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Princess and a General


Section One

In a land far away, there was a tall man who was a famous soldier.  His name was Captain Mighty the General. He was tall, thin, and twenty years old. He was very strong and liked to wear a pink baseball cap. Even though he was a soldier he was very nice. But he had a strict side too.


Captain Mighty the General was known by his initials: CMG. He was the principal of the Denver Middle School (DMS). He was the boss of almost everything at that school.

It was a very special law in this kingdom that kids older than 10 did not have to go to school if they didn’t want to. Except at his middle school CMG had the power to make them go. There was one thing that he didn’t control:lunchtime.


Section Two           

In Denver Middle School there was a beautiful princess named Gia Hoover, also known as PGH.  She had curly red hair and she was very tall. She liked to wear a dress and a light red crown that stuck to her hair like glue or frosting.  PGH was twelve years old. The Princess’s family hired CMG to work as a principal at the school and to guard PGH.


CMG answered, ”Yes you have to.”

CMG put her in a big doggy carrier -- a plastic crate with metal bars.

He said, “Here is the place that you must be for four hours unless you go to school.”

The Princess decided to go to Denver Middle School.

At school, Princess Gia was The Captain’s assistant who made things neat and organized.  He wanted the school to be just his way.

One day, The Captain said, ”In ten minutes the school must be neat or you will have to give me ten push ups.”

The Princess cleaned the whiteboard and took out the trash and got the school very clean.  She did not have to do ten pushups.

”Phew,” she said.  


            Section Three

Princess Hoover’s friend was named Lea Bardwell Smith (LBS). Lea’s arms looked like spaghetti. She had blonde hair and she was eleven years old.  Gia and Lea both went to Denver Middle School.  Lea had a problem:  she swore.  Her teacher caught her at this every once in awhile.

One day Lea’s dog ate her essay.  

She said, ”Vruity.”

The teacher didn’t care the first time but then Lea said it again.  The teacher took her to see CMG.

The teacher told the CMG, “Lea said ‘vruity.’”

CMG was puzzled.  He didn’t know what the word meant.  He thought it might mean something much worse than the usual swear words. CMG decided Lea should be punished by missing one hour of Education.  Lea thought it was a dreadful idea. But she had to do it because CMG was THE BOSS.

Lea had to sit outside the CMG’s office.  The only thing that she had was a book to read and a math book with problems to do.  Lea had no electronics, no candy, and no gum. But she did sneak a coloring book past CMG.

Section Four

Lea and Gia were best friends.  On weekends,they did many things together.  Sometimes they went shopping at the Giant Rose Mall. One weekend they went on an expedition to find a case for Gia’s iPod 6. PGH wanted a case that was colorful and edible.  They arrived at the Mall WAY too early.  The friends didn’t like to wait for 10 minutes. They started to count down minutes and they stared at the closed doors.   It opened at

8:00 am and it closed at 9:00 pm.  

Lea said, ”You’re a princess you should be able to open the mall just this once.”  

At 8:00 the doors opened.  They got an iPod case that was blue and tasted like french fries.


Section Five

The CMG and the Princess were very nice to each other but sometimes they did not get along. One very odd day, The Princess woke up on the wrong side of her princess-sized bed. CMG came to wake up Princess Gia Hoover and she was very cranky.

PGH said, ”Take me to the mall right this instant.”

CMG said, ”I don’t want to go, but if you insist then we will.”

The Princess did insist.  She was so eager to go that she didn’t eat her morning meal.

They drove in a horse drawn carriage.  The horses were huge percherons with bells that hung from their neck terrets. They parked right next to a jewelry store at the Mall.

Princess Gia Hoover wanted to get her ears pierced. But she knew her parents and CMG would not be okay with this.


But she went ahead and did it anyway. CMG had to fill out a form.  PGH signed the form as well.  She sat in a tall yellow golden chair. The ear piercing person stood next to her and explained everything that she must do to keep her ears healthy.

“When you get home, you should wear the earrings in your ears all the time.  NEVER TAKE THEM OUT.  Except to take a shower.

The ear piercer asked, ”How many ears do you want pierced?”  

PGH answered, ”Two please.”

The ear piercer poked a small needle in PGH’s ear and in a few minutes it was finished.  

CMG was not happy to see what the Princess had done.

He said very angrily, ”How dare you do this!”

They left the jewelry store. CMG was very fed up.

He said, ”Well, whatever.  She isn’t perfect all the time.“

But CMG was very kind to her after all. The Captain forgot about the last hour, and didn’t ignore PGH completely.  She rode in the horse carriage that the CMG drove.

On the way home CMG said, ”Do you want ice cream cone or something else?”

PGH answered, ”Yes I would. I would like two things.  An ice cream cone and a fruity roseberry milkshake with neapolitan ice cream.”


Section Six

After eating the ice cream treats, CMG dropped her off at the house of her parents, King Willy and Queen Willow.  Queen Willow came in the room and saw PGH’s ears.

Her parents were not happy to see what PGH had done.

Queen Willow said, ”Oh my goodness gracious!  You little child -- what have you done?”

She glared at PGH and said, ”I NEVER SAID YOU COULD DO THIS.”

PGH said, ”I am so sorry.  I apologize for doing this.”

Then King Willy said, ”Go to your room and sit in there for one minute to think about this.”

The King and the Queen went to CMG’s office in the castle.  The King knocked on the door.  

CMG said “Who is it?”

The father said, ”It is I the mighty King and next to me is my beautiful wife.” (Noticing his wife.)

CMG said, ”You may come in. PLEASE tell me why exactly you are here to speak with me.”

The Queen said, ”I am here because you spoiled my little child who has gotten holes in her ears.”

CMG said, ”I couldn’t keep her from doing this. She asked and I HAD TO SAY YES.  I am the boss of her at school, but I am not the boss of her anywhere else.”

King Willy said, ”I have never been able to boss her around myself.”

Queen Willow agreed.  She said, ”I will probably get used to those bad earrings on my princess.”


Section Seven

The next day everything was back to normal.  PGH was very pleased.  There were no more wip waps.  No one caused trouble anymore about her ears.

That Friday, Captain Mighty the General got a great idea.  He went to the Mall and got his own ears pierced just like PGH.

Everything got resolved and worked out. PGH had gotten her way at the mall and CMG, with his new earrings, was still the king of the school.

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