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What happened if you were all alone? My apprehension was always being alone, but I guessed I never would. That was until a sudden car crash killed my mother and father, but amazingly my baby brother Tommy only the age of 1 survived, barely clinging to life when they found him. The word quickly pervaded through our small town that Tommy was a miracle from heaven or something, but I knew the true story.

When Tommy was born one year ago I was twelve and waiting for the worst years of my life, really a baby!? As I was waiting in the waiting room I felt something truly and utterly lurid. As that almost tangible feeling began to leave the nurse got me, saying that Tommy “was here and healthy, as was my mom.” I entered with a superfluous feeling in the room and it did not feel lurid as it did before it felt melancholy. I looked at him my brother and I realized that he was not healthy he was dying. I was in a war of confusion, fighting for the answer, had the nursed lied to me? I looked closer and realized that she did not lie; she did not betray the truth. It was my parents using their gift as they called it to make it look like he was healthy. But as their daughter, I knew they were abusing their powers, and masking the truth. Then I was made to save him.

I was told at a young age that we had gifts, as they called it, my mother had the ability to know one's emotions, my father could mask the look of anything as he did to Tommy, and me I could heal anything, save anyone. I never did it though it felt unnecessary, unneeded. My parents always urged me to, they were desperate for me. More than yearning it they acted like I was a test patient that would not respond. Always making me use my gift, they would kill a bird and make me revive it. I would not let them do that to Tommy and that lurid feeling was a sign that I couldn't. So I did it I saved him, unknowingly putting him into to more danger.

It was an amazing year but also an apprehensive year. I saved Tommy many times when even as a two-month-old my parents would try to get his power out of him. Even though I hated my parents in ways I needed them to live. Still it was my fear to be alone without them, without Tommy. As Tommy’s birthday came to an end my parents wanted to take us to a nice restaurant, but I refused and told them to go without me, I could not watch them with Tommy, masking their ugliness. They grudgingly agreed and went without me.  That's when my life was changed forever.

I felt them, the whole way I felt them. When I felt a searing pain in my head were my parents had hit when I was young and would not use my gift, I realized they were in trouble, but I knew I could only save one. I was not powerful enough to save all of them. Just as the car hit the side railing of the street and started to spin I gave myself one exception to using my power on a human. When the debris was about to hit my little brother, the only reason I enjoyed my life, I saved him. But I killed my parents. I let them die. Me.

After that, all I remembered was getting that call and feeling the apprehension of being alone come to life.  As I rushed to the hospital with my bike, I had no car, and nobody to drive me. I was given the news of my parent’s death but was also given the sliver of hope with my brother’s survival. He made it, Tommy survived, but he could not survive with me.

    Now I live with guilt, anger, fear, and sadness. My parents died and they took him away, they took Tommy! I need him, and they took him but took me took me to a facility which they would not name. I guess I gave our secret up because they found my power and now I am labeled as extremely dangerous and Tommy is now known as the child from heaven. I don’t know and I guess I will never know how they found the power living in us, I pray that this power will never live in Tommy. I knew my power could be tangible, I just knew it but of course, I would never ask. Now I live in the apprehension from my childhood though I am still a child but I can’t be anymore, I have to be strong.

“Who are they?” My thoughts asked while spinning in my mind

They are powerful, resourceful, but pure evil. They took Tommy, they took me.  How, that was another question how did they take me, find me. Now I spend my days sitting in a room that is just white with the cameras that watch me all day.

“Help” I scream, surprise at the own anger of my voice.

“HELP” I scream louder than I have ever screamed in my life.

 It had been 13 days since I was taking here and I was starting to have my spark of madness ignite. As my scream slowly began to end I hear the door open, the door I had never seen before and I hear four single words, “we will help you”, then the door fully opens and I see my captors faces reviled.  I did not have time to process the situation as it began to unfold before my eyes. I did not get to see my parent’s faces as the look of death is placed in their eyes. I also did not hear them say for the second time “we will help you”.

Then darkness as they began to hook me up to a machine, I could not comprehend what was happening and that was killing me. The spark of madness that was beginning to ignite before was now a wildfire in my mind, and it exploded as I saw my life, Tommy.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING” I screamed so loud my own mind went on overload.

The response was said with bone-chilling coldness with fire threaded in their words, “We will save you, but first we need you, we need your gift”.

This time, I used my words without anger or screams that would kill my mind, I said my words word’s sadness, “why?”

“We need more power, more gifts”, they said it quick with a predictable response.

Something began to flicker I could save them, right? Maybe not just life, maybe I could save them from greed and madness. I could save Tommy if I saved them so I tried, I really tried using all of the energy the low energy I had due to the 2 bars a day for the past 13 days, but I tried. As I began to lift my hands I felt something incredible, almost lurid. I felt Tommy and I heard the low and shaky words of a little boy I heard: “Kaya”, I heard my name. Then I used my power and maybe that’s what changed everything, just maybe.

That day I saved my parents from greed and madness. I also saved Tommy from the greed and madness of my parents, but I saved something else that day, I saved myself from my own apprehension. That day all of our so called gifts went away, we were never able to use them again, but that did not matter. Because we now have each other, my family is now a family.

Tommy and I grew old, my parents did as well. My parents died of old age with everyone they loved, but Tommy and I still had decades before we would have to do that.

Tommy and I always lived by four words, “We love each other”.


The End