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Stop. Go look at yourself in the mirror. You see that? You're beautiful in every single way. You should't care about what others think. You should be happy, andyes its easier said than done believe me, I've been there. Everyone is beautiful in ever particular way no matter what others say. Put on makeup if you need to, if it makes you feel pretty then so be it. Hell, I put on makeup, because it makes me feel better about myself. Got acne on your face? Hey its fine, I got it to, we can do this together. Acne is just part of puberty and growing up. It will go away...eventually. No ones perfect but everyone is perfect in every single way.. with that being their appearance or as to what people call looks. Wonderful. What does that mean? Well, it means you are amazing, spectacular, and spontaneous. Everyone is Wonderful. Ever need someone to talk to? Come talk to me, I'm here. I've been through a lot of shit, bullying, you name it. Ever lost a friend? I'm sure everyone has, just remember everything happens for a reason. Ever lost someone you love dearly? Everything happens for a reason. Ever had your heart shattered into a million possible pieces? Hey, you're not alone, I have to. Every been bullied? Everyone will or has at one point in their life. Ever think your not strong enough to overcome a battle? You are you just need to believe. Ever cried? Everyone cried, its normal. Ever think your alone? No one is alone, everyone goes through something either similar or the same thing as you. God puts the toughest warriors through the toughest battles because he knows that you can overcome the battles. Stay strong, believe, and be you stay you.

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