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     As the people stare at me while I get bullied I can’t understand what they are saying. The so called “popular girls” are causing a scene in front of the whole school. I would feel embarrassed but I can’t hear what their saying, those are the perks of being in my situation. I’m a 16 year old girl trying to live life to the fullest while at the same time wishing I was dead. I just deal with my bullies by walking away but this Wednesday night was different, different from another Wednesday night. I was sitting in my room cuddled up in my favorite blanket when I got a text. A text that will change my life forever. My best friend texted me a link to a social media account that I’ve never heard of before. I clicked the link and at that moment I didn’t know what I was looking at, s soon as I realized what it was I felt the sting of tears and my heart drop to my stomach. It was an account based on me. A bullying account. The account was run by one of the “popular girls” saying that I’ve done all these slutty thing and I’m desperate for any one and I’ll do anything for them.

     The next day I’m know known as the person nobody will talk to. When I walk down the halls people either laugh at me or avoid me. I try to let it go and forget but it’s hard to do even when the teachers laugh at you. All day I have to deal with this, but what I fear the most is lunch and unfortunately today is sloppy joe day. There’s 99.9% chance someone will “accidentally” get it on me one way or another. I get my lunch and carefully make it down to the empty table, passing all the people laughing at me. With just my luck someone trips me and gets sloppy joe all over my torso. Great. I get through the day and as soon as I get home I drop my book bag on the floor and race to my room. I check the same account and come to find out there’s pictures. Pictures of me at my most embarrassing moments. I want to yell and scream like a three year old but I keep my chill.


      It’s my 3rd day without sleep and I’m staring at those pictures as if they depended on my life. I haven’t been to school for a while, scared of what reality has to hold for me. As I’m walking down the stairs to get some food I start to feel dizzy and light headed, probably from no sleep. I try to stay calm and take a nap to sleep it off. I take and hour nap and when I wake up I can’t move. It’s like my arms and legs are frozen. I’m stuck in my own body. I try to wait it out and after maybe about 5 hours stuck in my own body. I’m finally released but my arms and legs are in a horrible amount of pain. I try to suck it up and get up. I slowly make my way to my bed and await the next day.



    The next day I’m still in pain but I suck it up. I tell myself I’m ready to face reality and get dressed for school. When I arrive to school everyone looks at me and starts laughing. I feel the sting of tears and just ignore it. During the school day I realize that its only an account and it can be deleted. I let it go and over the moths my problem goes away little by little and by the next year it is part of my past.

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