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My pet Jimmy


Jimmy! Don’t eat my shoe! I love you but will you please stop chewing on everything.

“Honey who are you talking to?” My mom said as she peeped her head into my room.

“Jimmy duh.” I told my mom.

“Oh… is that your friend?” Asked my mom.

“Wow mom it’s my dog. Can't you see him?” I yelled back in a sassy tone.

“All right I will be in the kitchen if you need me.” My mom said as she walked out of my room. How silly Jimmy it was like she didn't even see you. You know when most people see a dog they stop and pet it. Maybe she was just lazy. Do you want to go play fetch outside? Okay let's go. I carried Jimmy downstairs because he is afraid of the stairs I'm not sure why but he is just special.

“Mom I'm taking Jimmy out to go play fetch.” I yelled as I walked out of the back door. Okay Jimmy I'm putting you down now do not run away please. Do you know how to play fetch? No? Ugh okay I'm going to throw this stick and then you go get it and bring it back. Ready, fetch! All right now bring it back. Jimmy go get the stick. Come on Jimmy. Fine I will go get it. Good try though. You will get it eventually don't you worry. Let's go inside it's too hot out here.We went inside and I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it up with water.

“How was your game of fetch?” My mom asked.

“Eh, he didn't really know how to play but he will get there.” I told my mom as I tried to leave the room. But my mom stopped me and said,

”You know Jimmy isn't real, right honey?”

“Why would you ever say that mom! Jimmy is real, look he is right here!” I yelled at my mom.

I picked up Jimmy and stormed out of the kitchen. What was my mom thinking? She is so annoying. People tell me all the time that the things I think are not real and stupid and that I'm crazy. But not mom, mom never did that until now. How could she betray me? Doctors always ask me about my pets and friends and I tell them that I know they are in my head but Jimmy is not in my head. I fell into my bed and took a nap to try to forget this great day that turned bad in seconds. Jimmy fell asleep too. When I woke up it was time for dinner. I didn't want to eat with mom so I got my dinner and went upstairs to eat with some friends. I wanted to tell them I was angry about my mom being mean but I don't have a door to my room and I didn't want my mom to hear. I sat with my friends 18 and Timer. They are in my head friends, basically they are real in my mind but are not actually here in the physical world.  But they are not imaginary friends! Sometimes we get mad at each other because they tell me to do bad things and get me in trouble. But I have these special tiny candies that I take to stop them from doing things like that. But don't chew the candies they are not meant for chewing you just have to swallow them with water or juice.  Jimmy started to lick my ankles as I sat eating my dinner. Oh! Hey Jimmy you’re awake. Fine you can have a piece of chicken. No 18 he cannot have chocolate don't you know it's bad for dogs!

“Honey are you done with you dinner?” My mom said. I looked at her and nodded as I handed her my plate.

“I'm sorry you know I didn't mean it like that I just wanted to let you know that it was an in your head friend.” Said my mom trying to be caring but actually making things worse.

“Mom! Please stop saying that he is not an in my head friend he is real how hard is that to understand.” I yelled back.

“Okay I'm sorry, I love you honey.” Said my mom as she left my room.

“Do you hear that Jimmy? She thinks that you are not real how rude.” I said. Don't worry about it we have each other. I couldn't sleep the whole night because I took such a long nap during the day. Jimmy slept, but all dogs sleep a lot. And man he snores so loud even if I was tired I would not be able to sleep with that.

Mom came in at 9am to wake me up she told me we had to go run so errands, but she said we could bring Jimmy and take him to the dog park after. I jumped up, threw my clothes on, and shook Jimmy till he woke up. I picked him up and ran down the stairs flying into the car. Jimmy was still half asleep. Jimmy we are going to the dog park! He perked up his head and started wagging his tail. Mom finally made it to the car and we headed to the dog park. When we go there I jumped out of the car and ran in leaving my mom behind to pay the parking meter. I tried to play fetch with Jimmy but other dogs kept getting to the stick before he even had a chance to run for it. But we were running around some people were giving me strange looks but I just ignored them because I was having fun and that's all that mattered. My mom yelled

“It's time to go.” I begged for 10 more minutes and she gave in.  But then someone opened the gate to the dog park and Jimmy ran. He was running out into the street. I ran after him trying to save him. Why would he run away from me?

“Jimmy come back!” I yelled. I ran out of the dog park and my mom chased behind me yelling at me to please stop. As i’m running across the street and I see a car coming and it's not slowing down but I thought I could run past it fast enough. Then it all went black.

“Mom where am I?” I asked slurring my words.

“Oh thank god, you're in the hospital baby.” My mom said as she started to cry.

A nurse walked in and then a doctor and they were shining lights in my eyes.

“Can you please not do that?” I asked sounding irritated. Timer told me to hit the doctor because he was a bad guy but 18 said Timer was lying and I believed 18. Where is Jimmy is he okay?

“Mom where is Jimmy?” I asked.

“I'm not sure honey let's not worry about that now just worry about yourself.” My mom said to me as she stroked my head.

“Mom when do I get to leave this place it smells bad.” I asked my mom irritated by the scent.

“ In a couple days sweetie we will try to get you out as soon as possible.” My mom said looking back at the doctor to make sure she was giving me the correct information. I quickly fell back asleep. When I woke up a lady was in the hallway and she had Jimmy! A lot of times they bring animals into hospitals to comfort us. I turned to my mom and yelled,

“Jimmy is here!” My mom just looked at me and said,

“Oh honey.” The lady was getting closer to my room. And finally she was one room away. She came in and I yelled, Jimmy! And she said,

“I see you already know my friend... Jimmy here. She picked him up and put him on my bed. My mom looked at her and asked,

“Is his name really Jimmy?”

“Yes, he is quite popular here in the hospital.” She said as she winked at my mom.

My mom looked at Jimmy and I could tell she could see him now. She leaned over and stroked his head. I'm so happy you are alive you almost got hit by a car. Why did you run out of the park? It’s okay we are together now! I missed you so much. My mom asked the lady if they could talk outside. I think she asked about taking Jimmy home.

“Guess what honey. We get to take Jimmy home with us!” She said as she walked back in and she smiled at the lady who brought  Jimmy.

“I know that mommy.” I said as I continued to pet him. Jimmy looked a little different in the hospital but he was still the same inside. Jimmy stayed with me in the hospital for the next three days while I was there. We made a little doggy bed for him in the corner and he spent a lot of time there sleeping and snoring as usual.

Its finally the last day in the hospital I thought to myself. And it was like we had some telepathic connection because when I thought that Jimmy woke up and  put his legs up on the side of my bed. My mom came in and packed my things for me. I thanked the doctors and the nurses and even the lady who brought Jimmy back to me. We headed out to the car and Jimmy and I sat in the back. We drove past the dog park on the way home and I asked mom if we could stop but she said no. The drive was dragging on and I was getting restless so I tried to teach Jimmy some tricks but the lack of space in the back seat was not helping us. I fell asleep with him on my lap and woke up when we arrived at home. Jimmy hopped out of the car and ran straight inside to my room. He knew he was home. Mom and I ate dinner and I gave Jimmy a piece of my chicken. After dinner we went outside. I was going to try to teach him how to play fetch again and hopefully he would get it this time. We went outside and I told Jimmy her better not run away again!  I threw the stick and to my surprise he ran after it and picked it up. But not only did he pick it up but he brought it back too! I took it out of his mouth having to use a little more force than I had wanted to. I threw it high and far into the air and I watched his eyes follow it as he jumped into a run when the stick hit the ground. We played fetch together for a couple hours until it got dark and mom asked us to come inside. Mom made some chocolate cake for dessert for me and she gave Jimmy a special doggy treat. Timer told me to give my chocolate cake to Jimmy but once again 18 told me to stop listening.  After dessert we went upstairs to get ready for bed. As I was laying in my bed I thought to myself I am so lucky to have Jimmy. Im so happy mom can see him now so we won’t have to get into any fights anymore. Also Jimmy can play fetch now! I’m not sure if mom will let us go back to the dog park but that is okay because at least we still get to be together. I wish Jimmy could hear my thoughts right now but he is snoring up a storm so I doubt his telepathic switch is on. Anyway Jimmy if you are listening to me I love you.

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