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It was cold, so very, cold that night. Her bare feet were bloody and white from the crisp snow that fell from the dark night sky. She sat in the end of an alley covered only in a holey coat that hung over the rags she called clothes. The snow was heavy on that day she shivered violently and curled her legs up to her chest in an attempt to retain some of the heat that sat in her stomach. The girl shivered again, there in that small alley she would die and no one would care.


Is this...what I lived for? Is this what I was wishing...for...? Footsteps of crunched against the layer of snow that had covered the cement sidewalk, the noise stopped. A shadow appeared and she flicked her blue gaze to the stone wall in front of her. She wanted nothing more than to melt into the wall to escape from the eyes of society, to escape into death.


"What are you doing out here?" A soft voice met her ears, and she craned her head upwards to meet the voice.


"Dying..." The girl answered with a hint of scorn, turning her head back to the wall in an almost mechanical movement.


"That's cool." She liked whoever this person was, they didn't give her pity or scorn, no speech on how to treasure life. Nothing. Just a simple statement. Someone would remember her.


"Do you really want to die?" The voice persisted. The girl lay her head back down watching as the snow danced. She had always liked the snow, it was beautiful the way it fell, like mini tornados it sunk to the ground only to disappear as it hit the unforgiving earth.


"Even if I live I have nothing to live for, even if someone were to come and save my life it would be useless. Because I'd be back in this alley freezing by tomorrow night.” The girl answered. She smiled sadly and gave a slight giggle, it was true, but it still hurt. It hurt to know, to realise no one cared.


She heard the crunch of snow next to her and realised that the person had sat down, the warmth was tempting. It almost made her forget about dying. She threw the thought out of her head and stared at the wall again.


"Who are you?"


"None of your concern, you're going to die right? What good would it do to know my name?" The voice avoided the question, turning it back on her.


"All the more reason to know it." She shot back, curious to why he was being so evasive.


"Cody." He answered while leaning his head back on the wall of the alley. Flicking a strand of his black hair away from his face with a half-scowl.


"Ada, that's my name." The girl murmured after him staring at the wall intently. This little talk was making the it seem quite interesting.


"For someone who's wants to die you're pretty talkative." Cody stated looking up at the band of stars that stretches over the beautiful sky above.


"Why not, it's the last time I'm ever going to do it." Ada laughed muffin red bangs flying in her face as she followed his gaze to the sky.


"What happened to make you like that?" He turned his red eyes onto her, she took notice but made no attempt to stop him


"I didn't realise what I had till I lost it.... And I lost it all..." Ada unravelled, meeting his gaze head on. His eyes were weird, borderline dangerous, they gave her a sort of off putting feeling.


"That seems like a stupid reason, just find something else to treasure."


"It's easier said than done, you don't choose who you love." Her voice cracked, memories flooded back to her.


Of her parents she continuously scorned and screamed to the world she hated. THe over protective mother, the over expectant father who wanted the perfect daughter she could never be. So she fled in the night, not even stopping to think that her parents would look for her, follow her. Care about her. And when that car ran the red light and hit her parents, she then knew how stupid she had been


And her meek and quiet brother, who could do no wrong, the one she secretly loved, but always picked on. She always wondered why, why she seemed to hate her brother, why he irritated her so much. And why she did nothing when the flames came, why she didn’t turn around and return to the house, why she left him for death.


"Bullshit, you can control it, that phrase is for the weak willed and idiots." Cody spat  back, strangely aggravated by her comment.


"Then I'm probably both, I could never change myself..." Ada smiled, she would've cried if she had any liquid left in her.


"Do you want a second chance? A chance at life?" Cody suddenly asked.


"That depends, what would I do? Where would I go?" Ada asked while staring up at the stars.


"I can make you a deal, I could help you.”


"I-I just want to forget…” Ada murmured, closing her eyes.


"That can be arranged, you won't have to think about anything but your mission. And if you fail, then you can take your life."


“That sounds nice..." Ada murmured.




"Huh?" The snow crunched and she turned her head to see him stand up and hold a hand out to her.


"From this moment on you will throw away the name Ada, it no longer means anything to you. Your name shall be Star and you are my servant no ifs, buts, or ands. And in return I will erase those memories of who you want to forget." Cody decided, causing Ada to be startled by his forceful proposal. But none the less, she couldn't deny that it was a good idea.


Star looked up at the boy and what struck her was his eyes, those red eyes that seemed to suck her soul right from her body. The girl rose a slender hand and placed it in the boys that snowy night, and she realised right then that she had made a deal with the devil. And as that devil had promised, her hate and misery was gone, leaving her feeling new again, not a shred of doubt in her heart. Afterwards something hit her, she couldn’t pinpoint it, but a thought came to mind.

Humanity. She had none left...

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