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A long time ago in a country called Temerica lived the Temmies. the temmies loved cute things and that’s what was there, but the Tiny Kittys didn’t like this so they invaded Temerica. The Temmies didn’t see it coming.


“Hoi, I’m Temmie who r u?” said a Temmie

“ I’m a tiny cat from great Catian” said the Tiny Cat as he walk into town

“bad idea, os tems love cute tings so stay hidden tony kitty” Temmie replied as he himself was heading into town “Boi kitty!” Temmie said while waving bye. hmmm so we need to make ourselves a bit different so they don’t swarm us when we invade  thought the tiny cat as he walked back to the docks where he came.“SIR, I HAVE NEWS!” said the tiny cat to the captain

“calm down Josh, now tell what news do you bring?” Admiral of fleet Lucifer said


“oh, well then we need to disguise ourselves to hide from the enemy, our best choice is to make ourselves look like them now rally the troops”

“YES SIR!” replied Josh.

As Josh came out of the captain’s quarters he noticed the a Temmie was walking on the beach, as he noticed he instantly ran down with an old 1900’s camera in hand “Excuse me sir… err.. ma’am how does one tell the difference between you guys anyway?” asked Josh hesitantly

“ur whiskers! Fem Tems have them mal Tems don’t!” replied the Temmie

“Oh Thanks! can I take a picture of you for the ship so it doesn’t look so dull?” asking Josh who is more confident but a bit nervous

“Sore!” answered Temmie whom was very DETERMINED to make something happy. *SNAP*(camera)

“Thanks!” said Josh as he took the picture, and upon looking at it he makes a fake smile to please the temmie and with that he ran back to the ship. “SIR! WE HAVE A PICTURE OF A TEMMIE SIR!”

“Oh we do? how?”




“Oh, OK get the pictures to the Officer Cadet”

“YES SIR!” as Josh ran below deck to the Officer Cadet he accidentally ran into him as he was going to the men’s room spilling his chi tea “so sorry about that but the crew need your help!”

“and what am I to do exactly?”

“here make disguises that are life sized so we can invade”

“ahh that will be easy how many of us can fit into one?”

“my guess is about 1000 of us”


“I said about though so it could be less, plus you can make it less by adding fluff to it, if you do that then it will be at least 50 of us which is ¼ of the crew”

“you have a good point there”


“now on to making the disguises, bye!” and with that the Officer Cadet quickly walked back to his quarters thinking on how much fluff he would need. 24 hours later.ahhh finally finished, I should go tell the Admiral about this!” as the Officer Cadet sprinted towards the Admiral’s quarters “SIR! I’VE MADE THE DISGUISES SIR!”

“Woah, calm down Officer Cadet, but back to disguises how many did you make?”


“OK, that’s all we need”

“Really sir?”

“yes” replied Lucifer as he went out to rally his men. “ALL MEN FRONT AND CENTER!” Lucifer yelled

“YES SIR!” all the troops replied as they all ran to Lucifer. As Lucifer looked around he saw nothing nor any enemies.


“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” everyone shouted as the got into the Temmie disguises through the hair. As they went into town they was no one there not a soul until…

“ther they are get em!!” shouted Temmie Revere

“oh no” exclaimed Lucifer as a multitude of Temmies rush out a bar door to fight the tiny cat Navy

“Admiral we’ve been caught” said an officer hesitantly

“I know that you idiot, and because of that we need to… AAATTACK” said Lucifer yelled and as he did all of the tiny cats poured out of the false temmie. the tiny cats were armed with tiny AK-47’s while the temmies were armed with Glock’s both side were wearing molotov jackets and bullet proof vests. As they were about to start fighting a temmie yelled out, “Someone fired so we fire back! return fire!”.


The moment after they said that everyone started firing their guns, in a short while quite a few temmies were lying on the floor dead. That’s when a temmie ordered, “everyone retreat!” and with that all the temmies ran in the direction of temcord. Knowing that they had won they decided to rest up before their next battle however they thought that was so easy that they would easily win the next battle that they left at daybreak.


As they left for temcord they were feeling a bit cocky so they sang songs of their hometown in Catain not noticing that they are singing really loudly that anyone could hear them from a mile away. from afar the temmies could hear them so they got ready for war they got their Glocks and muskets they were even making cover by using a multitude of white sandbags with two oval black eyes for some reason. a few hours later the tiny cats came up onto Temcord and they saw that there were defences including turrets.

“Admiral I believe they heard us” reported an officer

“I see that, but don’t worry we will win again!”

“Now Tems! F I R E !” said George Temington

“RETURN FIRE MEN!” Lucifer replied as a long battle was waged but in a few days the tiny cats lost too many men and retreated back to Lexingtem to call in for reinforcements. after they got some reinforcements and a few years of battling the temmies they finally decided on one last battle before returning to Catain. “everyone we have one last battle before we go back but that is only if we lose so i chose an average sized town called Yorktemn if we win we stay and fight if we lose then we go home let's do this” Lucifer said ordering everyone to get ready for their last battle.


As they come upon Yorktemn they see that the Temmies are all ready for the fight as one said, “don’t shoot until you see the white of their eyes!” when already all of the tiny cats stormed them. “CHARGE!” yelled Lucifer as they all started to fire their guns at each other. As they were firing a tiny cat spy assassinated one of the temmies however the tiny cat was too late most of the tiny cats were dead and the rest ran away in fear of their lives back to the boat to go back to Catain. “YEAH WE WON!’’ George Temington yelled knowing that they had won the war.

165 Years later*.  “Ever since the revolutionary Tem war we had no policy and now we du and with dis I Temn Huncuck sign my name da biggest out of all of us” as Temn said that he signed his name the biggest and barely left any room for the rest of the Temmies and so the constitution was formed.

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