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‘’They`re late.” Meg complains as she rolls her light brown eyes, and flipping her dark brown curly hair agitatedly. 

 “Oh come on it’s only 9:00 and they have to get some stuff from the hardware store,” Sam mentions as he pulls away from the telephone poll he was leaning against.

 “Yeah well they better show up soon, or I’m going in alone,” replied Meg as she looked up at Sam and into his green blue eyes. Next thing they know they see Dean and Kevin come speeding around the corner in Dean`s old car. They come to a screeching halt at the curb. Dean gets out looking like an exited puppy dog with his short light brown hair and bright green eyes. Kevin on the other hand looks more laid back with his dark eyes and hair. Amara and Lucy were a bit away from the group talking about the danger of going inside. “…. I don’t think you get it Lucy.  If we go in there and someone gets hurt, then it’s not going to be worth the treasure,” Amara said worriedly, her deep blue eyes showing concern and her dark hair contrasting nicely. 

 “Relax Mar we are all going to stay together and no one will get hurt,” Lucy soothes her, a look from her familiar form of dark blonde hair and hazel eyes reassuring her. 

They walk over to the rest of their friends. “Hey Amara, I heard what you said and Lucy is right as long as we stick together everything will be fine. Besides I`ll protect you,” Dean offeres with a smile. They hug as a gesture of reassurance.

 “You’re right. I`m just freaking out for no reason,” Amara said embarrassed for her over worrying.

 They all turn to the tall metal fence that is meant to keep troublemakers like them out. “Did you get the bolt cutters?” Sam questioned. 

“Of course,” Kevin says, smirking as he turns to open the trunk to his brother’s car. He takes out the bolt cutters and everyone scans the perimeter to be sure no one sees what they are about to do.

 He quickly walks over to the fence and makes a few snips in it so that they can push it to the side and fit through. “Alright that should do it then,” Kevin said.

 “Why don`t you put that back then just drive it around the corner, we don’t want to be seen out here so we will just head in. We`ll wait up for you inside,” Dean suggested. 

“Yeah ok,” Kevin got back in the car and drove off around the corner.

 “Let`s get this party started,” Meg said with a devilish smirk. Meg was the first through the fence then Sam followed close behind. Dean went in closely after him. 

“Come on Amara. It`s gonna be fine,” Lucy said as she entered. Amara took a deep breath then entered.

They looked up at the fortress before them in awe. It had five floors not including the basement. “What was this place again?” Meg asked. 

“At first it was the home of the town’s first mayor. Then it was converted into a hotel in the 60`s. Now it`s nothing. Except for the treasure of course. The one the old mayor stashed away somewhere on the property,” Dean said coolly. 

“How do you know all of this?” Lucy asked. “I did a little research,” Dean admits.  

“He didn`t do any of the research actually, I did.” Kevin says from behind them. They all gasp not expecting him. 

“Jesus Christ, Kev what the hell was that, you scared me,” Lucy complains.

 “Sorry,” Kevin says sheepishly.

 “Let`s just find a way in,” Sam says. “We don’t want anyone to see us.” Everyone nodded in agreement. 

The teenagers all began to walk around the building to find a way in. Meg was looking in a half boarded up window and suddenly saw movement. She backed up in fright and ran into Sam letting out a scream. “Jeez Meg calm down it’s just me. I thought you didn’t get scared?” Sam said. 

“Shut up asshole. I thought I saw someone inside,” Meg said nervously. 

“Uh guys, the front door is open,” Kevin says uncertainly.

“Really?” Amara askes with curiosity.

“Yeah, come on let`s just get inside,” Lucy says oddly.

 As they walk through the front door they all take in the once grand entrance. The chandelier that was once hanging up above crashed on the floor in front of the entryway leaving an array of broken glass under their feet that crunched loudly in the mostly silent building. The grand staircase has two stairways on both the left and right of the room. 

 A doorway between the left staircase and the wall reveled a formal dining room that had mounds of dust on the once elegant tables and chairs. Another doorway on the right leads to an office that had a single broken bare light bulb that gave off a low buzzing sound that showed that place still had electricity. Meg was that last through the door and after her a strong gust of wind flung the door shut. They all jumped in fright. Then there was a moment of silence and the only thing heard was the dripping of old pipes.

 Suddenly realizing what just happened they all tried the door to be sure they could get back out unfortunately they had no luck. “Oh my gosh we`re stuck in here! What are we going to do?” Amara exclaimed.

 “It`s OK, Amara just calm down everything is going to be fine. We just have to find another way out,” Dean said. 

“Dean`s right if we freak out we will never find a way out of here,” Sam said. 

“What about the treasure?” Meg asked.

 “If we find it while we look for a way out just give us a call,” Dean said. “We do need to split up though.”

 “No, no we can`t you said we wouldn`t do that people could get hurt. We, we have to stay together,” Amara said frightened. 

“Mar think about it if we don`t, it will take us forever and we won`t get out as quickly as we could if we split up. If we run into any trouble we can just call, plus we can go in pairs,” Lucy said.

 “O-OK, we need to get out of here,” Amara agreed. 

“I`ll go with Amara, Kevin why don`t you go with Lucy, and Sam with Meg,” Dean said. They all agreed and started to walk in different directions. Sam and Meg headed into the office. Lucy and Kevin headed straight down the hall into the darkness of the place. Amara and Dean went into the dining room to look for any sign they could get out. 

As they walked into the dining room a cold breeze swept over them. “I really want to get out of here Dean, this place gives me the creeps,” Amara said shivering.

 “Yeah well, we need to find a way out,” Dean said. Amara walked over to an antique vase to see if it had keys stored in it. To her horror she found a pair of eyes staring back at her. She stood shocked so long that Dean became curious of her findings and walked over to check it out. When he looked at her discovery he stumbled back. 

“What the hell! What-why, why are there, eyes? This is so messed up! Someone put those in there on purpose, they were meant to be found. What if- what if they are still here in the building?” He rambled.

 “We have to call the others,” Amara whispered.

“Yeah, the other,” Dean said coming out of his daze. He quickly but shakily pulled out his phone and tried to call Kevin but soon realized that the service was unavailable. “We don’t have reception Amara let’s just go get them,” Dean said walking out of the room. 

Before Amara could catch up the doors slammed in her face and she was left in darkness. Dean heard the door slam and turned around quickly. “Dean, Dean Help the door is stuck!” Amara screamed panicking. 

“Ok stand back. I`m gonna try to kick it down!” Dean said loudly so she could hear. She quickly scuffled backwards. Dean then proceeded to kick the door hard, but unfortunately   the door stuck true. “Amara it didn’t work but I’m going to try again I won’t leave, OK?” Dean said calmly. 

“Yeah OK just hurry,” Amara replied.

Dean tried again and again but to no avail. “Amara…” Dean said trailing off. “I know, Dean I know. Just, hurry back OK?” Amara said defeated. 

“I will,” Dean said determined. 

As she heard the retreat of Dean`s footsteps she looked around the room trying to figure a way out. The faint gray light coming from one of the boarded up windows along with the silence of the room gave her the push she needed to really get herself motivated. At the far end of the room there was an old wooden display cabinet that looked promising. She quickly made her way over to it. 

A wisp of dust met her nostrils as she opened the rickety thing. Inside was an array of things among them an old family picture a baby rattle and a jewelry box. She slowly took out the old jewelry box and opened it inside the front was a mirror and in the drawer there was a note that read, “I am terribly sorry father but I can stay no longer for the phantom that roams in the night frightens me so. I hope to see you again someday soon but perhaps that isn’t in our future –your daughter Caroline” After reading the note Amara looked at the bottom of the box that was covered by a note and a single old hair pin was there. 

“This just might be my ticket out of here,” Amara whispered to herself.

She took hold of the pin and went over the door to get herself out of there. After about 5 minutes of fiddling with the door she finally got it open. On the floor in front of the entryway she found someone beyond recognition with their eyes gouged out and flies crawling out of their mouth and buzzing around. Instead of screaming Amara just broke down crying in defeat. After what felt to her like hours but was really minutes she got up not drying her tears and ran to the office to look for her friends. 

In the office the scene before her was no better Sam was on a table with his eyes gouged out as well but he also had his chest cut open and his heart was laying on the floor in pieces. Meg was also in the room but she was in the corner cowering.

“Meg, Meg…. Oh my god come on we have to get out of here!” Amara said desperately. After Amara touched Meg to get her out of her state of shock her head tilted forward and fell off. Amara screamed in horror at the sight of her friends laying lifeless on the floor with her mouth open in shock and her eyes missing. The horror of everything that happened to her within the last hour suddenly hit her hard and she broke down quickly. “What am I supposed to do? I’m going to die in this place. Am I just supposed to let that happen?!” Amara asked to the dark surrounding her. 

“I have an idea.” The darkness answered. 

“Who- who`s there?” Amara asked nervously. 

“Just me you know that dead guy you saw as soon as you got out of that other room, no big deal,” he said. 

“WH-What?!” Amara asked confused.

“I see you`re confused. Allow me to explain. I was killed by someone whacking me over the head, I had a violent death, unfinished business, whatever. The point is I came back as a ghost and so now I`m talking to you because you are the first live person I’ve run across that can hear me, names Eugene by the way,” Eugene explained. 

“Ok I`m going nuts, I found my friends dead and I’m going nuts, that makes sense, you’re not real and I have to get out of here before I die too,” Amara reasoned getting up and walking towards the door. 

“Look I hate to be the one to break it to you but if you go out there alone you are going to die,” Eugene said. 

“How do you know?” Amara said finally accepting that Eugene is real but looking around the room not knowing where he is. 

“I was killed here in this building looking for the treasure just like you guys only difference is I didn`t bring nobody,” Eugene explained. 

“Look I appreciate you talking to me, but could you like appear or something, I feel like I`m talking to myself here?” Amara asked looking around. 

“Sure why not,” Eugene said. All of a sudden a boy about her age appeared before her with medium length brown hair and blue eyes.

“Thanks now I don`t feel as crazy someone just appeared right in front of me not weird at all,” Amara said sarcastically.

“Well let`s get out of this room it’s starting to smell like rotting flesh,” Eugene said walking out the door and down the hall, the same direction that Lucy and Kevin went. “There is a room down here that I saw your other friends go in come on I’ll show you.” 

They walked down the hall quickly the floor boards creaking with every step Amara took and eerily silent for the ones that Eugene took. “They went in here,” Eugene said stopping in front of a door that read 153 in warn out metal lettering. Amara took hold of the handle and tried to prepare herself for what was on the other side of the door. What she saw will never leave her till the day she dies. 

Inside she saw Lucy carving into Kevin’s chest with him tied down on what looked like an old metal operating table. Dean was tied up in the corner with a gag in his mouth with tear silently falling down his face as he watched his little brother getting carved up and not being able to do anything about it.

“So glad you could make it to the party bestie it was just getting started. Well for me anyways Deany over there is a shell of the man he used to be. Poor baby watched his brother get carved up, so sad, don’t ya think?” Lucy said in fake concern. 

“Why are you doing this Lucy these people are your friends?” Amara asked defeated.

“Oh Amara I thought you would have figured it out by now,” Lucy said in fake annoyance. “I mean the name I chose for this human suite has the name Lucy.” Lucy looked over at Amara expectedly, but receiving no reply. “God you`re dumber than I thought. Lucifer. Lucy. Kinda similar don`t ya think,” Lucy mused. 

“You, you are the devil,” Amara asked astonished.

“Ding, ding, ding, took ya long enough,” Lucy said annoyed. “But Lucy why me, why now? Well tea pot it’s because you are special. I need the eyes of the long dead, the recently dead, and of course the eyes of one who can see the dead. The others were just fun,” Lucy said thoughtfully. “I wouldn`t try to run away from the devil if I were you it wouldn`t be that hard to find you I do have little minions you human`s call them demons but I find them delightful,” Lucy added as an afterthought.

“Amara stay still don`t look at me ok? She can`t hear me only you can I can get you out of here you just have to trust me,” Eugene said. “Look at Lucy if you understand.” Amara quickly looked at Lucy. “Ok all you need to do is get close to the knife I can get a little bit of extra energy and get it in your hand but you have to be quick and stab her in the heart or she won`t die. There is no other way out of this unfortunately. You can do this Amara.”  

“How do you know I can see the dead?” Amara asked coolly as she slowly inched her way over to Lucy.

“Well I have connections, it’s not exactly at my end of the spectrum who gets to decide who has these gifts you know it’s the angles so it wasn’t easy but it was done. Then I had to wait till you turned 16 so that you developed into your gift yada, yada, yada and here we are,” As she was speaking the last words she made a big gesturing movement and turned around in the same instant Eugene got the knife into Amara`s hand and she immediately plunged the knife into Lucy`s heart.



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