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Tara Holmes, a young adult girl in collegewas listening to music really loudly. “Tara!!! Can you please shut off that racket!  I’m trying to read!” her roommate Frida yelled as she walked into the room with a fashion magazine.  Tara paused the music.  “Ariana Grande my favorite singer,” she reminded.  

“Well, her songs shouldn’t exist!  No one in this apartment likes her but you!  This is bizarre!” Frida shouted.   

Tara made a face.  “Move out of the apartment then!” she grouched.

“You’re not the only one who lives here!  Get out of town!” Frida barked back.

Tara smiled and blamed the song at full volume to annoy her even more.  Straightaway, Frida had enough.  The woman rammed her roommate into the wall and took the disc out of the music station.  “What the heck are you doing with my favorite album?” Tara asked in a fright, but Frida neglected her.  She just snapped the disc in half and threw it out the window.  Frida felt a little bad about what she did, but she didn’t really care.

There were four other people in the flat, plus an alien: Madelyn, Mitch, Chuck, Luigi and Seth.  Seth, the alien gathered everyone up for a meeting.  “Friends!  Do you have any idea of where I am going to take you today?”  

“You are going to take yourself back to where you came from!” Luigi barked loudly without raising his hand.  He was diagnosed with depression and his attitude was always negative.   Madelyn loved Seth the most, and to make her roommate keep quiet, she grabbed his ear and tugged it. “Today, I am taking you to outer Space,” the alien declared.   

When the roommates heard that, everyone but Luigi started screaming and dancing and jumping like babies.  “LET’S A GO!!” the five fellows said.  “Okie Dokie!  Hey, Weegie, you’re coming along!” Seth voiced evilly.

“No!  I’m not going out into the cosmos!  Now can you please get your butt out of this apartment and go back to your galaxy, and never show your nose here ever again?” he cried, and then Tara pushed him down.  “Stop acting like a dope, I told you!” she yelled as she slapped him a few times.  “You ain’t my mother!  My mom wouldn’t even dare to hit me like this!” Luigi snapped, but Tara neglected him.    “Don’t pay attention to that wimp, Seth.  Mitch and I will just tie him up and force him to go,” she spoke happily, while Luigi ducked into a corner and moaned quietly.

While the alien led the roommates to the roof, and like Tara promised, she and Mitch tied Luigi’s hands with ropes and forced him up to the roof.

Seth had a helicopter as his Space shuttle.  His coworkers at his planet gave it to him as a birthday gift.

“Everybody stay seated until we exit the planet!” commanded Seth.  The roommates were sitting in frosty metal chairs.  “This is too frightening!  Get me outta here!” Luigi complained and tried to wiggle his hands out of the ropes.  

“Shut up and please stay tranquil and seated!  We will leave the planet in a minute!” Seth rejoined.  “Takeoff is in 3, 2, 1, blastoff!” he announced and turned on the helicopter.  The vehicle began to rise, and when it reached Earth’s orbit, Seth pressed a button, and the helicopter transferred into an actual Space Shuttle.  

Soon, the gravity disappeared and the roommates started floating.  “I’m a bird!” Chuck smiled and tried to fly like a hawk.

The space shuttle made its way a couple miles away from the Earth.  “Hey, what’s that?” asked Mitch and pointed at the window.  “Where?” asked Seth and stopped.  “Oooh!  It’s one of those transmogrifiers!  I have no clue how to use them.  We can stop here and test it,” the alien suggested.  

“Luigi, go get the transmogrifier,” Chuck ordered.  But Luigi shook his head no: “If you’re gonna be a buttface, go get it yourself!” Chuck swam in the air over to the door and opened it.  Tara put a glass helmet and a Space suit on Luigi and kicked him out into the cosmos.

“Wow!  I can fly!  This is exactly like Super Mario Galaxy!” yelled Luigi and tried to swim in the black wallpaper full of stars.

When the man finally reached the floating transmogrifier, he grabbed it and waved.  Seth saw him from the ship and pressed a button.  Suddenly, a door opened and a manipulator came out.  It was shaped like a hand.  “Hi.  My name is ROBOT-64.  What can I do to help you?” the manipulator asked as it reached the area where Luigi was.  “Can you please take me back to that spaceship?” the man told the robot.  “Okay.  I will do that,” answered ROBOT-64.  The manipulator held out its hand.  “Hop on and be careful.  Hold on tight,” ordered ROBOT-64.  Luigi grabbed the manipulator’s finger and held it as tight as possible.  “Are you ready?” ROBOT-64 asked.  Luigi nodded breakneck.  

After Luigi’s answer, the robot zoomed back to the spaceship.  “Don’t leave your equipment on board,” the manipulator reminded as Luigi got off.  The man snached the transmogrifier, thanked ROBOT-64 and went back inside.

Seth set the transmogrifier on the table.  He typed a code into his computer to turn on the gravity in the ship.  “Alrighty!  Mitch!  Madelyn!  Frida!  Chuck!  Tara!  Luigi!  Come help me observe this baby!” the alien called.

Seth and the roommates tried everything to work the transmogrifier.  They pressed every button, but nothing worked.  “It’s splintered!” Chuck complained.  “Hold on!” yelled Seth and dashed back to his computer to look up codes.  “Seth!  It’s idle!  Let’s just go for a star walk instead!”  suggested Madelyn.  “I agree!  That’s more amusement than trying to observe broken junk,” Tara agreed.  

Seth did a sigh.  He seemed like he was annoyed.  “Okay, hippies!  Let’s do it!” he growled.

Luigi stayed in the shuttle.  “Hey, no one ever noticed this button!” he gasped.  “What does it do?” the man wondered and pressed it.  All of a sudden, a ray pointed at Luigi and the system did some alien sounds.  “Boy, what’s h-happening to me!  I feel weird!  M-mama Mia!” he stunted.

Then...BAM!  The thing happened.  There he was, Luigi Broadway, standing on the floor.  Everything suddenly increased; the walls expanded, the ceiling rose really high into the air.  “OMG!  WOW!  I’m small!  Yahoo!  I’m just like Thumbelina!  Or a germ!” Luigi yelled of excitement.  All of a sudden, he saw a whole colony of immense green, slimy, icky cucumber things, worms, beans and spheres with sticks.  “Yuck!  Ew!  Microbes!  Germs!  Ew!  I can get infected like this!” Luigi gasped and jumped into the air.  Even though Seth turned on the gravity, Luigi was microscopic size and he was able to float.

Suddenly, Tara went into the space shuttle.  “What the heck happened here?  And where on earth is Luigi?” she said nervously and turned her head left and right riskly.  “Whatever!  Luigi is a stupid derp anyway,” she calmly pronounced as the rest of the roommates and Seth returned from the space walk.

At that time, Luigi was trying to hide from the microbes.  “This is so petrifying!  I want to be normal size again!” the man complained.  “Oh, lord!  No!  Mitch!  Quit!  Wash it up first, it’s all covered in microbes!” screamed Luigi and floated up to Mitch.  He was putting contact lens in his eyes.  “Oh no, Mitch, you’re gonna get indisposed!” Luigi gasped as Mitch’s dirty finger with the contact len on it passed by.  Microbes were dancing and partying on Mitch’s contact.

“Seth!  We lost Luigi!” Madelyn panicked and dashed to the alien.  “He’s just trying to play hide and seek,” mumbled Seth.  Madelyn was shocked.  “No, no!  This isn’t a joking matter!  What if he’s injured or dead?  He might’ve got infected!  We have to find him!”

Luigi overheard that conversation.  “She cares about me after all!” he gasped and tried to smile.  Imagine, but this man didn’t know how to smile.

Seth glided over to the transmogrifier on the table.  Chuck, Madelyn, Mitch, Tara and Frida circled around the table along with the alien.  “Maybe Luigi did something on here while we were gone,” shared Frida.  “Hey!  What’s that mushroomy toadstool button?” gasped Chuck and pointed.  “Excuse me?” yelled Seth and grabbed the transmogrifier.  “I never noticed this before,” he whispered and laid his finger on it.  “NO!! SETH!! Don’t press it!  What if it’s deadly?!!” screamed Tara as she covered her head.  Then the rest of the roommates did the same.  “I don’t want to die!” Madelyn cried.  But Seth ignored Tara and pressed the button.  A ray appeared and pointed the opposite direction.  After two seconds, Luigi appeared.  “Whup-ah!” he mumbled as he stood up.

The roommates and Seth just stared at the man with their mouths wide open.  “Welcome home,” teased Tara.  “Where were you the whole time?” Madelyn asked rudely.  “You don’t even know what it feels like to be microscopic size!  I was so petrified of the revolting microbes; they were slimy cucumbers and white worms!  It was so creepy, but so cool!  No one has ever seen a real world of germs like I did!” Luigi described.  The roommates could tell that he was serious.  “By the way, Mitch, did you wash your hands before putting contacts in your eyes?” he asked, turning to Mitch and pointing his finger at him.  Slowly, Mitch shook his head.  “You know the microbes were partying on your hands and contacts?  They were dancing on there like crazy!  Boy, if you only saw it!  I bet that will make you wash up more often!  You’re just like a pig!” Luigi finally voiced.  

Chuck, Frida, Mitch, Tara and Madelyn just stared at Luigi.  “Get in your seats, passengers!  We’re going home.  This time, I’m gonna go extra faster,” Seth ordered.  “Do you even have enough fuel?” asked Chuck as he slid into the frosty seat.  Seth laughed loudly.  “How can you ask such a dumb question?  Boy, people are so weird!  My vehicle doesn’t need any fuel.  It works on batteries only,”

“Whatever!  Do you have enough power?” Chuck inquired again.  Seth started up the shuttle and turned it around.  “At my home, on my planet Ninega, my two best bros and coworkers Zak, Peter Pingas and I made this batteries with endless power.  Boy, do I miss them!  They’re so amazing, just like me,” he explained.  “Do you have a family?” Frida wondered.  “Yes.  I have a wife named Beth and 8 kids: Jordan, Yolo, Chaos (CH-aos), Galaxy, Grant, Nica, Moon, and Plums,” the alien listed and pressed a button.  A screen appeared with a photo.  “This is my family,” Seth explained and pushed another button.  A picture of a boy appeared.  The boy had no hair, he wore a long shirt and no shoes.  He had upside down triangle eyes and a miniature mouth.  “This is Jordan, my oldest child.  He’s 12 in Earth years,”

“How old is he in Space years?” asked Chuck.

“You wouldn’t understand.  It’s an immense number that you don’t know of,” Seth sighed and showed another picture of two boy aliens.  “These are my identical twin sons, Yolo and Chaos.  Both 10 in Earth years,”

“Your children are so appealing!  I’d love to meet them!” squealed Madelyn.  “Move on, Seth!” ordered Tara.  “And this is Grant and Moon.  Grant’s my youngest son, he’s 6 in Earth years, and Moon is my second youngest daughter, she’s 2 in Earth years.”  

“If Frida never asked you, we would never have found this out,” Mitch chuckled.   “Now, this is my daughter Nica that’s 4 with my youngest child Plums that’s only 5 months,” Seth explained as his cheeks turned red.  “That’s Galaxy, my oldest daughter.  Eight years old,”  “In Earth years, right?” Mitch barked.  “Duh, in Earth years.  And this,” Seth continued, pressing a button, “is Bethy.  My wife,”

The alien blew a kiss to the photo; he hasn’t seen her in so long.  Beth had very long hair and a short dress. “Your wife is pretty cute!  If I wasn’t a human, I’d marry her, too!” Mitch blurted out.  “Shut up before I stab you!” Madelyn yelled.  

But Seth didn’t even know what was going on; he was too busy staring at the photograph of his wife.

After the photographs, Seth continued the way back to Earth.  Luigi was playing on his system while the others were having a conversation about Seth’s family.


When the space shuttle reached Earth’s orbit, the alien pushed a button and the shuttle became the helicopter again.  “You should take us to Space again!” smiled Chuck.  “I sure will!” Seth replied and started to make the landing.


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