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As I sat in Interrogation room B, I heard some noises and the door opened. In came a man with the darkest sunglasses I had ever seen along with a fresh suit. He sat down, obviously he wanted to get right to business.

“Where were you the night of April 19th?” he asked

“I was at my son’s 5th birthday party then I…”

“You don’t remember anything, do you?” he asked, a little more concern in his voice. This seemed like it was a big deal but I honestly had no idea what happened last night.

“We will look into this, but we have a concern that you might need to be put into witness protection.”

“Why?” I asked, my voice was trembling from fear. I didn’t want to know the answer but the words kind of just slipped out of my mouth.

“Well, we can’t answer that question because we don’t know the whole story,” he said. I knew he was worried for my safety as was I, I wonder how my wife would think of this.

As I left the police station, I walked out to the parking lot to see my lime green aston martin sitting there, except the side mirrors were smashed, the front window had a rock stuck in it, and all my windows had red x’s spray painted on them.

Uh oh, I thought, I must’ve done something bad last night…

I rushed back into the police station as fast as I could.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” I was panting and I was about to start crying

“What, what?!” the police were asking frantically

“Come to the parking lot, please, please and you will understand”

We walked out, well they walked out, I was running and screaming and on the verge of a breakdown. Actually, I already had my breakdown. I knew I needed witness protection, someone was out to kill me and I had no idea why. I knew I did something and I really wanted to know what.

“Ok, Mr. Johnson we are going to need you to come inside. We will fill you in on everything we think happened last night.”

I felt a rush of cold air but there was no wind, I had a sudden moment of warmth but then I was cold. The air was nice but not warm, chilly but not cold. It was one of those days that you might see in a movie where people are wearing sweaters and not jackets.

The cops walked me inside, while I was still in shock from the damage insued on my car. I was in so much shock I could barely walk.

I sat down in the room and the police started filling me in on what happened.

“We received an anonymous call that someone would die last night at a specific location, at first we thought it might have been a prank but a threat that big isn’t something you don’t look into. So we go down to the address and it is a warehouse by the ocean. There was a dead body and you were there, everyone else had fled. We could tell there were other people there because there were multiple pairs of footsteps leading away from the warehouse. We think you might have done something to whoever killed the man such as record the killing.”

I was shocked at this very compelling news to make me think I was I could be in a lot of trouble but I didn’t know how much.


About a hour later I walked onto my front porch I saw an envelope. I walked up my porch slowly and reached down to grab the parchment envelope. I opened it, inside were pictures of my wife and my two kids tied to posts with red x’s covering the pictures and guns at their heads!

“Oh my gosh!!” I screamed, I ran down the porch and got into my super beat up aston martin. I sped down to the police station, I jumped out of my car in front of the station and ran in. I was panting and the police were asking me what I was saying.

“Uh… m.. my… family is… in danger…”

“What?! What do you mean in danger?”

I handed over the parcel with the photos in it, they opened it fast and took out the photos. They looked like they had seen a ghost.

“Ok mr. Johnson, we’re going to need you to calm down.”

“Calm down? Calm down?! Do you not see those photos, those are my kids and my wife going to get killed, and you expect me to calm down?!”

“We understand your worry, and we are going to help. But right now we need you to calm down so we can talk to you,” he said with a surprisingly calm voice.

Next thing I knew I was on the floor, blacked out. I woke up about an hour later, well atleast I think an hour. The police told me I had actually been like this for at least 8 hours, I was shocked. In lots of ways I was shocked, I was shocked that I was out cold for that long, I was shocked the photos had happened, and I was shocked about the vandalism insued on my aston martin. I had no idea what else happened last night and I honestly didn’t want to know because I was scared it would make me to afraid to scared to ever leave my house, and that’s not the life I want to live. I want to be able to leave my house and not worry about getting killed.

I wanted witness protection, but I also wanted to live free. Not always being surveyed by the police. I regret what I did last night. Even if I don’t know fully what I did I’m pretty sure I'll still regret it.


The police are worried for me and I could tell. I was outside sitting on a ledge with my head in my hands. I looked up and saw them staring out the window at me, immediately after they saw me look at them they turned away and pretended like they had been talking the entire time but I knew they hadn’t. I got in my car and drove to a nearby gas station. I wasn’t going to get gas but I really needed something to get this off my mind, I went into the store and went to the chip aisle. I got some flamin hot cheetos and I walked to the drink aisle and got a cherry coke.

I walked up to the front checkout and put my stuff on the counter

“That will be 3.79 please,” she said, sounding like a drone. I handed her the money.

“Your change is 1.21,” she handed me the one dollar bill with some coins.

“Thank you, have a nice day!” I said. She didn’t respond. I walked out to my car and got in. I drove home just thinking about my nice comfortable couch in front of my T.V where I could forget everything for the 42 minutes of psych. Psych is my favorite show, it’s about a guy with a good observant eye who pretends to be a psychic detective. He opened a psychic detective agency and helps solve cases with the SBPD (Santa Barbara Police Department). I lived in Los Angeles and I have been to Santa Barabara a few times on business and for vacation with my family.

Right now I didn’t want to think about my family and the pictures with the red x’s. I knew what that meant, the police didn’t have to tell me because that was the sign the sign for killing. I really needed to get my mind off my family and back onto psych. This episode was about Shawn, Gus, Woody, and Lassy going to a bar for a cop’s retirement party. They got all drunk and drugged by someone and they woke up the next morning remembering nothing of the night before. Turns out they had been drugged by a world class criminal trying to get Gus’s phone because there were pictures of the criminal on the phone. As they try to uncover the mystery of the night before they learned about a lot of stuff that had happened the night before.

As the ending credits started rolling down the 52” hd t.v, my mind was back on my family. I needed to find out who I was dealing with so I could contact him and ask what I need to do to get my family back. I knew I wouldn’t get them all back in one big group and I knew who I would get first. I would get my youngest son, Jameson, who was 5. Next I would get my daughter Rebecca, who was 13. Next I would get my wife, I knew she could handle herself so I would leave her to get last.

Without hesitation I walked outside and got into my beaten up car. I drove down to the police station and parked my car then walked into the station without a break in my strong stride.

“I would like to talk to the chief,” I said, staring at the woman at the desk

“I’m afraid you can’t do that, he is dealing with a kidnapping of a man’s children and his wife”

“Well I’m afraid you're talking to that man right now,” I said with a smile.

“Oh, ok go right in”

I walked into the chiefs office and sat down before he could even say a word.

“Who kidnapped my family?”

“We don’t actuall-”

“Who kidnapped my family?” I had cut him off and I could tell he wasn't happy with what I just did. I wasn’t leaving this station until I had the name of the person and a way to get in contact with them. “I want to negotiate a trade, I'll give him what he wants, If i get my family back”

The chief stared at me with an astonished face, he took a piece of paper off his desk and handed it to me. I flipped it over and it was a note, it read:

First off I need the camera, then I would like 500,000$ for each family member he would like to get back.

“500,000$?!” I asked, very loudly

“Yes indeed. We can pay at least 100,000$ for each person but you will need to reach into your bank account for most of this”


I walked out of the station after telling the chief my plan of which family members to get out first. He told me he would talk to the kidnapper, who we still don’t know who it is, and then after he negotiates a deal he said he would call me to tell me the plan of action.

I got a call later that day from the police station. I picked up

“Hello, so we negotiated with the kidnapper and he said if you bring the camera and 200,000 dollars he would let out your youngest son.”

“I don't know what camera this person is talking about. I’ll look around my house but I'm pretty sure I don't have it”

“Ok, thank you. Come down to the station if you find the camera”

I hung up and immediately started rummaging through some family drawers. I caught a glimpse of something that looked like a camera so I reached into the pile of crap and pulled it out. It was a camera. I looked at the recent videos/pictures. All it had were pictures of when me and my family went on vacation to mexico.

After going through lots more piles of random toys and books and halloween costumes. I found another camera. This one looked like it had something suspicious on it, by looking at the most recent camera activity. I played it and what I saw was not good. It was two men arguing but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. It got heated quickly and one pulled out a gun. I heard a loud “Bang” and the body crippled to the ground.

I rushed outside and got into my car then drove down to the police station. I barged into the door and walked straight to the chiefs office. I shoved the camera down onto his desk.

“This is the one?” He asked.

“Yes, well at least I'm pretty sure.”

After about an hour of negotiating with the chief and calls to the kidnapper, we figured out something that we could do. At 6:30 we would meet behind the LA Dodgers  stadium in a alleyway.


As I walked down the alleyway, with two policeman beside me with lots behind the cars they had parked. I saw a man walking down the other side, holding my son. We met about 10 feet apart around the middle of the alleyway.

“Money and camera” The man said with a very deep voice. He had two men beside him with big guns.

“Give me my son.”

“After you give me the camera and the money.”

I handed them to the policeman next to me because they wouldn’t let me get close to them. He walked up and what I saw was astonishing. The kidnapper pulled out a gun and shot the policeman straight in the heart.

“Get Back!!!!!” The policeman yelled. I ran as fast as I could behind the police cars as about 10 cop’s rose up, firing heavily on the kidnapper.

“Don't shoot my son!” I yelled

They hit the kidnapper in the shoulder and he let go of my son.

“Jameson! Come this way!” I was screaming. My son ran as fast as he could, which was a lot faster than I expected, straight to me. The gunfire stopped and the kidnappers men retreated. I was holding my son tighter than I ever had held anyone before, and right then and there, I didn’t want to let go.


“We will get the rest of your family, don't worry,” said the chief

“I really hope you can,” but what would happen next, would change my life forever.


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