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                                                                The Shadow

               In the year 2045, in a town called Stover Missouri, a police officer named Ben Wilson had a mystery on his hands. One day in Ben’s office he received a call. The caller was another detective named Colton. He was a bigger man, with a bald head, and blue eyes. Colten said “There’s been a homicide downtown and the victim has a sign with your name on it,”


            Ben responded with, “ I’ll be there soon.” Ben arrived at the scene.


               Ben approached the body.  He noticed that the victim had been strangled. This is because all guns were banned even from the cops. The government banned weapons because they didn’t want any accidents. This happend, April 14, 2030. While Ben was there he came to the conclusion that he was looking for a fairly strong man. His body was in the middle of a dark, wet, and strangely quiet alleyway. While Ben was examining the scene he heard a strange high pitched laughter, then in a high pitched voice he heard, “Stay away detective Wilson or you and your friends “will be next” the voice ended in a echo. Within seconds came footsteps running away, so Ben ran after the sound. When he turned down the alley he saw what appeared to to be a dark and spooky shadow disappear into thin air. Then while Ben was waiting he heard it again but this time it said “I would listen if I were you.”Then high pitched laughter came again, followed by footsteps going away from him.


              That night while Ben was sleeping,  he woke up with a thirst. When he went to his kitchen for a glass of water he saw the same shadow right outside of his kitchen window looking right at him. He dropped his glass that shattered with a loud, high pitched boom. When he turned to run after the shadow he took a last minute peek to see if it was still there, but it was gone. Ben, with his cop instincts went out after it anyway. When he got where he had last seen the shadow he then felt a hit on his head like he got hit by a truck.


               When he woke up he had his hands chained to a shiny, grey metal chair that was bolted to the ground on all four legs. When he looked around he saw the shadow to his right staring straight at him. When Ben asked who the shadow was, he answered with “That's for me to know and for you to never find out.” But Ben noticed it wasn’t the same high pitched voice he heard yesterday. So Ben asked, “Why did you have a high pitched voice yesterday but not not today.  But the shadow had no idea what Ben was talking about, was his answer.  This made Ben so mad that he used his robot arms to break right through the chains.  


        “Oh” said the shadow “That probably was my  big brother.” The shadow was acting as if Ben was still in the chair chained to the chair. When been tried to grab the shadow Ben went right through him. After Ben  took his swing the shadow said “I’m a shadow what do you think will happen?”

                Ben replied with,“But that’s impossible no one in the world can do this, this hast to be a hologram and you are behind a wall or, something.” After Ben yelled that there was nothing but dead silence, but in a matter of minutes tear gas spilled into the room. When Ben finally realized what was happening he faced one of the walls and used his robot arms to bust right through the wall forming a perfect hole to escape out of, only finding himself face to face with the second shadow.

             While looking at the shadow he realized there was a curtain right behind the shadow. Ben took off running toward the shadow expecting to pass right through him but instead he smashed right into the shadow. That's when Ben realized this wasn’t a shadow so he yanked out his handcuffs and slapped them on the shadow, then he ran as fast as he could away but then he did the unthinkable, he stopped. When Ben turned to face the shadows he saw both of them staring straight at him. When they both ran at him he braced himself and got ready to fight. When they got there he did a front flip over them and turned ready to fight but they were gone. After he got out of the building he went to his car at his house and patrolled the streets.


             When it got dark he decided to head home. He came across a stop light and went on green but he turned to his left and saw  two shadow looking creechers headed right for him. The truck was covered in armor. When the truck got close enough he was able to confirm the shadows. Finally the truck hit him making him roll seven times before stopping upside down. When his eyes finally opened he could he could hear his own heart beating, ears ringing, and sirens wailing and people talking all around. The one thing that Ben could not hear or see was the shadows and their cars. Then he realized that the shadows had tried to kill him to get him out of the way. That night in the hospital Colton was in the room asking Ben a lot of questions to see if he remembered any of the accident.                                                                                                                   

            Colton asked, “Did you see who it was? Did you see the car?                                                      


            Ben answered with “Ya, now that I think about it there was no one even in the car and the car was covered in armor.” “After that though,” said Ben “I was knocked out and now I’m here.”  


           “OK,” said Colten “I’ll let let you rest.”


           “Ok thanks see you tomorrow,” replied Ben. The next day Ben heard a buzzing noise and an old, cranky women came on the intercom and said        


           “You have a couple gentlemen visitors out here do you want me to send them in.”


            “Ya ya,” Ben replied tiredly thinking it was more cops coming to ask more questions.


           When the men finally arrived he had noticed he has never seen them in the precinct in his life. So when they settled in Ben asked, “Do I know you?” They replied with,

         ”We’ve met once or twice.” This made Ben start to wonder if they were the shadows and that they came to finish him off. They eventually said that they were in the FBI, but Ben did not trust them. As they were asking questions one was, can you describe the shadows? Ben answered with another question, it was wait, “How did you know about the shadows. Then they changed the subject which made Ben so mad and scared he got up acting as though he had a call coming, but he actually was calling Colton. Once Colton finally answered and Ben tried to get him to come he refused saying that they were probably really were the FBI and that he would not come. When Ben came back into the room they were gone, so he laid down as though nothing had happened. But just seconds later he heard the same high pitched voice he had heard in the alley. It said, “So who exactly did you have to call.” Right after Ben felt and smelled the voices breath. It smelled like onions and jalapenos. So Ben swung around his fist making contact with the shadow knocking it down. next another shadow jumped on his back giving him blinding pain in his ribs do to the accident. Ben tried to back that one into the wall but the shadow ducked making Ben hit his own back on the wall. This caused Ben to fall to the ground. Next Ben felt a punch then another. After that a chair floated into the air Ben felt another punch but he grabbed his hand pulling the shadow in front of the chair when it came down. The chair hit the shadow which made the shadow visible. Ben was so mad he just started throwing him around smashing him into everything. But the shadow came back strong giving Ben a taste of his own medicine. When Ben was so tired he couldn’t move he took a random swing, hitting the shadow that was still invisible making him become visible. Ben used the last bit of strength he had to wrestle them down putting handcuffs on both of them. Finally he got them and put them in thirty feet of concrete. The Ben woke from his dream.

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