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     Confusion in the Blinds                                        




I was walking on the pavement rushing eagerly to get to my new job; I moved


from London, England and was now starting from zero in Washington, DC. I once was a coach


to many great football players who are now winning some World Cups but decided to take a


break and coach at a school. I applied to many jobs and I won the gold when I got hired at this


school, I was going to coach a girl’s football team at “Norman Middle School.”




“Hi welcome you must be Alexandra the new football coach,” said a voice coming from inside the gates of the school.




“Hello you must be the head master Lowe if I’m correct?”




“I am but please call me John, these groups of girls are amazing!” He happily said, “are you ready to coach them?”




“Yes I am, 100% ready!”




“Great, Great, I’m guessing you already have your plans so I won’t want to bother you with that, so I will just lead you to the football field.”






John led me to the football field; let me tell you I was very surprised, I saw these big


goals on each side like the shape of a U nothing like what we use in football and there were also


numbers all over the field. What was it?






“Excuse me John what are the big goals and the numbers on the field?”




“You must know right?”




“No,” I said as I shaked my head.




“I think you’re a little nervous, the water fountain is over there” he pointed “please it’s normal to be nervous for the first day of work.”




I went over to the water fountain and John wished me good luck with the girl’s. About 15 minutes later classes were in session and around 2:55 I saw the girl’s, all of them seemed very enthusiastic and happy. Suddenly it crossed my mind that here when you say football they mean American Football and soccer in the UK is football. Oh! How can I be so dumb I had nothing planned what do I do? I had to start so I did.






“Hello you girl’s must be the girl’s football team I'm Coach Alexandra,  so are you excited for the new season?”




They all nodded yes and I heard some claps coming from them.




“So what we are first going to do since most of us don’t know each other we are going to introduce ourselves!”




Time went fast because once we were done introducing ourselves it wasn’t even six


minutes into the class. I had to think of something to do so I told them I had to go to the loo but I


can tell they didn’t understand me so I corrected myself for the restroom. I watched a video that


had some warm-up exercises for American Football, it all didn’t seem so hard so I decided to try








“So everybody we are going to start with some basic warm-ups Rocky,” I remembered her name from when she was introducing herself, “you are going to throw this football as far as you can and I will catch it.”






           Okay I thought it was going to be easy! I think my conscience took away from my thinking and all I saw was a flash. Rocky threw it so far that my legs slowly started to wobble as the football was hurling towards me. I was so sure I was going to catch it, but it slipped out of my hands and I jumped back landing on it not seeing anything.




“Coach Alexandra! Are you okay?” The girls asked once my eyes started to open and see the light.




“Yes I’m okay I just didn’t warm up that’s all!” I said trying not to act like I was to hurt.




“What’s going on? Is everything okay?” That sounded like Mr. Lowe I couldn’t let him find out that I didn’t teach American football! He would fire me!




“Yes everything’s alright but can you please bring me an ice pack or something, please?”




After that incident Mr. Lowe asked me what happened and I told him he also had to cancel the girl's football practice for today, I was afraid that I was going to get fired because I didn’t want that on my permanent record, but I had to do what’s right. I couldn’t let this group of girls have a teacher inexperienced with American football. So I told him the truth even if that meant I would get fired, his face looked surprised but the outcome of the event was different from what I expected.






“Well you’re obviously not qualified to be an American football teacher, but you are for soccer


so I want to offer you a position,” Mr. Lowe said with a smile.




“Of course but you guys don’t have a soccer program here,” I answered back all confused.




“No but we can create one, so are you on board?”




“Yes I'm on board I would love to take the offer, thank you so much!”




“No problem you will be a great addition to Norman Middle School!” Mr. Lowe answered back.




After this little meeting in Mr. Lowe’s office I felt much better because the day


did start out with problems but at the end it all worked out. I did get the job I was meant for and


that was amazing but most of all I can’t wait to start. This is just the beginning and I thing I can describe this very special day as success at last.


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