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One day Beastly the frog was hopping through the swamp as fast as he could go, because a big, mean alligator was chasing him. It all started thirty minutes earlier, when Beastly was swimming on a nice, hot, summer day. Beastly was a thirteen year old frog with skin that is bright green.


   Then, there he yelled toward the store clerk, “Give it to me now!”was Diesel the alligator. Diesel was a six foot long, fifteen year old alligator, whose parents died when he was only one month old. Everyone was afraid of Diesel, even the orphanage owner. Diesel was the fourth alligator to live in the swamp.


     They lived in the northern Florida swamp neighborhood, where everyone lived somewhat peacefully when Diesel was not bothering and terrorizing the neighborhood.


      Diesel went on, chasing Beastly all through the swamp with every women and child in their homes. After two hours of off and on chasing, Diesel finally gave up and went back to home mumbling, “See you tomorrow.” Meanwhile, Beastly was crying the whole way home. When Beastly got home his mother was waiting for him, Beastly was an hour and a half late.


   He sneaks through the door and “BEASTLY! you’re late,” his mom screamed. Mom asked, “ Why were you so late?”


   “I got chased again by Diesel,” replied Beastly.


    “Well, are you alright,”  cautioned his mom.


      “ Yeah, just tired from running,” Beastly stated in a tired worn out voice.


    Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, Diesel was just entering the orphanage. No one said a single word, no one at all. After all the kids cleared out, the  headmistress  asked, “ where have you been?”


   “ IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” Diesel shouted and went to his secret place in the backyard of the orphanage.


     The next day, Diesel and Beastly ran into each other on their way to school. Again Diesel ran after Beastly, then Miss Gro saw them on the school grounds.


     “BOYS, In my office now!” Miss Gro scolded them.


   As the boys were on their way to the office, “It’s all your fault!” both exclaimed to the other.


   When the boys got to the office Miss Gro was on the phone with Beastly’s parents and Miss Aquatina.


   “ I need you to come to my office it is about Diesel and Beastly. Diesel was chasing Beastly,” Miss Gro explained.


   After school, Beastly went straight home to clean his room and more chores around the house. As for Diesel he was cleaning and making up for all the problems he has caused. Then the store clerk got a phone call.


  Then the store clerk said, “ Miss Aquatina at the orphanage called, she wants you to go apologize to everyone you have caused trouble to.”

 “ OK I’ll get right on it when I am done,” Diesel muttered.


  When Beastly was done with all his chores he went in the woods to have an adventure. It was an adventure never taken by someone in  or near the town.  He told his mother, “I am going on a journey looking for arrowheads, mushrooms and fossils.”


  Mother replied, “ Be safe and take your phone with you.”


   “ OK!” he sarcastically shouted.


   About five minutes after Beastly had left on his adventure, Diesel showed up.


  “ Diesel, what are you doing here, sorry but, Beastly isn’t here,” Mrs Froggy calmly whispered.


   “ Do you know where I can find him, I need to talk with him and not to hurt anybody,” Diesel stated.


  “ Ok, I guess I can tell you his whereabouts. He just left to look for fossils, arrowheads and mushrooms in the woods,”Mrs Froggy worriedly Informed Diesel.


 “ Ok thank you Mrs Froggy!” Diesel cheerfully exclaimed.


  “ You’re welcome!” she loudly but warily added.


   On his way not knowing Diesel was looking for him, Beastly stopped at a big rock he found to have a snack. CRACK!


      “ What was that!?” Beastly thought, “Was it big Jolf, the big hairy monster everyone talks about.”


       “BEASTLY! Are you out here, say something if so!” Diesel calmly shouted.


      “ Hello!” Beastly nervously shouted back, “ Who are you?”


     “ I am Diesel,” Diesel replied.


      The two boys met and sorted everything out at a big rock. “ What are you doing out here?” they said to each other.


  “ I came to apologize to you,” Diesel informed Beastly.


    “Ok,” Beastly croaked back.


    “I am sorry, do you want to be friends?” Diesel excitedly asked Beastly.


     “ Sure, will you stop bullying me?” Beastly nervously asked.


       “Yes. I will stop bullying you and everyone else,” Diesel proclaimed.


       As they moved on from the big rock, they followed the side of Aucilla River. Thirty minutes later they stopped to cool down in the water and relax. CRACK! SWISH! They heard cracking and swishing as the boys are sitting on the side of the river bank.


  “ What is it?” they both wondered. It’s dark like they’re in a shadow all around them. BANG! lightning struck a tree near them and it caught fire.


   “ Diesel, we have to get out of here!” Beastly scarcely shouted.


    “ I agree with you man!” Diesel responded.


  On their way going towards the neighborhood Beastly tripped and hit his head on  a rock, Diesel picked him up and put him on his back.

It was pouring down rain as they are only 12 feet away from Beastly’s backyard. Beastly’s mom saw the boys and rushed out to them.


 “ What happened to Beastly!?” she questioned.

  “ He fell and hit his head on a rock while coming back,” Diesel explained.

 “ Bring him inside and set him on the couch while I call the 911 then you can call Miss Aquatina and explain where you have been,” Mrs Froggy requested.


  Mrs Froggy called 911. “ 911 what is your emergency,” the operator announced.


    “ My, my son, he’s unconscious!” Mrs Froggy wept.


   “ Ma’am the ambulance is on it’s way,” the operator implied.


  WEWO! WEWO! “It’s the ambulance!” Diesel exclaimed nervously.


    “ IN HERE!” Mrs Froggy yells to the paramedics.


  As the paramedics come rushing in, Diesel calls Miss Aquatina.


   “ Miss Aquatina, I am alright, I am with Beastly and His mom,” Diesel  


   “ Ok, just come home when the rain lets up,” Miss Aquatina confirmed.


   When the paramedics are carrying Beastly out into the ambulance, Diesel and Mrs Froggy get in Mrs Froggy’s car. They follow the ambulance all the way to the hospital and then park in the parking lot. After a little while of waiting in the waiting room Mrs Froggy decides to take Diesel back to Miss Aquatina at the orphanage.


  After dropping Diesel off at the orphanage, Mrs Froggy goes back to the hospital waiting room. When she finally gets comfortable in the waiting room, the doctor comes to her with some news about Beastly.


  “ Ma’am, your son is in a coma with a concussion. We have him in room 177A, if you want to come see him,” the doctor addressed Mrs Froggy.


   “Ok I’ll go see him right now,” she wept.


  The next day she went to work with everyone asking, “How is Beastly.”


She sadly responds, “ He’s in a coma with a concussion.”


 After work, Mrs Froggy drives to to the hospital,to find Diesel next to Beastly’s bed. She knocks and startles Diesel.


 “ I am sorry to startled you,” Mrs Froggy apologized.


   “ Will he be alright Mrs Froggy?” nervously asked Diesel.


  “Yes and it is all because of you going to apologize.Thanks,”Mrs Froggy boasted.


   A week and a half later, Beastly awakens curious about everything, especially about why Diesel is next to him with a nice, polite smile.


 “What happened?” Beastly questioned his mom.


“ You were on your way back with Diesel from your adventure, when it started to storm and a wildfire started,” Mrs Froggy was telling Beastly.


    “ Get to the chase!” Beastly angrily interrupted his mom.


   “ You tripped running back, fell and hit your head,” His mom finished.


  “Ok. But why is Diesel here?” Beastly confirmed.


  “We’re friends and I saved you when you fell, I sorry, Beastly, for everything I have done to you,” Declared Diesel.


  “ It’s ok, I guess accept your apology,” Beastly reckoned.


  After being awake for two more days, Beastly finally got relisted from the hospital. When he and his mom got in the driveway, Diesel was on the porch.


“ What are you doing here, don’t you have someone to pick on and chase?” Beastly nagged Diesel.


“No, I have stopped bullying and started being nice to everyone! Do you think we can be friends?” Diesel proclaimed.


 “ Yeah, let’s go walk and talk,” Beastly proposed.


   As the two boys are walking along the street, everyone is dazed, “Are Diesel and Beastly FRIENDS?”

  They both walk towards the hills to watch the sunset together.

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