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There once lived a man in the state of Nebraska named Robert he was medium sized, wore very short hair and was extremely outspoken.  He worked as a servant that was hired by a nearby farming family. Robert mostly feed the animals, flocked the sheep, watered the crops, cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family , and did anything else he was told to do by anyone who lived in the farm house. Overall Robert was severely underpaid, especially since he did a lot of work. He always wanted a job that paid him more money but could  never find one that did so he just stuck  to the  job he had working as a servant as long as he possibly could. It was the same drill every day for him; he would go to do his job for the day and walk home to his house that was a couple miles down the road. Around three am, that was when he mostly finished unless the family let him leave early which was very rare. Robert was very tired of his job and wanted to quite but he knew he couldn’t because he had no other choice.


That was until one very cold gloomy Monday night, when Robert just couldn’t fall asleep. So he sat on his old recliner that was passed on three generations throughout his family and turned on the television. As soon as he turned it on he noticed there was a talent show playing with many people of completely different ages and sizes where showing off their talents. Robert was amazingly fascinated as the talent show was ending and Robert was slowly falling asleep the talent shows coordinators announced they are holding another talent show next Wednesday at six o’clock PM. They also said the winner of the entire talent show would win thirty five thousand dollars. As soon as Robert heard the prize for the talent show he jumped out of his recliner with a gigantic smile on his face he was tremendously excited as he went to bed that night. The next morning Robert was thinking what act he was going to play as he rushed to work in a both happy and excited manner. After work at around three am he received a call from the talent show coordinators who then told him he was accepted Into the talent show he was very surprised Robert didn’t even know how they knew exactly who he was but instead he really didn’t care because it was a bit difficult to get in the commpetion. That night Robert was thinking what act he was going to do. After brainstorming what act he was going to preform he thought of writing a really good poem because he knew he liked writing a lot and he knew he was good at it. Robert loved writing throughout his childhood in fact he kept journals full of every little detail that was going on in his life and grew to be very good at it. After he knew what act he was going to preform he planned out how he was going to practice his act. Robert finally planned he would go to work practice writing a poem each day and go to sleep after.


After Robert working extra hard all week he finally came up with his final poem that he was about his current lifestyle  he thought it was very good and would win. It was the day of the talent show and Robert had everything sorted out he got the day off and had his poem ready. Right when he was going to leave his house and get going to the talent show he noticed the sky was dark grey and thought suspiciously was going on he thought it was going to be a storm so he quickly turned on the television and put on the weather channel as soon as he put on the weather channel he heard the weather man say there was a tornado watch and warned citizens to rush to a shelter. Robert was very scared he has been through many tornados before and he  knew for sure they were no good at all; so he locked his house and ran as fast as he could to the closest shelter. As he got to the shelter he saw how the weather was getting worse and worse he was even more terrified than he was at first so he ran into the second floor of the shelter building and hid under a couch and surrounded himself with lots of pillows. As he was hiding under the couch he heard a lot of children screaming and crying; their parents were trying to calm them down. All the commotion just made Robert more anxious. The winds were getting louder and louder.  As a matter of fact the lights went out.  Robert didn’t want to open his eyes,  He was just waiting for the tornado to come to an end because he knew it wasn’t going to last forever. He knew he was going to be safe because the shelter in was very strong. As the tornado was still going on he was thinking about all the damage that would happen to his house. Robert brainstormed what he was going to do without all his belongings. He didn’t know where he would live. He is loved by most people except his family. He didn’t have a good relationship with his family ever since they moved to Mississippi when he was eighteen; eleven years ago.  Robert’s family moved to Mississippi because of an opportunity his father heard of to get a better job. The eldest son who was Robert decided to stay in Nebraska. He always wanted to live on his own. He thought it would be a good experience for him in the long run. Life is hard, and now with thoughts of his house being blown away life would even be harder.


Suddenly the wind came to an end. Robert slowly came out from under the couch, dropped the pillows. Everyone seemed happy even though their houses would probably be blown away. The people were happy to be together in this small farming community, where they all knew each other. The shelter provides a bus to take the people back to their homes. All the homes were destroyed except for the farm house. The only things that were left at Robert’s home that could be saved was the old recliner, some clothes and a bunch of canned foods. Robert felt shocked and sad at the same time. As Robert walks back to the bus to take him back to the shelter for the night, the people he works for came driving with their pick-up trucks offering their help to anyone who needed it. They even offered Robert a place to live with them while he rebuilds his own home. This made him feel a lot better but not as good as if his home was still there were it had always been. Thanks to the people Robert works for he can finally rebuild a new home or decide to move back with his parents.

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