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Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.

That’s all I could hear as Kendra dragged us, her fabulous black flip-flops, lazily across the floor.

“Geez. You’d think that she would be somewhat considerate to us. After all, we are protecting her “precious” feet,” I said to Lefty.

With Lefty ignoring me and Kendra tromping us around everywhere, we walk into the bathroom at the house in Cancun. As Kendra reaches for the sink, we suddenly hear an ear piercing scream. All of a sudden, I fly through the air as Kendra falls back into the wall.

“Owwww!” Kendra says.

As she reaches for me, I finally see what she was screaming about. It was an iguana sitting on the counter.

“What a wimp. It’s just a harmless, little...” I stop mid sentence as I watch the iguana start to grow, and then talk in a raspy, slithering, chilling to the bone voice.


“What the heck??!!?” I exclaim as I look up to where Righty was looking.

I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden there is this giant talking iguana sitting on the sink! I think it said something about Kendra needing to flush herself down the toilet... wait EWWWWWW!

“That’s so gross!  What if I get stuck, or I drown, or I don’t end up in the right place...” I start to say.

“Stop being such a worry wart,” I hear Righty yell, “you sound like a five year old!”

“Oh shut up!” I mumble.

Thank goodness Kendra can’t hear us.


I’m not paying attention to what Kendra is doing, as I am yelling at Lefty, when all of a sudden I feel the cold sensation of water surround me.

“Gross!” I exclaim, the sound muffled by the water.

Not more than a second later, I feel this... pulling sensation.

“Oh my gosh! She actually did it! She actually flushed herself down the toilet! We’re all going to die!” I hear Lefty fret.

I roll my eyes at her annoying worriedness. She is obviously the worry wart and it’s soooooo annoying. As she continues to complain, I start to feel dry again but we are still in the water. Barely a second later, we explode like a cannon out of a completely different toilet into a strangely familiar building.

“Oh my gosh. Am I really... Is this really...” I hear Kendra doubt herself.

As I look around me, all I can see are other shoes upon shoes greeting each other like old friends.

“Are you Kendra?” a familiar voice asks Kendra.

“Oh my Godric. Is this all real? Is this really the Ministry of Magic? Are you really... Oh my Godric, you are Hermione! This can’t be real. This has to be a dream. What’s going on?!?” Kendra bursts out.

All of a sudden I recognize this place. I have seen it in the movies that Kendra and her best friend watch all the time! This is so awesome!

I hear a small laugh, and Hermione asks again, “Yes this is real. Are you Kendra?”

“Yeah I am Kendra. Why am I here?”

I block out the conversation and look around. I see another pair of shoes right in front of me!

“Oh goodness me! I’m sorry. I didn't see you!” I exclaim.

“ It’s quite alright,” they say in a British accent.

Our conversation is cut short as we start walking again.


While Righty was being annoying and socializing, I was listening to Hermione and Kendra’s entire conversation. They were talking about how they need her help because they are confused about something and don’t understand nor do they know what to do with or about it. We end up in this really weird looking room. Oh my gosh! I bet we were kidnapped! I think I’m going to dieeeeee! My thoughts are interrupted by three new voices. I don't know who they are and this is starting to freak me out a little. Ok, a lot.

“Oh my Godric! Are you really Harry? And are you actually Ron? And OH MY CHEEZ ITS! Are you really like the real living and breathing Draco?!?!?!?” Kendra blurted out as soon as we stepped into the room.

“Yes we all are real. And thank Merlin that you finally came! We are so confused and don't understand!” whined the bleached blond who Kendra called “Draco” as he hugged her.

I felt Kendra’s weight grow as I looked over to the new pair of shoes.

“You look stupid,” snarled one of the shoes at Righty.


“At least I don't sound it!” I automatically fired right back at the new strange pair of shoes.

We are interrupted as I feel the weight of Kendra leave as we fly through the air into... sand?!? Eww I hate sand! It will ruin my polished coat!  My pity party is interrupted by the sounds of a robot next to us that Kendra is talking to while there is fighting surrounding us. Wait... Kendra talking to a robot?!? Fighting?!? Where the heck are we? We are definitely not with Hermione anymore.

As we are standing in the hot and grainy sand, two new people sprinted to us while yelling for something called BB8. Confused, Kendra started to run away from the fighting with the two people and the robot, who is BB8. We got to this ship thing that looked like a giant piece of trash. I asked the two people’s shoes what is going on and they explained everything to me. Suddenly, I realized that we were in yet another world that we thought was not real! We’re in STAR WARS!!! This is so cool! I saw this movie with Kendra at the movie theater.

Now flying through the galaxy, Kendra sits down and Lefty and I talk to the now somewhat familiar shoes. The girl, Ray, and the guy, Fin, announce that we are going to travel at light speed.


As I hear them announce that we are traveling at light speed, I immediately think about everything that could go wrong such as we get lost, something breaks, we blow up...

I’m interrupted as I start to feel really hot and really humid. Opening my eyes, (which I didn't realize I closed) I see something that looks like the underworld from the Percy Jackson movies.

The stench hits me like a truck.

“Eck. It smells like death and blood and decaying bodies!” I spat.

“We can all smell, Lefty. No need to announce,” Righty says as she rolls her eyes.

I ignore her as I see someone walking towards us. As they walk closer, I see that it is a girl. She looks extremely familiar I just can’t remember her name! I hear Kendra and her start to talk. It’s kind of muffled because how far away they are because we (obviously) are on the ground. Sometimes I hate being a shoe. Anyways, I hear the random girl say that her name is Annabeth and that her and her boyfriend Percy need help fighting these weird monsters. We start walking towards the river Styx and somehow make it to the other side. On the other side, I can see monstrous looking feet as we start running. Good we are running away. OH NOPE NONONONONO WE ARE RUNNING TOWARDS THE MONSTERS!!!!


WHY IS KENDRA RUNNING TOWARDS THE MONSTERS SHE SHOULD USE HER BRAIN SOMETIMES!!! As I am terrified as we fight the monster thing, I feel a twisting sensation begin. Kendra kills the monster (Thank goodness) and then we twist through this weird, chimney like thing, and return to the same room we were in before Kendra went into that pensive thing.

“Well... what happened?” Draco drawled.

As Kendra explained everything, Lefty and I explained everything to the other shoes. We abruptly started walking into another room, interrupting our story. We arrive at the elevator and hop on before it leaves.

“You have to walk through the wall, Abby,” Draco states.

“What? Why?” Kendra shrieks.

“Just do it. Remember, fun always comes with a little danger!” Hermione added.

“I guess,” Abby agreed. “I hope to see you again!”

“We do too, Abby,” Harry announced.

There was a chorus of goodbyes and see you soons as we stepped through the wall of the elevator. My eyes were closed as we yelled goodbye to the other shoes, and then they  disappeared. I open my eyes to find that we are back in the bathroom, where everything began.   

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