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It’s rare for Maddy to wear me. I am an $800 dollar pair of shoes, but the moment she did,I knew it was going to be a fun time.

“Are you sure we are going to get in? I mean look at the place!” Ella asked.

“Have a little faith, it can't be that hard,” Maddy responded. “Or could it..,” she whispered to the ground. They walked toward the doors. Feeling the ground move before me felt like heaven. Maddy had never really worn me outside the house and it felt great. I’ve heard gossip from her grey flip flops about the beach, and how school was from her white Converse.  However, this was better than all the stories!

“So what’s the plan?” Ella questioned Maddy.

“I was kind of hoping you had something in mind. It’s not like I’ve ever done this!” Maddy exclaimed.

“Either have I!” Ella answered.

“Fine! Here’s the plan.” I couldn’t hear the rest because a little knock-off red pump stepped on me! The next thing I knew we were stepping in between people moving toward the front of the line. I got a lot of nasty stares from knock-off shoes,but I saw a few Gucci shoes and Jimmy Choo. When we stopped moving, I looked up and saw  the scariest thing. A broad shoulder, muscular, tall man was standing in front of me, and he was not happy.

“What can I do for you girls?” the monster asked.

“Um... we were in here earlier and my friend forgot her purse. We wondering if we could take apeekin?” Maddy explained.

“It’ll only be for a couple of seconds. I know exactly where it is.” Ella implied.

The monster bent down and whispered to the girls, “Only because you look so nice.” Maddy and Ella exchanged glances and proceeded in. The second I touched the velvet carpet, I knew it was beautiful. We had to walk across a star carpet and stopped at velvet curtains. The girls looked at each other in excitement and opened the curtains. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. There was loud music playing, tables in the back, a stage in the front with people crowding around it.

“I told you we would get in!” exclaimed Maddy.

“I can’t believe we got in... and look there he is!” Ella shouted. Her finger was pointing to a man on the stage. I’d recognized his face but I didn'tknow from where.

TIme flew by, the girls were dancing having a blast, and they were meeting friends. Slowly people left and somehow the girls were the last ones in there.

“We should go,” Ella urged.

“Just one more minute, maybe will meet him. I mean we have to, we came all this way. We stayed past closing. He must be coming, I know-” Maddy got interrupted.

“TTTThheerree heee iss,” Ella stuttered. The man on the stage was walking toward them. I still couldn't remember his face. It was so familiar and his songs sounded... wait! I know who he is.

“Hi, I'm Drake.” he said.

“We know who you are. We love you.” The girls gasped.

“Well I'm on my way out. This is gonna sound really weird, but here's my number. I’m looking for girls for my photoshoot. Call me if you're interested,” Drake explained while handing them a business card. The girls quickly took it and he left.

“I cannot believe that just happened!!” Maddy beamed.

“Me neither!” Ella replied.

“We have to accept,” Maddy insisted.

“Of course. It’s Drake,” Ella smiled.

“We should go back to the hotel, we have the basketball game tomorrow!” Maddy explained. The girls left the beautiful place and walked back to the car. When they got back to the hotel, Maddy took me off and that was the last I remembered.

“Screech” was the noise I heard when the white door opened. Standing in front of me was Maddy. That meant she was going to pick out her shoes for the day. “Please pick me, please pick me,” I whispered to myself. Her huge hand moved slowly and slowly closer to me until finally I got grabbed .”Yes!” I thought. I get worn quite frequently in the summer since I’m grey flip flops.

“Are you almost ready?” Ella screamed.

“Yes. Do you have everything for the beach?” Maddy asked.

“Yep!” Ella replied. Once we left the hotel room we got in the car and drove to a dock. There were lots of boats and you couldn’t see the water. The sand was dirty and it smelled like smoke. This couldn’t be the place. I wasn’t about to move one step in this place.

“Two tickets please to Laguna Beach,” Ella told the man.

“Sorry we have no more ships for the day. They all broke down,” The man explained.

“Are you kidding me, we just want to go to the beach,” Maddy demanded.

“No need for the attitude, there's nothing I can do.” The man snickered. He flipped the bright red closed sign and left.

“Now what are we gonna do?” Ella grumbled. The girls started to walk away when suddenly someone stopped them.

“Hi, I'm Kylie Jenner and I couldn’t help but overhear you guys need a ride to the beach. Would you like to ride with me in my yacht?”
“Um Yes! We would love to!”  Maddy replied. The girls talked more with Kylie. Eventually they stepped on the most beautiful and biggest boat I had ever seen. The boat was white, three stories tall with tvs, jewelry and clothes all over the yacht.

“Wow!” the gIrls exclaimed.

“I know!” Kylie chuckled. “Would you want to try on some of my new clothes? Oh, I know how about my exclusive lipstick, your lips are very plump.”

“Yeah! We would love too!” Maddy and Ella simultaneously said. Kylie gave them her phone number so they could book a date.

“Text me whenever you're free. It was really nice to meet you girls!” Kylie explained.

“You too,” Maddy replied. The girls started moving again and the ground beneath me changed. It went from clean soft tile to soft sand. The sand was like the day, perfect and something I would never forget. The beach was beautiful. The sand was so clean it was white, and the ocean was so blue. The coast of the beach ran down as long as a shoe could see. The day went on and I got taken off and put back on. I stopped counting after 12. The girls had fun, and as the beautiful orange and yellow sun was setting the girls decided to head back to the hotel.

“Ready to head back to the hotel and get ready for the Golden State game?” Maddy asked.

“Of course! We have to look good for Steph Curry!” Ella answered.

“Because we're going to meet him like we’ve met the rest of the celebrities.” Maddy sarcastically said.

“You never know!” Ella beamed. The girls took a boat (a lot crappier than the other one) back to California. They yelled for a taxi and went back to the hotel. Maddy immediately flipped me off her feet when she entered the room. That was the last thing I saw.

White sandals with criss cross straps was me. I was surprised Maddy hadn't picked me yet. It was California, which is very hot, and I could cool off her feet. The white, loudcloset door slowly moved along. “This is my time,” I told myself. The hand finally got close to me and picked me up. Finally!! Maddy threw me on her feet and strapped them in. The floor below me was rough and got rougher when we got outside. Ow! Something bit me. I looked around saw a red thing with black on the inside. It’s a door! I’m stuck in a door! The pressure relieved and I escapedto the floor.

“I wish we had this car at home,” Maddy proclaimed.

“Same!” Ella replied. The car jerked and sped down the road. Music was playing and the car ride was actually relaxing. When I just started to fall asleep, the car jerked to a stop.

“We're here!” Maddy screamed. The biggest arena I had ever seen, it was pure white with spots of red.

“Wow!” Ella stuttered.

“I know.” Maddy said. They were both stunned. After a lot of prodding through feet we had made it inside. The floor was a lot dirtier than it looked. I had touched a lot of half eaten food. A disgusting ten minutes later we made it to our seats. The seats were good. They were close to the floor but a couple rows up.

The game began and the girls had fun. The Golden State Warriors were winning by the half. “Half time shows are so fun.” Maddy proclaimed. A skinny tall man came out on to the court and the crowd went wild. It had been louder than the whole night.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls are you ready for the giveaway of the night?” The man asked. The crowd cheered louder. “Two lucky fans sitting by each other are gonna win a night with Steph Curry and his family.” The man explained.

“Oh my gosh, what if we won those!” Maddy screamed over the crowd.

“Look at the screen and see if you won.” The man stated. I adjusted Maddy’s feet so I could see the board. I could not believe what I saw. On that screen were Maddy and Ella.

“Were on the- screen!” Ella sputtered out. Maddy and Ella just sat there smiling.

“Come through the tunnel after the game to get to his house. Oh! Congratulations!” The man said. The game went by a lot slower after that. It felt like ten hours. The Warriors won and the game finally ended. The girls went to the tunnel and a bodyguard handed them a note with his address.

“I cannot believe this is happening! It feels like a dream...all of this.” Maddy chuckled. The drive was long with a lot of quick turns and stops. Finally the car stopped completely.

“Who are you and whyare you here?” A high pitched female voice demanded.

“I’m Ella and this is Maddy. Were the fans that won the V.I.P experience.” Ella explained. Maddy showed the note to the lady.

“Proceed!” The voice squeaked. The car jerked off. The house was a big beautiful house. It was red and brown color with a beautiful design.

“I wish I was a celebrity. They have all these nice things.” Maddy pondered.

“Yeah me too! They live in luxury!” Ella agreed. When you think about it, a celebrity life is what everyone wants, even a shoe. A spacious closet...a comfortable shelf. Maddy moved her feet. The concrete was so smooth unlike any other. The ground was even better than rest of the cities.

“Ding,dong!” The smooth, sweet sound of the doorbell was music to my plastic.

“Hello, you must be the V.I.P guests! I’m Stephen Curry. It’s nice to meet you.” He greeted. The girls didn't say anything. Why were they being so rude, he’s a celebrity.

“H-i, I’m Maddy,” she stuttered. “It’s so cool to meet you!” He invited the girls into the house. The house was even better than the outside. The furniture was so clean, the kitchen was so perfect, it was marvelous.

“This is my wife Ayesha, my daughter Riley, and our newest baby Ryan!” Steph explained. The family was perfect and seemed so happy. The night went on and they talked, watched movies, played basketball and had fun. One hour, two hours... seven hours later.

“Wow look at the time, we should be going.” Ella implied.

“You guys must stay the night, it’s too late to be driving.” Ayesha insisted. The girls glanced at each other and smiled.

“Sure, we would love to!” Maddy said. The girls were shown theirroom. The room smelled like luxury just like the room. “Why are celebrities so happy?” Maddy asked.

“Because they have the perfect life.” Ella answered.

“I wish I was a celebrity, life would be so much better.” Maddy wished.

“Me too.” Ella agreed. Maddy took me off her feet and the night ended.


The sun rose the next day and I awoke in a different place than I had been left the night before. I was on a silk shelf. I sat that there patiently for a long time. Finally I heard the sweet noise of foot steps. I saw Maddy’s face approaching me. She was walking in a hurry. When I got a good view of her face she looked shocked and not in a good way.

She strapped me on faster than ever. “This can’t be happening, this doesn't happen in real life.” Maddy questioned.

“I don’t understand, I thought being a celebrity would be cool, but beingone now, it’s not.” Ella complained.

“We have to get out of here.” Maddy said. The girls ran to the door and whipped it open. Flashing lights at them from every angle. “IS IT TRUE?” someone yelled. “Maddy? Ella? Anything to say for yourselves?” A girl asked. Ella and Maddy pushed forward. After shoving 30 people they finally made it to the car door.

“This morning when I woke up in a mansion and had everything I wanted I thought it would be fun.” Ella explained.

“All those clothes, purses, shoes and fans.” Maddy added.

“Then I checked my phone and saw all the stuff people made up about us,” Ella described.

“It was so hurtful and mean!” Maddy agreed. The girls drove away. “We have to get out of here!” Maddy said, exasperated.

“How?” Ella asked.

“What if we went back to the house and tried to go back to sleep?” Maddy responded.

“Go back to that madhouse?” Ella sassed.

“You got any other ideas?” Maddy requested.

“We could pinch ourselves and hope it’s a dream.” Ella inquired.

“That’s a great idea!” Maddy said in a sarcastic tone.

“We can keep fighting or we can try it,” Ella pointed out.

“Alright. 1...2...3,” Maddy counted. The girls pinched themselves at the same time.


The sunshine re-rose and I woke up on the floor. The girls jumped up out of the bed, looked at each other, and hugged in relief. They didn't say anything, but the looks of relief showed they both knew what had happened. They returned to the hotel, packed up their stuff and headed to the airport.

“I can't believe you met Drake!” I told the heels. “I can’t believe you talked to Kylie Jenner!” I said to the flip flops.

“We can't believe you went to Steph Curry’s house, and became a celebrity!” They marveled.

“It was cool, but I’m glad of where we are, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!” I informed.


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