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I am Hoang Minh Chau Tran. My childhood is full of desires and wishes. As a student in Vietnam, a poor country, my biggest dream is to study abroad, especially in USA. I sudy through days ang nights, and my really think it is effective to my future whether I will success or not. Every time I get home, I look around and get bored: it is still my house, my old house, in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. I cannot wait for the change in my life: go to USA and study as a official student.

One day, at night, I was so tired so I felt to sleep immediately as I went to bed. In the morning, I wake up, yawned and moaned. I walked slowly toward the toilet to brush my teeth and get dressed. Today is Sunday, a beautiful Sunday. A breeze blown up my hair, the Sun lazily lied on the soft and light clouds