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I had not flown in about nine years and my first flight of that entire time was going to happen in 24 hours. I was going to be up thirty nine thousand feet. I didn’t know what to feel, so I felt a lot of things. Happy, scared, and excited mainly. I have always had a problem with heights, but I figured I would feel safe inside the plane. I figured. When I heard the engines come to life and roar I got really excited, but when we started going 180 miles per hour out of nowhere, I got super scared. I froze and instead of just closing my eyes and trying to take my mind off of it, I looked straight outside the window and saw my entire state turn into miniscule detail. It was beautiful but scary at the same time.

            Whenever the plane turned right hard, I felt a rush of adrenaline. To distract myself from it all, I put on my headphones and tried to sleep. About two hours later, we arrived at a small airport in New Orleans. We waited outside for a couple of minutes, then my mom’s friend Bob came and picked us up. He drove us to his house which is where we were going to stay and while on our way there, we discussed what the plan was and where we were going. I met his brother Billy. Soon after leaving our stuff in the house and going to our first place, she pulled me aside and talked to me for a little. “I don’t want to stay here” She says, “Why? What’s wrong?” I ask. “I don’t feel very safe here, not to mention Billy doesn’t want us here and he makes it obvious.” I accept and we book a hotel that night but we have to stay with Bob and Billy for the night.

            The next morning, we both got ready and headed out to get a taxi. The one time were waiting, no taxis show up. Twenty minutes pass and no taxis come by, another five pass and one passes by with a passenger already inside, or so we thought, and then when we were on the verge of giving up and calling it a day, the taxi that we called had called an hour before comes.

We went to the WWII museum and learnt a lot about what happened during World War II and talked to some veterans who lived through it all. Then grabbed some food at a diner, but after that the day was basically ruined and we went back to the hotel pretty disappointed.


            The next and final day of our trip, we went to and old fashioned restaurant and ate gumbo, shrimp etouffee (stew essentially), and a bunch of other traditional Louisiana foods. After that was over, we went to the hotel one last time, got our things together, and left for the airport. It’s pretty much straight forward from there. Got on the plane, landed in Miami, went home, and collapsed the moment we got there. That basically ended my trip. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad either. I expected it to be a lot smoother but we hit a couple bumps in the road. New Orleans is a beautiful place but always has the creepy vibe, especially at night. The amount of voodoo you see will scare you, but that’s just everyday life for them. New Orleans is always quiet, and it scares me at the same time it interests me. 

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