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In the dead of the night the sky was as dark as could be, the moon high up in the sky seemingly bigger than normal. Starry skies filled the scene behind them, the lightless eyes and bodies twirling skillfully around the stones embedded in the soft turned up ground. Blades of grass was flourished, a bright healthy green moving- dancing in the whipping winds. “You look absolutely radiant in the moonlight, my dear,” the man whispered into an ear. The man was extra pale, a pale that seemed like he could kneel over and die any second. Clothing was very dirty and dingy from head to toe; there was asymmetrical rips covering his shirt and pants exposing parts of his yellow tinged skin. At the ends of his, two times too big, shirt was fraying on the edges giving it an uneven hemline, strings always coming loose when he would move. Stench radiated off of him in like he hasn’t showered in years, in centuries... but his love didn’t care. Infact, she prefered it that way, why judge the man who takes care of you, right? The time he spent with her was more than anyone has ever before. He would brush her hair with so much care when she had her luscious locks left on her head, they would play dress-up in elegant dresses he found, and most important of all he would always give her the best of compliments to lift her spirits.

“I think your dancing has improved since last time, my flower,” A smile stretched across his face creating wrinkles around his jowls as he pulled his love close to his body. He felt so content with the way their relationship was going, they would meet every other night and dance to their own beat together, their fingers are always intertwined- tightly wrapped around the other’s. The man dipped the girl backwards and spun her around in so many beautiful forms, almost like a professional dancer, at least in his eyes. Then he would extend her away from his body before twirling her back flushed against his chest. Dirt became turned up from the way their feet moved to an unknown beat and the grass are enjoying it so much that they decided to join along in the fun and move from the winds surrounding the two.

Lust was embedded into his dull eyes, she certainly brought a small light to his life, “Why are you so quiet tonight, darling?” He asked in a hushed whisper, “Are you shier than normal?” The girl still didn’t say anything, her face was pressed up against his thin shirt and can feel him breathing heavily from their physical exercise.

The man cupped her face and made her look up at his face, “It’s almost your bedtime,” He said sadly, “I’ll miss you…” He walked her over to the giant tree in the vast land, it was the biggest in the area and it curved over at the top. The mass of green hovered above them casting a darker shadow over the two in love. Branches extend far out at all angles, they curve around in their suspension to now start reaching up to the void in the sky. They swoop down low enough to the ground to easily climb up onto the plant, easily able to see the decay occurring on the bark; it was curling off in strips leaving parts bare. On the trunk were many holes, one at the base big enough for them to crawl into, and smaller ones throughout the tree. To the normal person they looked like little black holes never getting the light of day, but to others they knew the true secrets they holes hold.

“Alright, my beautiful, time for you to rest,” He lifted her off of her feet and carried her over to a hole under the tree in the small cavern. Inside was an already dug grave and so he laid her down into her dirty caskett. “Rest up, so much physical exercise after not seeing you in awhile will strain you.” The man smiled and began to close her caskett and cover it back up with the turned up soil.

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