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I still remember that day Skylar ran away. Skylar’s family is in the circus and their hobby is insane. They murder people, for fun…

“Can you run any faster?” I asked Skylar.

“Shush, you’re going to wake someone up. If we are going to make this work, you’re going to have to shut up for once,” she said with an attitude.

You’re probably wondering who I am.. Well to answer your question, I’m a talking pair of shoes. I swear, I’m a talking pair of size eight black Nike shoes. You probably don’t believe me, but trust me you  will eventually. Oh yeah I forgot that I was telling a story.

So as we tried climbing our way out of that gigantic, multi-colored tent, SNAP! The rope she had been climbing on had gave up on holding her. Suddenly, we heard footsteps in the  distance. As they approached, the noise those gigantic clown shoes made grew louder. It was Skylar’s dad, Ron. Uh oh.

Ron is about 5’9 with jet black hair, dirt brown eyes, and a blackish-brown beard. He was  furious. You should have seen his face, it was as red as a fire truck. You could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. Ron sent Skylar and I to his torture chamber.

“I CAN’T BELIEVED YOU TRIED ESCAPING AGAIN!” he screamed with fury, “ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU LIVE WITH MURDERERS!” He slammed the old wood door.

The torture chamber was dark, it would have been pitch black if it wasn’t for faded light coming from the dingy light hanging from the ceiling.

We were stuck in that run-down, dreary chamber for a week with a limited amount of food and water. That was actually an advantage for us because it gave us time to plan our next escape.

The night that we escaped I made sure that I was quieter than before. Our family, or should I say Skylar’s family, were in a middle of performing a show. Skylar snuck into her parents bedroom and stole their debit cards and the keys to the fiery red Corvette. She pushed the car far enough away so they wouldn’t hear the roaring engine start up. As soon as she hopped in the car, she took me off her feet and sat me in the passenger seat. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“We’re going to an atm to empty their bank accounts, then we are going to Washington D.C.”

“And exactly what are we going to be doing there?”

“I’m going to get a job. I don’t know what job I’m going to do yet, but we’ll find out when we get there. We soon arrived to an ATM that was 50 miles away from our house. By the time Skylar emptied out her parents accounts, she had $20,568,834. They probably received that money from their second job, being hit men for rich people.

Six hours later, we finally reached Washington. “Where are you going now?” I hollered. over the blaring music.

“Before we do anything, we are getting a hotel.” There was a fancy hotel a block ahead of  us, so she pulled into its parking lot. Skylar left me in the car and soon came back to the car.

“Where are we going now?” I questioned.

“To the White House. There we are going to try to get in and talk to the president,” she replied.


“You’ll see.” She started to sound annoyed with me asking a lot of questions, so I remained silent for the rest of the car ride. We pulled up to the main gate of the White House and there was a security guard standing by it. Joe, the guard, looked friendly, but his deep voice said otherwise.

“What exactly are you doing here?” he growled.

“I’m here to take a tour of the White House.” Sky told the muscular guard. Joe opened the huge black gates. “Why didn’t they ask you to show I.D. ?” I questioned. She didn’t answer. It was a short drive up to the steps of the White House. “We’ve been expecting you,” another guard stated in a low voice. “What is he talking about?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll find out.” Skylar growled. A guide showed us around and eventually led us to the presidential room. That’s where we met President Obama himself.

“So you came here for a job?” he said. He sounds more presidential in person. A job? Why is she asking the president for a job? “Why yes I am. I actually want a job as a spy. And I doubt I have to prove myself after I took out three of your men while on one of my parents missions, when I was five. So when do I start?”

“You’re very eager aren’t you? Well you can start tomorrow nine a.m sharp.”

“Thank you for this opportunity. I will see you tomorrow.” As we made our way out of the room, he stopped us before we could get to the door. “Do you still have those talking shoes?” he asked curiously. She took me off of her feet and held me up like I was Simba from The Lion King.

“How are you doing Mr. President?” I asked.

“Amazing… well I’m doing good but it’s amazing that you can talk. Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He waved goodbye.

   When we returned to the hotel it was ten p.m. Skylar jumped on the bed and fell asleep immediately, I decided to fall asleep, too. When I woke up it was 8:15 and Skylar had awaken an hour earlier. At 8:30 we rushed down to the car and took off to the White House. We later arrived at 8:55. The same guard, Joe, let us in. We made it to the basement of the White House exactly at nine. “We have your first mission right here.” The man handed her a folder.

“Corinne and Ron Heldt…” she read outloud.

“Is there a problem?” the man who handed her the folder asked.

“It’s just that it’s my parents. But I’ll do it. When do I start?”

“Today. Good luck… you’ll need it.”

On our way into the car, I noticed Sky looked like she was about to cry. “Are you going to be alright?” She didn’t respond so I decided not to say anything else. When we were about an hour away from her house she finally talked. “I know they’re bad people, but do they really deserve to die? No one ever deserves to die because everyone makes a mistake in their life at some point and time and some may be worse than others but still.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to kill them?”

“We will find out when we get there.”

   We arrived to that bright multi-colored tent that would give anyone the chills because of the way it lurked over you. She crawled out of the car with me on her feet cautiously. When she  looked up, there they were,  her parents. Bailey, her 10 month old sister must have been in her crib fast asleep. “We knew you would come back,” Skylar’s mom said angrily.

“You’re going to hate the reason for why I’m back,” Sky said with sass. Before her mom said anything else, Skylar told her mom that she loved her mom and dad and then shot them.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Skylar ran inside to grab her baby sister and then we left for our hotel in D.C.


   The president gave us our own house to raise Bailey and also gave us a $100,000 reward that went immediately into Bailey’s college fun. “How did my parents do it, how could they possibly take the lives of innocent people who did them no harm?”

“I don’t know but let's just focus on the future from now on, okay?”




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