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The school bus screeched to a stop in front of the frosty, snow-coated 7/11. It was tradition for all teens who lived in the McClain neighborhood to go to 7/11 to treat themselves to tea, hot chocolate and Twinkies before walking the extra two blocks home each Friday throughout December. I noticed I was the only one standing up to leave when I didn’t hear any stupid jokes or laughter.


“Aye Lucas!” Someone shouted and I turned to them.


“We aren’t going today, too cold. Next Friday though, yeh?” Alex said. I only nodded, gripping my backpack straps toward my chest and hopping off the bus. Puffs of white sprang through my parted mouth as my Nike shoes crunched through the snow. The trees looked all too familiar without their decorative leaves and elongated branches that twisted and curved to fit the icy city’s air space. I shoved my hands in my navy sweatshirt making my way to the glossy glass doors. I opened the door, accompanied by the wistful chime of the tiny frozen bell above me. Instantly shuffling toward the hot chocolate machine by the candy aisle, I spotted a girl staring intently at the rack of calorie-infused treats.

            I place the foam cup underneath the machine pressing the on button and hearing the buzz of the liquid chocolate fill my cup. I glance at her continuously admiring her looks…from the back of her. Her auburn hair overlaps her grey scarf and her jeans hug her legs firmly. She smiled and suddenly a warm, nearly burning sensation came over my fingertips and traveled through my body. The feeling became stronger till it was no longer a sensation but a scalding pain.

            I heard her giggle and loved down, noticing my sleeve was drenched in Hot chocolate that over flowed the white cup. Abruptly yanking my red hand away, she handed mw napkins from the clear donut cabinet.


“Thanks,” I sighed, drying my throbbing your hand.


“You should be more careful.” She gives a sly, somewhat mischievous smile. I nod and turn to the door, rejecting the idea of hot chocolate, disappointing my taste buds. I glanced at her one last time before leaving. Letting the snowflakes trickle onto my rough knuckles, before I cradle them in my toasty pockets. I walked along the pavement staring at my feet, thinking about the girl with blue eyes and grey scarf. I tapped my foot in the crisp snow waiting to cross the street before I saw the girl rushing out of the 7/11 clinging to her scarf and a cup as her cheeks willfully turned pink to match her nose.



“Here,” she handed me the warm cup, “you forgot to throw yours away so I thought I’d get you one. There’s a top on it too, you see?” she pointed at the plastic coffee top. I nod smiling at her.


“You really didn’t have to…” I start.


“Really it was nothing…that reminds me, we’d better start running.” A man busts out of the 7/11 shouting at us.


“Hey! You have to pay for that!” he screams and she grabs my sleeve as we run. Cars honk at us and we run into people, while our feet sink as if we were in quicksand. We stopped in a small alley, panting, struggling to catch our breath, when the girl started laughing. Suddenly, I did too…


“That was fun.” she chuckled.


“What’s your name?” I looked at her, my heart thumped, stuck in my throat, my fingers shakey, and yet I thought this was fun.


“Naomi.” She wipes the snow off her sleeves and puts her hand out. I quickly shake it introducing myself.


“Lucas.” She smiled at me, her rosy lips becoming pale. There was this feeling that started to overcome my senses. It felt unusual and erotic, but warmly welcomed. She shoved her hand in the pocket of my pants pulling out a snickers bar and taking a leather wallet from her jeans and handing it to me.


“Wha- how’d you get that?” I snatched the wallet from her and she began to nibble at the candy bar. Naomi only shrugged before walking out the alley, with me behind her.


“Cmon lets go to some other stores…” She winked at me and I gulped.



I grip the black phone. God, how many crooks had to touch this phone? Or were most of them as innocent as I am? Well partly innocent. I stole with Naomi to keep the erotic feeling flowing…she just didn’t get caught. She was smart like that. As a thief she knew the ropes of stealing…at least when she was careful.


“hello?” A worried voice fills the phone.


“Mom?” I croak.


“Oh my god Luca, where the hell are you! You should’ve been home hours ago! You didn’t call or text-wait, where are you?”



“Oh…Um…County Jail.” I whisper the last part, and once she heard my response I at that moment I wished I couldn’t hear. 

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