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I saw the headlights coming right at us. We were having a great time, my feet were out the window and the music was loud when I felt the impact. It felt like my whole body was being ripped apart.  I looked over and saw her, she was crushed.  I reached for  my phone but by the time the ambulance came she was barely breathing.  I felt really sick and I could barely keep my eyes open and then it all went black.  Waking up in my room, it all comes rushing back.  I smell her on the blankets, because I stole them from her room.  I feel better smelling her next to me.  My parents are taking this harder than I am, I thought.  We are going to her funeral today.  I guess I should tell you who this mystery girl is; she is… was my big sister Ashley.  

I sit up in my bed.  It has been three days since the accident and every day gets a little easier than the last.  My name is Jennifer but all my friends call me Jen.  Cody and James, my four year old twin brothers come into my room and crawl into bed with me.  They snuggle in close on either side and we are quiet together.  It feels good.   A little while  later my best friend Tayler comes in and sits on my bed.   “Jen you have to get ready for the funeral.”

He walks over to my closet and pulls out the dress I had bought a couple weeks ago. My brothers run back to their room to get ready.  I take the dress and change into it in the bathroom.  When I come out, he does my hair and makeup, and we all drive to the funeral parlor together.

When we get to the funeral, her casket is closed so you can’t see all the places where the glass from the windows cut her face and where she hit her head when the car smashed into us.  I try not to cry.  Cody and James are crying so hard that mom has to take them into another room, but you can still hear the faint sound of them through the wall.   But that sound is soon buried under the sound of all the people talking softly. On the car ride home the only sound is Cody and James crying.

When I get home I change into long pants and a t-shirt. I put my jacket on and meet Taylor at the park and we walk to our secret hiding spot. We love to hide there all the time and the only other people who know about this place are our friends  Chelsea, Steven, Amber, Justin and my sister Ashley.  After a few hours Taylor and I go to get coffee, and he gets a text from Amber.  Amber is his girlfriend. They have been together for a little longer than Justin, my boyfriend, and I have.

“I gotta go meet Amber for lunch, but all of us are going out for dinner. You should come with us”

“Ok, I guess I’ll come.”

Even though my sister had just died I was still going to hang out so that I could get the funeral off my mind. When I got home, I went to check and see if I had gotten any texts and just like I had thought, we were going to my favorite restaurant, Paesano’s.  

       Justin picked me up outside of my house at six, and we drove to the restaurant where we met all of our friends and an unwanted guest sitting inside, Jessica.  Jessica is Justin’s ex and ever since Justin and I had started dating she had been trying to split us up. But every time she tries to break us up, we grow stronger.  At least that's what I thought.

When we entered, Justin and I we were holding hands.  When she heard the door open she looked up at us and waved, but no one waved back.  We all sat down in the corner booth and started telling silly stories.  A few minutes later Jessica came over and asked to sit with us.  We didn't want her to, but after a while we let her.  She sat next to Justin.  After a while I noticed that they were holding hands.  I elbowed Taylor, who was sitting on my other side and nodded my head toward Jessica.   Taylor looked at them and then looked back at me with his eyebrows raised.   I said I needed to get something from the car and Taylor left with me.  Taylor and I walked and talked for a while until I decided to go back and confront Justin.

I went back to the restaurant and asked Justin to take a walk with me.

“Do you still have feelings for Jessica?”

“No, what would make you say that?”

“Because I saw you two holding hands in the restaurant.  I can’t believe you are lying right to my face about this!  You know what, if you can't tell me the truth, then I think we shouldn’t see each other anymore”

I turned and walked away and got into Taylor’s car who thankfully had just pulled up to the curb where Justin and I were standing. Taylor dropped me off at my house. When I got to my room I sat down and wrapped Ashley's blanket around my body and grabbed my computer and opened my google photos and scrolled through all the photos of us together.  Looking at the pictures made me realize how much I miss that idiot.

Lots of people came up to me to tell me how sorry for my loss they were. I think that some people started a pool on when I would start crying. After the first four classes we went to the cafeteria, where we met up with the rest of our friends. We ate lunch at a picnic table that was shaded by an old maple tree.  I never did cry that day.  I wonder who won the pool.

My mom and dad are thinking of moving us to the country. They think that it would be better for us to have a new start.  I don't want to move because that would mean leaving my friends and my teachers.  Tomorrow we go to look at some houses. Just look at them, though they aren't very far from where we live now.

The next day we all got in the car and drive to look at houses.  Three houses were okay but the one we liked the most was a little blue house with a huge tree in the front yard.  It had a treehouse with a tire swing and two red barns.  One barn had an indoor arena and eight horse stalls good for keeping horses and the other one had pens for keeping chickens, goats and pigs.  There is a little stream in the back that has a weeping willow hanging over a large rock, the kind you can sit on and dip your feet in the water. Best of all, it was only seventeen minutes from where we live now. We all liked the house with the barns so Mom and Dad put a bid on it.

A couple of weeks later, Mom and Dad got a call saying that we had gotten the house and that we could move in two months, which is just enough time to finish senior year.  So now we’re packing, doing homework and getting ready for summer.  Oh, and there’s my senior prom!

When I got to the first amazing class which was photography, I sit next to this really cute guy named Tony. He has blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes that I could get lost in.

“Hello class,” Mr Jonathan said “We are doing a partner project so look to your left and that is your partner.” I looked to my left but I already knew it was Tony.  

“Hi, I’m Tony.”

“Hi I’m Jenifer, but you can call me Jen. That’s what all my friends call me.”

“Ok, hi Jen. What kinds of things do you like to photograph?”

“I like to photograph nature and stuff like that”

“So when do you want to meet up to work on this project?”

“Well tomorrow I’m moving into my new house, so maybe we could do it on Saturday. “

“Ok, sounds good see you then.”

I meet up with Taylor and we go to the rest of our classes, like gym, art and French. Then I went to Volleyball practice which lasted two hours. Then I caught the late bus home with all the girls on the Volleyball team. I was the last one to get of the bus because we had moved to the new house.

Once I got home I ran up the stairs and grabbed my computer. I flopped onto my bed surrounded by cardboard boxes. I checked my email and saw I had an email from Taylor. It was about prom night, and I realized that prom was in one month. Then I realized that Tony was coming over tomorrow.

By the time my mom came home from picking up my brothers from there friend Aden’s house, it was six o'clock, so we had dinner then my brothers had to get ready for bed. When I went upstairs to say goodnight to them, I walked into their room and saw the putting on there rocketship and dinosaur PJ’s. I helped them into their bunk bed and tucked them in and turned out the light.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Tony is coming over to work on our art project so I went to my room and started to unpack, so that it would look kind of like a normal tennager’s room. The boxes that I didn't unpack I shoved into the closet till I had time to unpack them. Then I got in bed and pulled up the blankets and closed my eyes.

I woke up to my favorite song. I got up and looked at the time. Tony would be over in three hours. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Two hours later, I was picking out the clothes I was going to wear. I went with skinny jeans and a V-neck t shirt, black converse and a nude lipstick. Then I went down stairs to get some breakfast, then I went to get my camera out of it’s box in the living room. When my brothers saw the camera they started modeling in their PJ’s. We all started laughing. It was the first time I had laughed since she had died, and it felt good to laugh. Even though she was gone, I know she was watching out for me just like she said she would.

When Tony drove up what we called a driveway, I meet him and showed him around. I took him to meet all the animals the previous owner was not able to bring. The female pig Lucy recently had piglets, so we had ten little pigs. Today was the first time that I had felt like a normal teenager since she died and I felt like this was going to be a good rest of the year. A very good chapter in my life. Tony and I met every Saturday, even after we turned in the project. Now prom is in two days, I have my dress and I've picked how I’m wearing my hair and what kind of makeup I’m wearing. The only thing I don’t have is a date, but I don’t really need one.

Once I get to school I meet up with Taylor and Tony. Two weeks after prom is graduation and we will all be going to college, we’re all meeting up after school to go out to eat and just have fun and I’m so excited that the day seems to pass in like minutes and when the bell rang I was running out the doors into the courtyard where I meet all my friends before we go out to eat. We end up going bowling before we eat, and we all suck at bowling so when Seth won by two points we all just laughed. Then they all came to my house and we ate sandwiches and drank juice in the tree house. Then they brought up the very uncomfortable subject of prom

“So who are you going with Jen?”

“I actually don't have a date for prom”

“Well I can fix that,” Tony said “Jennifer will you go to prom with me?”

“Yes I will Tony.”So after that we climb out of the tree house, and see a black horse running around all over the place I run over to my brother James

“What did you do?”

“I let the horse out. She looked sad, and now she looks happy.”

“James go and get mom, we need to get her back into the pasture.” My friends run over

“What happened?” Taylor asks

“James thought the horse was sad in the pasture so he let her out.”

“Oh. How can we help?”

“Go keep the horse away from the road.”

“Okay, got it.” As they all ran towards the road, it hit me I have amazing friends.

I see my mom with my dad and my brothers trying to herd the horse into the outdoor arena. I run over to help.

Two hours later, we finally get the horse into the arena where she will spend the night. My friends have all gone home, and I’m just sitting in the barn listening to the barn kittens in the straw and the the pigeons in the rafters. This is my favorite place to go if I need to think, because it’s so peaceful and you can hear everything going on. Yes, I’m scared to be going to college. But I have to start this new chapter.                                






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