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As I walked into the new school, you could already see gossip already starting to go around, spreading fast. In Hollywood, though, everything you do would be public no matter how private, so yes, it made sense. Rumors went around so quickly. I kept my head down while I was walking, until I got to the front office.

“Hello, are you May Nelson?” Said the lady behind the desk. She adjusts her glasses to take a better look at me.

“Um, yes…” I took a mint from a bowl on the desk. “Can I?” She nodded while stapling something together. She handed me a packet with my schedule and requirements for Hollywood High.

“Have a nice day!” She said as I left. Attempting to keep a low profile, I bumped into someone. Looking up, I saw a girl with a very short, sparkly pink dress. She had crimson lipstick on with heavy shades of mascara, eyeliner, and purple eye shadow.

Honestly? She was more of a Barbie doll than a person.

“Hey, retard, watch where you’re going.” The girl was surrounded by other girly girls also heavy with makeup and short skirts and shorts. The other girls snicker and smirk. My dad warned me not to get into this kind of popularity mess but like my mom I had a loud mouth that had no filter so I shot back, “Why don’t you just open your mind and shut your mouth, both are empty anyway.”

I started walking away when I felt her hands push me from behind. My feet almost tripped over themselves before I straightened myself.

“Anybody who told you to be yourself simply couldn’t have given you worse advice, retard.” The girl sneered before turning and kissing what I guessed was the hottest boy in school. I could tell she was trying to make me jealous but I could see under all that sweat and deodorant you could only see emptiness.

I pretended to be confused. “And what’s your definition of a retard?”

She laughed. “Trying to be smart now hey?”

Shaking my head, I answered, “No, I guess I wasn’t too smart.” She smirked, but I had more to say. “Because obviously compared to you, a retard would be considered genius.” With that, I walked off smugly.

“Hello class! Today we have a new student that is joining us for the rest of the school year. May Nelson! Today we are doing partner projects so who wants to be May’s partner?” My first hour teacher, Mr. Warus said. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“What are we, two?” I murmured. I could hear the class laugh and snicker along.

“Well, anyone?” He pretended not to hear what I just said. In the front a girl raised her hand. She was wearing a loose One Direction T-shirt with skinny jeans that had holes in them.

“Sure. I’ll take her,” She said, smacking her gum. I walked over and sat on the empty desk next to her.

“Okay then! Let’s get to work!” Mr. Warus sits down at his desk and starts checking Facebook.

“So, I’m Katerina but call me Kat.” She opened the laptop from her backpack and opened up to Netflix. I looked around noticing all the other pairs getting their own laptops out.

“You get easy A’s in this class so don’t worry about the project.” She gets a set of earbuds out and we watched Modern Family.

*Brrringg!* The bell rang and Kat tucked her laptop back in her bag and said, “Catch you later May,” She runs off towards her next class.

The rest of the day was nice. Unfortunately though I had that class with The Snob.

“You.” She stared at me with pure hatred.

I looked around the classroom as if mystified, then walked up to the row of seating charts taped along the wall, studied them, and went back to her. “Well, I don’t see anyone called ‘You’.”

Taylor, the girl’s name, as I actually learned from the charts, sneered. “Now I thought you were smart?”


“So is that a rhetorical question or what?”


I bet all my money that she had no idea what that even was, as Taylor batted her thick eyelashes. I swear I saw some of that mascara fall off. “Rh- Rhetorical? Yeah...of course.”


Trying my best not to fall on the floor laughing, I answered, “Then you know the answer--hey, you’re shedding baby flies.”


She looked at me incredulously. “Baby flies?


“From what I know, mascara is supposed to be applied smoothly not applied as fly poop.”


After a glare at me she seemed to finally have shut up.


During the class she was standing on a stool trying to get a jar of red paint. Her hand ‘slipped’ and the jar fell towards me. I slid toward my seat and sat down before the jar hit the ground and paint flew everywhere. Unfortunately the snob, who was maybe an inch away from the paint got splattered with it.


“Oh no! My dress is ruined!” Taylor cried at the teacher who ignored her and told her to clean the mess up. I could feel her dark energy radiating around the room. The few who smirked at her dress only got glares from her followers. Not wanting the snob’s girls to win I encouraged it by laughing along louder. The followers’ glares didn’t affect me. After a while though the class didn’t pay any attention to the other girls anymore. They were focused on the snob trying to clean up the mess she made.


“Ha ha. Look at her go!” a boy whooped in a mocking tone towards another boy.


“I guess you have to take it home to Mommy now. Too bad.” I laughed clutching my stomach.


“Hey! May!” Kat catched up with me after school ended. “I heard what you did today with Taylor at art. That. Was. AMAZING. You are the start of a new revolution at Hollywood High!” She threw her hands up.


“No I’m not. Those girls are literally Barbie dolls I tell you.” I rolled my eyes. That wasn’t possible. In my old school everyone was fair and kind to each other. This school was a barnhouse full of pigs like that Taylor. I just wanted to straighten the people here out a little.


“Right. I have to pick up my little sister from preschool so see you later.” She waved and jogged off. I waved back and set off home. I was about to reach my block when I heard quiet laughing.

“Who’s there?” I looked around. Nobody was there. Closing my eyes while walking I could feel footsteps to my right. As expected, Taylor stepped out from behind the bushes. You could see the hints of red paint on her sparkly dress.


“Oh, what do you want?” I rolled my eyes, “You want me to clean your dress for you?”  Instead of getting angry she simply sneered.

“Right. Let’s see how well that mouth of yours reacts after my boyfriend and his gang is through with you.” A tall, muscular teenager walks out with one boy by his side. I was surprised at his ‘gang’ when realization hit me a little too late. From behind me a punch struck my face. I was instantly knocked to the ground. Lucky me, I didn’t bring anything with me since it was my first day.


“Oh look at her face. The poor thing’s bleeding,” Taylor said in a mocking tone. Before I could react a kick hit me in the stomach. I groaned in pain. Fighting back tears I stood up face to face with a teen. His face was full of smirk. he pulled his arm back and threw it forward. On instinct, I raised my hand and caught his fist. His face was full of surprise when I twisted it until you could hear a crack and pushed it back at him. His broken arm hit him in the face knocking him backwards.

“Well, I guess you have a lot to learn about me, snob.” I smirked at her. Her shocked face quickly turned into a evil smile. I knew it was coming before it even hit. Without warning I ducked down low dodging another teen’s punch and whipping my leg out knocking him right off his feet with him falling onto the sidewalk head first.

The third one who I could tell got karate training but nearly not enough side kicked me. Or tried to. I grabbed his leg and threw it sideways. His ground foot slipped causing him to fall onto the ground. Not without a crack that came from his back of course.

“Hiyaaa!” The boy from Taylor’s boyfriend’s side came running with a hammer in hand. “I’m going to break. Your. Face.” He grinned.

“Oh sorry I think you're mistaken--you mean your face right? And that’s a rhetorical question.” I looked at Taylor with a smirk on my face as I said it.

With ease I slid to the left and pressed down hard on a pressure point in his shoulder making him drop the hammer. With no pause I didn’t hesitate on elbowing his side before raising my leg up and smashing it down on his tailbone. Crying out in pain he dropped onto the sidewalk.

My father was a FBI agent, what could I say?


“What-how-” Taylor’s face was priceless. It was my turn to smirk.

She was going to say something else but her boyfriend patted her arm lightly and said to her reassuringly, “Don’t worry baby. I’ll take care of this. Then we go get some ice cream.” I restrained a snort at that.

Taylor purred and stroked his arm. “Okay sweetie.” She smiled gleefully before letting him go. Her boyfriend walked over towards me rolling up his sleeves, revealing his strong muscles.

“You angered and humiliated my girlfriend. Now it’s my turn to humiliate you.”

“Cool.” I retorted back. “So how long did it take you to make that little speech?” I snorted in laughter, watching in amusement as he clenched his fists and teeth. “By the way, tell your rag doll that if I had a face as ugly as hers I’d sue my parents for giving me such a look.”

I could hear Taylor gasp behind him. “You think I’m deaf, retard?”

Then I gasped, as fake as her thick eyelashes. “Oh, I’m sorry! It’s just that, hm...I thought you were a fly.

Her boyfriend towered over me grinning maliciously. He easily beat me in height with 6’ 0” against 5’ 3” but I wasn’t going to be so easily overcome.  “Right. Save your breath.” He chuckled. Giving no warning he lashed out striking me in the face. Ouch. That one hurt. Hiding my discomfort I pretended to hunch over in pain.

“Not so tough are you now?” He smirked. I could hear Taylor laughing and videotaping the whole thing.

“Wait till my friends see this!” She shouted gleefully. I rolled my eyes. “Scratch that, the whole school!” Such a drama queen.

Not giving any hint I kneed her boyfriend in between the legs where I learned was a weak spot. As his right leg gave out temporarily I took the chance and elbowed him in the face, causing his nose to bleed. Without hesitation, I struck him in the temple, knocking him out cold.

“You’re friends really ARE going to love this, aren’t they?” I walked toward Taylor. “Give me that...” I took her phone from her shaking hands and sent the video she took to all her friends not including parents. It was a thing. No matter how much one person hated another, there was a natural pact of not letting anything get to the parents or the adults. I doubted the adults at the even school cared about the students.

Then as a bonus I posted it on Facebook. Within mere minutes there were over a thousand views. Satisfied I handed the phone back to Taylor.

“Well, it was nice meeting ya, see you tomorrow at art. Have a nice day!” I waved and ambled along the rest of the way home. Guess Kat was right. This could be the start of a revolution in Hollywood High. It was about time the ‘popular’ people were shown off their high horses and to the right place.

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