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It was a dark Halloween night and Schubert  was getting ready to go trick-or- treating. He wanted to feel like he was in seventh grade, and the group of kids he was going trick-or-treating with were cool so he wanted to be cool like them .He was putting on his costume when he heard this loud noise. It was coming from downstairs. He heard the noise get louder. So he went downstairs to see where the noise was coming from. Then he just remembered. It was the group of kids he thought were his friends. They  were all going trick-or-treating. They called Schubert and said, ” Schubert hurry up and get down here.”He said “I’m coming,”. He let the group of kids in and continued to put on his costume . When he was finished they took their trick-or-treat bags and went out the door. They stopped at houses to get candy. Suddenly they saw this creepy house. His friends pressured schubert to go inside, and  because he didn’t want to feel like he was a baby, he started to go inside.

He turned around to make sure that his friends weren't lying about waiting for him outside.  He went inside. Inside there were creepy paintings old dirty books, old furniture, and a lot of spiderwebs all over the house. He went to go check out the rooms upstairs. As he went upstairs the floors kept creaking. He was getting scared. He thought in his mind if I stop then i’m going to feel like a bigger baby and the group of kids aren’t going to like me anymore. Suddenly he heard this huge crack someone had broken in and soon they were coming for him.

He hid in an old closet hoping that the burglar wouldn’t find him then he ruined it he let out a sneeze and that’s when the burglar pulled him out of the closet dragged him across the floor and took him out the back door to his car hoping that no one would see him. It had been 40 minutes since his friends last saw him they went inside and they saw that someone had cracked a window to get inside the house. Their faces were red trembling with fear as they said” uh oh what are we going to tell his parents,”. Then one of the dumb friends in the group said “Let's go look for him,” as soon as those words came out of his mouth all of the others said, ” Idiot how are we going to go look for him when we don’t even know where the person took him.”

A few minutes later his parents got a call a strange name and number came up his parents both looked at each other their faces blushy red. They said to each other “Should we pick it up because our son’s been gone for 100 minutes and we are getting scared,”. After a few minutes they decided to pick it up. As they picked it up this weird gory voice started talking. All they said “Is we want our son back please don't hurt him,”. A few minutes after the call the burglar had schubert tied up with a rope in the trunk of the car the burglar had taken with him.

Schubert didn’t want anything to happen to him so he told himself to shut up. A few minutes later the burglar had taken schubert to this cabin in the middle of nowhere. When the burglar got out of the car he walked over opened the trunk and let Schubert out of the trunk. When they got inside the cabin the burglar untied him. Schubert noticed that there were a lot of violent pictures that had weapons and blood on them. The burglar asked schubert if he wanted something to drink or anything Schubert “No,” said Schubert. He asked the burglar “Why are you being so kind to me,”. After Schubert had asked that question the burglar got mad and shoved Schubert into the closet. It was dark and gory in the closet the burglar had locked Schubert in.  Schubert couldn’t see in the dark gory closet, but he felt a long pointy sharp object.

Schubert was thinking maybe i could use this to get out of this place. Schubert held the long pointy object in his hand ready to strike if the burglar tried to do anything to him. A few minutes after trying to break the lock to let himself out he finally freed himself. When he crept out of the closet to the front door he noticed that the burglar was asleep. Schubert thought it was best to keep the object in his hand just incase the burglar wakes up. He opened the door quietly and snuck out of that dirty cabin. When he got out he noticed that there was a bicycle. He hopped on the bicycle and started peddling as fast as he could go. A few minutes after schubert snuck out of the cabin the burglar woke up and noticed he was gone. The burglar took his car and went to look for schubert. Then a few minutes later the burglar finally caught up with schubert, looked at him, and said” Hey you're coming with me,”. Schubert screamed and tried to cycle away from the burglar but the burglar swoove in front of schubert and he was trapped.

Schubert's parents were really worried they were crying because all they could ask for was their son back. They called the burglar back because the number was saved in their phone. “ Can we please have poor son back”, they said. The gory and scary voice began to talk “You’re son is just snuck out of my cabin so it’s going to be a while before you get him back,”. After that the parent’s heard nothing the burglar had hung up. While the burglar had talked to schubert's parents schubert was hiding under a bed upstairs. While schubert was under the bed he heard the burglars footsteps walking around the house. The burglar was calling schubert” Where are you”, he said. “Please just let me go,” schubert said. No I would've let you go , but you snuck away from me”, The burglar said.

I won’t do it again just please let me go Schubert said. After a few minutes of hearing schubert and the burglar argue the burglar had fallen fast asleep that night. Schubert crept down the stairs to the door. He snuck out hopped on the bike and peddled as fast as he could. It was a long way until he was close to a sign that said turn left this way he thought that he was close to home but he wasn’t. After 20 minutes the burglar was still fast asleep not noticing that schubert had snuck out. After a long ride of peddling schubert was close to home. He stopped at a little convenience store to get something to eat.

Then he hopped back on his bike heading straight home to his parents. when he got home he hugged his parents, and jumped all over them. “You’re grounded for going out on halloween night we we’re worried about you no more halloween for you’’, his parents said. Schubert stomped up to his room plopped on his bed and thought about what he had done and for betraying his parents.He changed a lot because in the beginning he went with his friends and he didn’t know that there was a burglar to the kidnapping. In the end when he was thinking about betraying his parent’s he also thought that if you try to be cool people that you thought were your friends will end up betraying you. He got up and said you know what for now on i’m going to choose my friends and the friends i choose i will be hanging out with them on halloween.

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