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The Dark clouds entrapped Chicago at night. The rain hit the floor as hard as bullets but if only one raindrop instead of thousands were there it would create a tiny splash. A splash so tiny that even a bug or mosquito wouldn’t call it a pool. But just like the drugs in the city there wasn’t only one raindrop but thousands that flooded the city’s bugs killing them just like the drugs did to this city and its countless junkies dying of overdoses to the white powder.

  “We have an ummmm.” The radio announced as one of the police officers with a large black trench coat and blonde hair that sprang out of the bottom back of his head shut it off.

“Probably not that important” he remarked gloriously as it was this time 9:00 O’clock that it was his time off the man in the back seat that did not wear the same standard blue police uniform just looked at him in disgust and looked out the window at all the rain blocking the view making entertainment in the car impossible. The black rusted Hyundai dusted car with four broken up windows each with bullet holes and cracks made by the gunfights created by the drug wars in the city.

“Well why don’t we celebrate boys and that includes you McLane.” The blond police officer exclaimed but none of the two officer even adjusted their eyes to him as one was texting his pregnant girlfriend and the other one was driving but McLane lied there in the back looking at the little rat playing with loose shoelace just like someone playing the violin.

“Is that a rat in the car?! Dammit McLane I told you not to bring these rodents into the car. The car is already bad as it is”

The officer who was once in attention with his phone had his full attention on McLane but McLane still glazed at the rat.

“Typical” the officer said as he picked up his phone again to text. The car stopped as the officer that was driving started to text as well.



“Beckman don’t give McLane too much trouble alright. He already lost his girl and he don’t need you on his back because he enjoys rats in the car okay Beckman?”

“Shut up Ricky with your stupid blonde hair alright this is why you always get dumped and why no one likes you in the stat…”

“Guys!” McLane exclaimed looking at the windshield as three men each with automatic rifles and red masks aimed their guns around the car.

“Well the rat is the least of our problems now” Ricky exclaimed out loud.

The skinny one of the group that wore rectangular green shades and bandana instead of a mask aimed his AK-47 at Ricky’s side of the window and knocked and made a gesture with his hands pointing up.

“Well why da hell did stop Jack, Huh” Ricky sarcastically spoke out as the skinny one grew more frustrated. Ricky opened the windshield in terror as a buff oval shaped man came punched Ricky right in the eye and took him out of the car.

“That’s for being so slow in opening the window” The man stated as his men pulled out the other three officers out of the doors of the car as each lied in pain in the floor while being beaten and kicked as all of their losses and regrets in life were being pushed out of their bodies in the shape of blood as the men continuously beat all of them except for McLane who they just pushed into the wall as he saw them unloading bags of cocaine into the trunk of the police car. After the beating stopped the men pushed all the men to the left side of the tunnel where McLane stood.

“Sorry about this but we can’t get caught with all of this damm Cocaine now can we so now it’s all yours although there is not time for any of you cops to snort it as more cops are coming to arrest you for possession and going badshit crazy for it. Going so crazy that you killed one of your own men. Let’s say we shoot the blonde one hmm.”  The buff one said while pulling out a rusted out revolver out the trench coat and stretched out his hands with the revolver as the end tip hit Ricky’s right cheek as the gun clicks.

“You don’t have to shoot any of us!” McLane shouted


“Did anyone ask you” The buff man yelled as he got right into McLane’s face as the buff man’s head only went up to McLane’s neck both eyes looked right into each other as the brave green eyes of McLane turned into the eyes of terror as none of them died but instead were laid with 50 kilos of cocaine in the car as McLane knew his future in prison all because of one officer stopping the car to text his father.

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