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Where am I? Did I die? Am I asleep? No. No. No. I can’t be. What if I am dead and I can’t feel anything? I’m probably paralyzed. Wait a minute if i was dead i wouldn’t be talking to myself. Let me just try to get u-.

“Did you get her like you were supposed to you idio- for godsakes she looks dead. DID YOU KILL HER TWERP?!” “No I did not kill her she’s just faking, she’s a little faker.” I hear voices. One voice is very loud like a booming voice of thunder. The other is nasty, almost as if he needs to clear his throat a lot. Wait, I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED! but I can’t move to make a break for it. I should try to scream maybe someone will hear me and maybe no one will.

“Lift her up we need to go, HURRY UP NO TIME MUST BE WASTED!” I hear footsteps coming hear me. I wish they just go away and not come any closer. I feel someone grab my arm, lifts me up bringing shock up my spine. It hurt when he did that, it felt like someone broke my spine in a million pieces. Then I would definitely be paralyzed for sure. “Will you stand up little girl, geez for a girl like you you’re really heavy.” Did he just call me heavy as in fat?! I tried to lift my arm but I was useless. I only managed to say one word. “Help.”

“HURRY UP YOU’RE WASTING PRECIOUS TIME!” “I’m coming boss, it’s just she won’t walk. It’s like she’s paralyzed for some darn reason.” “PICK HER UP OVER YOUR SHOULDERS AND THROW HER IN THE BACK SEAT, MAYBE THAT WILL WAKE HER UP! THINK YOU IDIOT!” “Fine.” He throws me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. My arms, my legs, my entire body aches in pain. Once again I tried to move but nothing, nothing is happening.

Oh no there’s a truck and he’s going closer, maybe i should move this time. Third time's the charm, my mother used to say that all the time to me. Wait I can’t think of my mother now I have to think of myself. “Put her in the back seat we need to go see the real boss.” The real boss?! This can’t be happening to me right now! I’m just dreaming right or maybe I never was?

One bump, two bumps, when will this stupid road end it’s been forever since I’ve been in this truck. “Are we there yet boss? It’s been a long time.” “You’ve been on this car ride before you became a demon.” DEMON!?!! I’M IN A TRUCK WITH A DEMON?! Ok. ok. Calm down I’ll be fine. I just won’t wake up even if I’m already awake. Another bump really? Breathe let me just try to wake up, WAKE UP! One of my eyes open, then the other. Yes, I’m awake. It’s the afternoon right now. How long was I out for? Probably like two hours or more. “WATCH OUT BOSS YOU’RE GOING TO HIT THAT TREE!” Then I’m out again.

Where am I? Am I with that new boss or those creeps? Maybe I’m dead. Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP! “This room, it’s really dark, I should find an exit.” “Where are you going little girl, we are not done yet with this meeting.” Then I hear it. A loud but soft, sweet voice talking to me. “I-I was just getting water, if you don’t mind I would like some water please.” “Liar, I know you’re lying to me. I can read your thoughts.” Read my thoughts? I can’t believe what I did but I did it. I turned around to get a look at this guy and why we were having a meeting. “Good you faced me, now will you sit down. I will get your water.” “Yeah good luck with that when I make a break for it, you can’t keep me here forever!” “Watch me.” I looked in his eyes they were soft as silk and calm as the ocean. Maybe this guy isn’t that bad. “I will scream on the top of my lungs if you don’t let me go.” “Go ahead.” Why is he so calm? Wait he can read my thoughts. I need to stop talking to myself. “What do you want from me?” “I want you sweetie.” “I’m sorry I’m confused.” “I’ll say it slower. I..want..yo-.” “YEAH I heard what you said, but why me? Out of all the other girls in the world, why did you choose me?” “Because you’re perfect for this mission I am doing.” “MISSION?” “Yes mission, did I stutter?.” “Yeah you did actually, now where's my water?” All of a sudden his eyes turned really pink and a beam came out grabbing onto a glass of water. I was so shocked that I kept looking at the glass and back at him. “H-How did you do that?” “I have powers, which you’re going to be receiving as well.” “Powers?!” “Yes, powers.” “So I’m going to be an angel?” “Something like that.” As he said that he smirks and disappears into the darkness.

I scream as someone grabs me by the arm and pulls me. I kick, twist, punch anything I can do. “Will you stop it darling, I’m bringing you to your room.” “LET ME GO!” “After I bring you to your room, sweetie.” “STOP CALLING ME THAT!” “What do you want me to call you?” “This!” I punch him in the stomach and run as fast as I can, but I am immediately fall to the ground. “You shouldn’t have done that!” He throws me over his shoulders and starts to walk toward a long, narrow hallway. “Here’s your room. Now get dressed and come down to the dining room, ok?” “Whatever.” Before I knew it, he grabs my cheek and kisses it, disappearing down the hall.

“Oh no I’m going to be late!” “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” I look down to see a shadow, then I look up to see a ghost. I scream, but the ghost covers my mouth. “Shhh stop screaming!” “Fine just let me go, who are you? What is your name?” “Sadly I can not say, but I’m here as your companion.” “My companion?” “Yes I am.” “Why?” As I say that a crash is heard and she disappears, but that doesn’t stop me from following.

“What is this place?” “It’s the dining room. You made it.” “Oh my goodness you scared me ghost.” “Sorry, I’m just not used to people, real people being here.” “What do you mean?” “I mean there’s not a lot of people who come here rarely, I should say.” “Oh. Isn’t that a good thing?” “I guess so.” “So, where should we go to meet this guy?” “We?” “Yes, we. Aren’t you coming with me?” “Sure.” “Sure?” “Yes, I’ll come with you, but you won’t be able to see me.” Why not?” “Because I can’t be seen by the boss.” “How come?” “Why do you ask so many questions?” “Because I’m still trying to figure out where I am.” “Sorry, I forgot.” I hear loud footsteps coming down from the hallway. It was him the “boss”. He came and took a seat right next to me whispering in my ear something I never wanted to hear again.  

“Hello there cutie, you look beautiful in that dress. Did you pick it out for me because you do like me after all.” He smiles and looks at me to respond, but I have nothing to say. “Not in the mood to talk eh? Well if you don't talk I will.” He puts his hand on my leg and looks at me once again. “Aren’t you going to move little girl?” “Get your hand off of me or I will murder you right here, right now!” “Oh no that’s not how you talk to your boss.” “You’re not my boss nor will you ever be!” He looks at me and bites his lip like he was holding back from yelling at me. “Why are you biting your lip, waiting for me to respon-” He did something so rash, I could have punched him, but I didn’t have any thought of what was going on to do that.

He kisses me, slow and passionate, he looks up to see me blushing and I look away. “Aw the little girl is blushing, what a doll.” “You have other nicknames now?” “I always did.” “Moving on, why did you bring me here?” “I brought you here to talk to you about your powers and what your form is going to be.” I felt something cold on my shoulder, but it was just ghost sitting on it. I felt a lot better with her there. “Ok then talk, I'm waiting.” “Would you rather be an angel or a devil. These two come with powers and customized wings just for you. I’m not holding back, but just to let you know you can have either one or even both. When you get mad you can become the devil, when you become calm and quiet you can become the angel.” I thought about it, but what if he’s just using me to be his lover or maybe not.

“Have you made a decision yet sweetie?” “I’m thinking, will you just hold up.” “Alright, alright. Take all the time you need.” “Thank you.” As I say that he puts his hand on my leg again and looks at me with puppy eyes. Ghost whispered something in my ear and I started to giggle. “What are you giggling at dear?” “Uh...nothing of your concern.” “Tell me, or you’ll be in timeout.” “Timeout?! I’m not a little kid! What is wrong with you!” My face became red and felt warm. I stood up running out the room crying without looking back.

I cried and cried in my room. Ghost was trying to cheer me by making funny faces. I only laughed once, but that was only because she farted ghost bubbles. “I wish people would stop calling me a little girl or a little kid.” “They will stop eventually. Until you stop looking like you're bothered from it, the less they will call you names. I promise you that and I never break my promises.” She smiles a gentle smile and then disappears from a knocking on the door. “Hey um are you ok?” “Leave me alone!” “I’m not going to leave you alone, I care about you and that’s not going to change.” “I said LEAVE ME ALONE!” He swings the door open and walks toward me looking upset. He raises his voice that I jump a little “I will not leave you alone. Whether you like it or not! Do I make myself clear!?” Ghost taps my shoulder telling me that she needs to go. “Yes.” “Yes what?” “Yes, I understand sir.” “Good. now you need to go bed in ten minutes and no later okay?” “Okay.” He leaves the room mumbling to himself.

I fall asleep and am immediately woken up by me screaming. A nightmare. I had a nightmare. I hear running footsteps coming closer to my door and I cover my eyes crying. It was him. “Are you okay?” He’s standing at my doorway with boxers on. I couldn’t help it, but to look at his abs. “What are you looking at?” “N-Nothing, nothing at all.” He looks down and notices he has boxers and no shirt on. He smiles and looks back up at me. “Oh, you were looking at me. Weren’t you?” “No I was not.” “Mhm yeah whatever you say.” He starts walking out the room and I couldn’t let him go not like this. “Wait, can you lay down with me so I can fall asleep please?” He smiles and walks towards my bed and crawls in next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I cuddle into his chest like a puppy. I slowly start to fall asleep when I feel his hand on my back pulling me closer to him. I felt safer when he was here with me, I felt like he will always be there for me no matter what. “Goodnight princess.” But I was already asleep in his arms.


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