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I honestly felt like an outcast. All I saw was White kids, not one Black kid around here. Every class I had, people will stare at me if I was discovery or something.

“Was it my clothes, or my hair?” All the girls had long beautiful hair while I had a nappy puffy ponytail. It was hell. I got the stares while I walk down the hallways, I didn’t know where my classes were because nobody didn’t have the curiosity to help me, and I miss my bus to go home so I had to wait for another bus to bring me home, But at the end of the day I’m glad how things started because my first day of middle school would be a memory I will never forget.

“Hilary Hope Howard, if I have to call your name one more time to get up and be ready, I swear,” My mother demanded as she walks away from my room.

From a distance I hear crashing outside my window. I glance thru my blinds and my eye widen with sadness. It was raining hard. I was upset. It’s supposed to be my perfect first day of school. I glance at the clock. 5:50 Am. I got up and did my girly thing and was ready to leave. I went to my mom’s room and saw she wasn’t dressed.

“Mom, aren’t you taking me to school?” I question.

“No honey, you get a bus.” she replied. I was even happier. My mom took me to bus stop and waited with me until the bus came. I just stare at the rain that falling onto the window.

“Why the frown, it’s your first day of middle school.” My mom ask

“No reason.” I answer plainly

“Are you excited?” she asked

“Kind of didn’t think it was going to rain.” I mumbled.

“Are you scared?” She ask


“Well don’t worry, they’re going to like you and you’ll make some friends.” She assured me

The bus finally arrived, I kissed her mother on cheek, waving goodbye.

“Love you Honey, Have a nice first day of school!” Her mother yelled.

Hilary enters the bus realizing she was the first stop

“Good so far “Hilary thought.

Eventually the bus was full with different kids in different grades. I witness that the 6th graders and 7th grades sat in the front while the 8th grades sat in the back. We arrive right in front of the school.

“This is it, you’re starting middle school.” I got off the bus and went inside the school. The sound of key chains attach to backpacks jiggling back and forth. Screaming and yelling of young pre-teens running towards their friends. A bell ring, indicating school is starting. I started walking towards the hallways and right in front of me was huge group of students coming my way,

“What should I do?” I thought, not thinking of stopping. I walk a little faster until I saw a door that had guidance in blue letters. I ran straight into the room.

“Hello, are you the new student?” The lady at the desk asks me.

“Uh yes, my name is Hilary Howard. I’m a sixth grader.” I replied.

She started typing on the computer and called someone down. Minutes later, a girl my age, came to my view. She had two pigtails with freckles all over her face. Her clothes screamed peppy and judgmental. Her face was scrunched up as if she saw the ugliest thing in the world. I already felt a bad vibe from her.  I look down at her twinkle toe shoes as they light up.

“You called me down Ms.” She asks

“Yes, this is Hilary and she is a new here, do you mind helping her out for today with her classes and lunch?” Mrs. Question

“Sure, Come on.” She motions me out the door. We started walking in the hallway in silence.

“So where are you far?” She ask me

“Dothan, Georgia.” I replied

 “Ew, you’re from the ghetto?” Her face held disgust

  “What’s that’s supposed to me?” I ask her already feeling insulted.

   "You came from the ghetto area and now, you move up here to ruin our school. You people don’t belong here.” She demanded “All you people ever do is cause problems for us people.” She barked

  “I have every right to be here as much as you do so stop with the stereotypes and show me to my class.” I barked. It was silence for a while until she spoke

“Look here, I’m only doing this so I can get an award for this month’s so don’t talk to me or my friend’s or matter fact, don’t talk to anyone because you being here will cause trouble.” She demanded.

I froze and stared at her. “Would I really cause trouble or she messing with me, just because my skin tone is different doesn’t mean I’m a troublemaker.” I thought. I already feel unwelcome and I haven’t gone to class yet.  

“Well are you coming or not?” she question.

I roll my eyes and went the opposite way through the hallways. I’ll find my classes on my own.

I was now leaving Gym class. I didn’t have extra clothes so I had to sweat in my school clothes. I was avoiding raising my hand in classes since the sweat from my armpits was now visible. That girl that was assigned to assist me today was in my gym class. Every time I look around, her and her friends would stare and giggle at me like I was a circus act.  My first four periods were horrible. I was constantly going back and forth to teacher asking for direction. My locker wasn’t opening so I was late to every period. Now it's lunch time and I remember where the cafeteria was. I walk towards the cafeteria with excitement, dying to eat. I sat at a nearby table and froze for a second, “who was I going to eat with? I thought. I’m the new girl who would want to sit with me or who would want to sit with the black girl.” As I’m freaking out, two figures were in front of me and I heard the seat squeak meaning they were sitting right in front of me.

“Hey you must be the new girl right?” A boy my age question.

He was just like me, black.

“Yes. My name is Hilary.” I replied.

“Well my name is zoe.” The girl next to him said. She was black also.

“And my name is Brian. We saw you here all alone and we heard what Ava has been telling people and understand that feeling. He paused for a second. “We also know how it feels to be the new kid so we decide to eat with you.” He assured.

“Who’s Ava?” I ask

“Ava. She has pigtails, white, has freckles on her face. Think she is the coolest sixth grader ever because her mother is a teacher here.” Brian rolled his eyes.

“Oh her, she's a very rude person, talking about how you people always causes trouble and don’t belong here.” I rolled my eyes while trying to forget what happen early

“Crazy. But it's ok she won’t be bothering you no more since you’re now our new friend.” He demanded.

“Oh thanks guys. I really appreciated.” I giggle with nervousness entering my body.

Lunch was a success for me. I finally made friends with someone.

The bell rung, indicating school was over. I was leaving class now, not knowing where to go so I went back to the office I was at in the morning. Nobody didn’t pay attention to me while I enter so I took a seat in one of the comfy chairs and waited. 10 minutes pass, the second bell rung and nobody didn’t notice me yet. 15 minutes pass, the final bell rung and nobody still didn’t notice me yet. Annoyed and wanted to go home, I walk towards the lady I saw this morning.

“Hi Hilary, How was our first day?” She asks

“It was tough at first but I got used to it.” I replied.

“That’s good, do you need anything?” She question

“How do I get home?” I asked with confusion written all over my face. Sadness and Guilt was not appearing on her face.

“Oh honey, how did you get here this morning?” She demanded

“I went on the bus.” I reply.

She got out of her sit and ran towards a window. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she ran towards her desk and called someone. After 10 minutes of being on the phone she finally hangs up. She had a happy grin on her face.

“Well it seems like you miss your bus so a short bus will come pick you up.”


She told me. I was slightly embarrassed but was glad I had a bus to myself. The bus finally pulled up and I was finally going home after this not so horrible first day of school.

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