactly are we waiting for?” Alex whispers to me looking at her fee,

We were waiting for the right time to do it, for me to ask but I didn’t really know either what it was we were waiting for,

“Nothing” Mika must have overheard because he answers Alex’s question, “let’s go” he gestures for me to get up but before he does he turns back to Alex, “remember your job is to make sure Oliver doesn’t come running after me” he smirks at Oliver who tells him to shut up and Alex just shakes her head,

“Come on lets go” I pull him up and we walk over to the guards,

 “Hey what do you think you’re doing? Sit down” one of the men stop us in our tracks raising his gun,

“I need to go to the bathroom, there’s one on this floor” I try not to make my statement too demanding,

“And you?” he gestures to Mika, who stood behind me with his arms crossed,

“Like I’m going to let her go alone with you” Mika has no intention of not being rude,

But somehow this actually works,

“Hurry up then” and just like that we were out,


Alex’s P.O.V


“You care about him a lot right?” it was just me and Oliver now they’d succeed which was honestly a surprise, but they did it they were out, well at least the library.

“He’s an idiot” he shook his head as he said this,

“Yeah, I can see that”, I smiled as I said it, Mika was still such a kid.

Before we could say anything else we were interrupted by a voice next to us,

“Were did those guys go?” it was the girl who had been threated earlier Marcy,

“The bathroom” Oliver answered before I could even open my mouth,

 Marcy rolled her eyes “I’m not stupid you know, not all pretty people don’t have a brain”

“Are you okay? From before?” I choose to change the topic,

“Aha yeah, just a little shocked,” she gave a big smile when she said this,

Marcy smiled a lot, this was one thing I knew about her, and she was a very bubbly person.

“You know if Anthony Wilmore’s child does fess up a lot of bad things are going to happen”, Marcy is the one who says this and I swear I hear the snap of Oliver’s neck as he turns to her,

“You know who he is?” Oliver seems confused and I feel like I could laugh at this expression if I didn’t see how serious his eyes were,

“Well yeah, he owns a ton of business, one is a modelling agency I work at, but he also has a lot of ones that aren’t you know legit, and he knows a lot of people and a lot of secrets. It’s no wonder they want information from him, I mean who wouldn’t he’s totally loaded too”

It sounded I like I was watching something from some T.V drama, the way Marcy talked about it so lightly.

To think out of all the people, Marcy would be the one to know who this guy is,


Marcy’s P.O.V


Oliver started throwing questions at me as soon as I explained to him who Anthony Wilmore was “do you know who the child is or any information about them?”

“Nope, I didn’t even know he had kids, he was a pretty quiet guy about his private life”

Oliver seemed very interested in what I knew, it felt exciting knowing something no one else did,

“If this information they want gets out it’ll be dangerous right? If it’s something that this guy knows?” it was Alex this time asking the questions,


“Will these guys give up if no one confesses?” this time it wasn’t a question but more of a statement, Alex seemed worried and it made me think of when that man had his gun to my head. Will they give up? Or will they kill us all?


Max’s P.O.V


We’d both gone into the bathroom, Mika and I, the guard had looked at him strangely but all he did was shrug,

Mika had explained the plan to me. We were to both hide in opposite ends of the bathroom in the stalls, and then we were to wait until the guard would get inpatient and come in.

He’ll walk to the back where I was and then Mika would make a run for it, if he chases Mika I go for the opposite fire exit in the school if not Mika gets away, it was a fool proof plan at least that’s what we thought,

“Hey what’s going on in there” it was the guards shouts, I began to hear his footsteps approaching the bathroom getting closer and closer to my stall,

“Come out of there” he was banging on it now,

My next words were loud, it was the signal for Mika,

“Okay!” I opened the door just in time to see Mika run off,

I could see the split second in which he decide to chase after Mika, so far everything was going to plan,

I take off after a few seconds in the opposite direction of Mika to the fire exit, I see it it’s so close, I’m sprinting with all my ability to get there and I extremely regret wearing doc martins today.

I slam against the door so hard my whole body hurts, I reach for the handle but, it doesn’t budge I slam myself against the door trying to push it open, but nothing happens they’ve blocked it from the other side,

I feel exhausted and I feel like I’m about to cry, but I don’t, i breath out and spin around on my heels ready to make another run for it,

“Don’t think about it girly” it’s one of the gunman and his gun is pointed towards me.





Mika’s P.O.V


I don’t think I had ever ran so fast in my life, the walls were blurred as I ran down the hallway, it felt like I could run forever and still wouldn’t get there, why did the school have to be this big. I could hear him behind me but I wasn’t giving up, even if it killed me,

I could hear him yelling calling for me to stop, then a gun shot, then blood and then the slowing of my feet,

He had shot me in the arm, I looked down at it, only a graze I can still keep going, I started running again but I was still too slow, I could hear him catching up. This really sucked, if this guy didn’t kill me Oliver was going to, here I go and get shot. Yep Oliver will defiantly kill me for this one.

He’d caught up now, but I had basically already stopped, he’s hand grabbed my shoulder and I shook him off but I had already sunken to the ground on my knees, my arm killed and I was breathless from running.

“You know what runners get? They get a beating, to be taught a lesson”

I hadn’t made it but I hoped Max had, she was the last hope, maybe she’ll be able to save everyone. Maybe.



Oliver’s P.O.V


Sometime after they had left one of the men in the library got a phone call, he then proceeded to leave the library and five minutes later he came back with Max but no Mika,

Max explained what happened, about the door being locked meaning the other one was probably locked as well, this means that even if Mika out runs the guard that was with them he won’t be able to escape.

I can’t stop thinking about what’s going to happen to him.

Marcy offers that there’s a chance he could escape but there’s no way, he’d have to go through the other floors and out the main entrance, they’d definitely have people guarding down there.

All my thoughts stop when the library door opens, it’s Mika and he’s bleeding and bruised.

Max and Alex jump up to help him over to us but I can’t move, I feel like I’m frozen , he’s arm is  covered in blood and I can see that he’s still bleeding, his face has already began to bruise and it doesn’t look like he can walk properly.

“Oh my god what did they do to you?!” Marcy’s covering her whole face with her hands peeking through the gaps,

Mika smiles “this,” he gestures to himself “I’ve had worse.”

Marcy uncovers her eyes, “really?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”, Mika was not fine, not at all.

I rip off my jumper then my shirt, he needs something to wrap his arm up,

“A strip show Oliver, wow I’m impressed with this service” he laughs but I see him wince as he does, I put my jumper back on then start ripping at the shirt to make a bandage,

Mika winces as I start bandaging his arm and the shirt already starts filling up with blood,

“It’s okay you know, I was only grazed by the bullet” I start shaking my head, why is he such an idiot?

I look over to the gunmen, they’re watching us but so is everyone else, I can see that people are afraid to speak now, someone got shot and reality is finally sinking in.

Alex looks at me as she speaks, “so, what now?”

I answer her “nothing, there’s nothing else to do”, I look down at the left over pieces of t-shirt this hopefully should be enough to change the bandage a few times.

“So we’re just going to give up?” it’s still Alex speaking,

“Mika got shot Alex, we can’t get out of the school, and they’re not going to let us go until they get what they want. What do you want us to do?” she doesn’t answer but it wasn’t a question that needed to be.

This time Mika asks a question, he’s got his head on his knees as he speaks, “how long until you think they get sick of waiting?”


Alex’s P.O.V


“They still haven’t stopped watching us” but then again I’m watching them.

Max replies to me “they think that we’re going to plan something”

They could have split us up and put us in separate rooms, but instead they’re just watching us.

“They’re creeping me out” I see Marcy shiver and turn away from them.

We’ve been sitting here, barely moving or speaking but they don’t take their eyes off us.

“I don’t think it’s that,” Oliver startles everyone, he hasn’t spoken hardly at all.

I ask him what he means,

“They’re not watching us because they think we’re planning something, they’re watching us because they think one of us is ‘the child’”

I see Mika open his eyes a little, he’s been dozing off, at first we were afraid he was falling unconscious and that it’d be dangerous for him to sleep, but he assured us he really was fine and just tired.

His voice is horse as he speaks, “one of us huh? Maybe…”, and just like that, he closes his eyes again, I wonder if Mika is always this carefree even in a situation like this, he continues to have a laid-back attitude.

Marcy seems interested now, “you really think one of us could be them, the one they’re looking for?” I almost laugh at her excitement,

“Well there’s always a chance” It’s the first thing Max has said about the topic, but she’s right, there’s always a chance and I don’t know any of them very well. I know Max, Mika and Oliver know each other and that Mika and Oliver have been friends for a while, but secrets can always be kept even by those closest to you.

I realise that no one’s really denying it, no one’s saying ‘well it’s not me’ or ‘no way’, is one of us really the kid of this guy?


Marcy’s P.O.V


Everything’s’ so quiet, Mika’s asleep again and Oliver keeps having to check on him every so often to make sure he’s okay and can still wake up.

Max has hardly spoken at all and Alex won’t stop staring at the gunmen.

Oliver sighs and rubs his eyes, he’s just changed the bandage on Mika’s arm, and I hope he will be okay, he’s still bleeding.

“You really take care of him” Alex states,

“We’ve been friends since we were kids, he’s mum asked me to protect him before she died”



“I need a first aid kit” Oliver seems angry and I don’t know what to do to help.

“I’ll ask”, Alex is talking to him now, it’s really a brave thing to do, and I envy her.

Oliver tries to pertest but Alex keeps saying she’ll do it.

“I’m more innocent than you and you’ll probably just get angry”, I don’t really know Oliver that well, but I’ve gone to school with him for three years and I haven’t once seen him get angry, but now he really did seem mad and frustrated.

Oliver eventually gives up, “okay thanks”

Alex gets up and starts walking over to the guards, they don’t seem happy about it,

“No one’s going to the bathroom anymore after what your friends over there pulled”, he said it loud so that everyone could hear.

I had to listen closely to hear Alex, she’d made her voice all soft and cute, “that’s not it, please would you give me a first aid kit to help my friend, he might die if I don’t help him”, she had her hands together like she was praying, “there’s an infirmary in school, you could send someone to get it, please?”

I see the guard look over to us, to Mika, then nod. I smiled they were getting a first aid kit.

“She did it!” I turned to smile at Oliver,

“It helps that they think he might be ‘the child’” Oliver always speaks so logically,

Max scares me when she suddenly speaks “do you think he is?” she’s still not looking at us though, she’s sort of gazing out like we can’t see what she’s looking at. She must be thinking hard.

“This idiot” Oliver points to Mika and I hear him groan which makes me giggle.

But then no one says anything after that, I look over to Alex who’s waiting for the guard to come back with the kit, and she’s looking at me, so I smile and so does she,


Max’s P.O.V


We were all still sitting together, Alex had got the first aid kit and helped properly bandage and disinfect Mika’s arm, he looked better now.

“What’s wrong with you?” it’s Alex who asks me, she sounds concerned,

“I feel guilty” it comes out as a whisper,

“You know it’s not your fault right, plus his fine now”, it was though,

I don’t answer so Alex keeps talking, “I always sorta looked up to you, you know”, I scrunch my eyebrows at this, me?

“I told you right, that I always thought you were cool, you’re popular and always have a lot of people around you” I feel like Alex is going to say more but then Marcy cuts in,

“Everyone loves you, and not just because you’re pretty either because you’re full of personality and people want to get to know you, because when they just see you it isn’t enough” Marcy sounds so quite when she says this and sad, I’ve never heard her sounds this way she’s always been so bubbly,

“I’ve never really looked at it that way” and I honestly hadn’t, it’s true a lot of people were always around me that I had a lot of friends but I always felt disconnected from them.

 Marcy continues to talk, she’s showing a side I’ve never seen “you lucky Max, you’re not seen as just a pretty face”, I cans see tears in her eyes, “I’m sick of people thinking that’s all I am”

This experience we were having all together was really showing different side to us, it was showing what we really felt.


Mika’s P.O.V


I open my eyes and see Oliver, “what time is it?” I wonder how long I was sleeping for.

“Five o’clock”, wow was it really that late,

“How can you sleep in a situation like this” it was Alex she’d asked me a few times, when I woke up I’d just go back to sleep again,

“Because I’m afraid and I’m hopping for this all to be a dream” they’re shocked by my answer, they can tell I’m not joking, “Just because you deal with fear in a different way doesn’t mean I’m not scared” my hand reaches up to pull my fingers through my hair a hand stops me, its Oliver’s hand,

“Stop” he sounds so serious, but I can tell his afraid, “stop doing that”.

His referring to the hair pulling but his never stopped me before, I lower my hand anyway, and he’s too transparent with his emotions in times like this.

There’s a clearing of a throat, a clap of a person’s hands, then silence. 

“Attention seniors,” it’s a mock of a principal or teacher, the main gunmen had his hand gun in his hand and was twirling it “I frankly am tired of waiting”.

The room stops as he walks up to a girl sitting close to him, her face is white and I can see she gripping her friends hand, he raises the gun to her head and then pulls the trigger. No hesitation, no warning. The sound is loud, somehow it seems louder than in the hallway, maybe because I was running so fast, but now it’s just so loud, the bullet, the contact with her head, and the screams of her friend.

Everyone else is too scared to make a sound let alone breathe, the man clearers his thought once more then speaks,

“From now on, every fifteen minutes we have to wait for the child of Mister Willmore to confess there identity, someone will die”

I hear someone shout to the leader, It’s Oliver “what if they’re ‘the child’?!” his voice is desperate and confused,

“Then you’ll all die.”




Oliver’s P.O.V


He had laughed when he said it, that if one of the people they happened to kill then we’d all just die, that was it, reasoning, logic it was all gone.

It’d been ten minutes already, maybe they bluffed, to scare us, to scare ‘the child’ into confessing, but what if it was that girl.

Mika was running his hands through his hair but I wasn’t stopping him, Marcy was crying and I could see tears in Alex’s eyes too, and Max she was still sitting there like before, it looked like she was staring off into space.

I looked around the room, people were whispering, angry whispers, crying whispers, silence. Which one of you is it? I ask it over and over in my head,

I look down at my watch,”1 minute” it’s a whisper but I know those around hear me, I can see people around with watches looking down at them the around the room, just like me.











“How disappointing” it’s his voice again, he walks though the library before coming to a stop in front of a boy,

I wait for someone to jump up and yell wait, to confess to tell him to stop, but no one does and just like that the time is re-set.


Alex’s P.O.V


Two dead bodies lay on the floor of Redwood’s Boarding schools library,

One a tall blonde girl who once lent me her notes in calculus,

The other a boy who drew the most beautiful landscapes in art,

I didn’t really know them, not well anyway, but they were gone now. That girls kindness gone, that boys drawings gone. So much blood laid around them, that girl her friend still hadn’t let go of her hand, even when they tried to pull her away and that boy a girl was now sobbing on his chest, his girlfriend perhaps or maybe his sister.

Everyone looked so afraid, why did this have to happen to us,

“I wanted to graduate and become a chef you know” Mika started to speak to us, Oliver, Marcy, Max and I, his voice was so soft, it felt like we were kids being comforted by our dad,

“Really?” you can hear the crying in Marcy’s voice,

“My grandfather used to cook so he taught me everything he knew, it became my passion”, I was crying now, the silent tears rolling down my cheeks, “I remember the first time I told my grandfather I was wanted to be a cook, I said to him that I wanted to make food that made people happy, like he did. He said that he was so happy that cooking was my passion”

Mika was defiantly a trouble maker and laid back but he had the kindest heart,

“I really wanted him to see me become a chef” Mika was crying now, but I realised we all were, Mika, Oliver, Marcy and I, everyone except Max, she looked so lost, she looked so scared, I’m about to call out to her , about to grab her shoulder when the voice of a man stops me,

“You guys really are difficult” times up again and I see him walking towards a new target,

But before he can raise his gun a voice stops him,


This voice is from someone beside me, this voice is from Max.


Max’s P.O.V


It all started at nine fifteen and it all ended now,

“Enough” I’m yelling now “just stop, I’m Anthony Wilmore’s daughter”

It’s so silent even the gunmen are quite, I’m afraid to look around me at my classmates face’s, I’ve let two of them die, I’m pathetic.

He’s laughing again he’s always laughing, “Finally the child has confessed”

A child is exactly how I’ve been acting so selfish, so idiotic.

The man walks over to me and hands me a phone “call your father”.

My hands shaking I didn’t even realise, I dial his number, the one for emergency the one he’ll always answer,

It picks up on the second ring,

“Hello Max, what is it? What’s wrong?” his voice is stern but worried,

“Dad I…”

The leader takes the phone off me, “hello Mr. Willmore, please let me explain, I’m a man who’s working for a man who is very interested in some things you know, so I’ve come to pay your daughter a visit. You understand yes?”

I can hear my father’s voice just the man who’s talking to him, he’s put his handgun back into its holder and because he’s standing right next to me it’s in hands reach,

My hand darts out and grabs it, in split second the safety’s off and I’ve aimed it, the leaders stop talking, he’s looking at me now, “hand me the phone or I shoot” he’s mouth is slightly ajar, he puts he’s hand out and I snatch the phone from it,

I hold the phone up to my ear and I star walking backwards I don’t want anyone to come up behind me,

“Dad” I check to see if he’s still there,

“Max?” he sounds surprised it’s me that’s talking now, “what’s going on?”

“I’m at school you know that right?” I know dad has people on the way now, he knows I’m at school,

“That’s good” he’s reply confirms it,

I start looking around the room, I’m sorry for getting people killed, I’m sorry for putting you all through this.

My eyes stop at the couch were Oliver, Marcy, Mika and Alex are,

“Hey dad, remember when I was nine…”

Oliver, I’m sorry I wasn’t smarter about the situation and I’m sorry I got your best friend hurt,

“And I got mad because you promised to take me to see the dolphins...”

Marcy, I’m sorry that people looked at I as just a pretty face and I’m sorry I did too, you’re so much more,

“And you kept cancelling, so I ran all the way to the aquarium…”

Mika, I’m sorry you got hurt and I’m sorry we couldn’t make more trouble together,

“You came to get me and found me crying outside the gates because I couldn’t get in, we ended up spending the whole day there.”

Alex, I’m sorry that I never talked to you before today, I’m sorry we didn’t get to become friends,

“Dad don’t tell them anything okay?” I breathe in, “I love you”,

I look back at Alex and think I wouldn’t mind if she was the last person to see before I die, so I take the handgun that I’ve had held against my own temple this whole time and squeeze the trigger.


Oliver’s P.O.V


There must have been a better solution, there must off been some other way for her to do things.


Marcy’s P.O.V


I felt my heart stop when she grabbed the gun and it still hasn’t started since she pulled the trigger.


Mika’s P.O.V


She really was a badass chick till the end, but me, I’m already crying.


Alex’s P.O.V


I swear she smiled at me before she pulled that trigger.




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