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               “The mysterious town”

Rebecca has never seen a face get as red as her father's. It was a tomato looking color with veins popping out. Her mother on the other hand was speechless with her mouth hanging wide open, enough that you could see her uliva. her father then exploded with anger. “What in the world is wrong with you?” “Peter” Her mother called out “Be gentle.” then it was rebecca’s turn to explode.

    “what is so wrong with a nose piercing, I  mean I paid for it with my own money it's my body not yours.”  Her mother  stunned by this unfamiliar tone left the room however her father stayed.      

  “You will take that off!” he demanded. “you live under my roof and will follow my rules understand?”

    “Really, I thought mom bought the house” she added sarcastically. “

    Go to your room” Rebecca’s father said as another vein popped out. Rebecca screamed in frustration, ran to her room and slammed the door real hard. there was a loud crack as a picture frame fell off the wall she ran to it, it was her science award she got in the seventh grade last year,  she sighed that’s why she is in this mess instead of getting the newest phone for christmas she gets a chemistry set.Her friends often tease her about it but today she saw a glimpse of hope when her best friend Julie said she would be cool if she got a nose piercing.  Just  then her mom opened the door with supplies to take off the nose ring.

       “Becca sweetie.”  her mother said in a calm voice.  “your father and I think a nose ring is a terrible idea, so we need to take it off.” Rebecca nodded her head. Her nose was killing her, but this should be her decision not theirs. Rebecca’s mom helped her remove the ring and started to leave but as she was passing by Rebecca’s desk she picked up her music player.  

    “you're grounded.” she confirmed. Rebecca started to protest but stopped and flushed with anger. Her parents treated her like a baby.

   “I don’t need no parents.” she screamed as her mom left the room and ran into the closet.  she found her hiking backpack and started stuffing it with clothes a flashlight and other necessities. she stopped for a moment. She needed food right?  she creaked her door open and could hear a faint typing of a keypad and the tv playing. she tiptoed her way to the kitchen and opened the cabinets.  She then started placing peanut butter crackers, candy, pretzels, sandwiches in her bag. Rebecca then lifted the bag which was now  heavy and snuck out the back door. Rebecca started walking towards the road until her dog started to bark.

    “Debbie!” Rebecca hissed“quiet down.” Rebecca immediately grabbed the dog’s leash  and ran. After a while of running it started to rain and Debbie started to walk slower. Rebecca sighed and picked up the dog as the wind picked up.

  “we need to take shelter.” she whispered and headed towards the woods. Rebecca could not see where she was going and started to make her way up a small mountain. When Debbie started to bark the noise startled Rebecca and she slipped down the opposite end of the mountain. Rebecca screamed as she rolled down the hill with no way to stop because the dirt had turned into a mud slide. Rebecca held onto Debbie for dear life as she ran into bushes and trees. Finally she hit a fence and her whole world went dark.



Rebecca woke up on a bed.  She scrambled up and winced, as pain traveled throughout her body Debbie layed beside her asleep with a red ribbon tied around her neck. Rebecca looked around she could tell she was in a boys room and it was decorated in a old fashioned theme. suddenly a little girl bursted in.

   “mama mama she yelled. “she’s alive she’s alive” A middle aged woman came in followed by a girl around Rebecca’s age. The mom kneeled beside Rebecca.  

   “Honey are you alright she asked in a sweet voice. “You took quite a hit to the head.” Rebecca noded.

   “Where am I?”she asked.

     “In our house duh.” the little girl said

     “Emma!” The older one snapped. “That is disrespectful.”

       “Hush now,” the mom said. “Rachel go get our guest some ice cold water.” Rachel left and came back with a glass of water that Rachel gulped down immediately.

        “Mom lunch is ready.”

      “Ok sweetie.” The mom called out girls go set the table and make sure you place a seat for?”

“Rebecca.” Rebecca said. In shy way Rebecca asked “mrs., how long have I been out?”

    “ oh about two days now.”

   “What!” Rebecca screamed.”I need to call my mom can I borrow your cell phone?”

    “Um the mother started we don’t have one” Rebecca was confused for a minute then asked,      

“Do you have a landline then?”

  “nope” She said “we have only mail, now lets eat.” Becca nodded confused and followed the woman out of the room and down two flights of stairs that lead to a kitchen and a living room without a tv. They entered the kitchen and sat down at the set table. Rachel came in carrying a baby boy.

   “Rebecca.” she spoke in a cheerful mood.”This is Arron our little brother. after she put Aaron in his high chair they ate grilled cheese and potatoes for lunch. It was quiet until Rebecca asked

     “Where am I”

      “Well” the mom said “You can call me mrs B. and we are in a town called farborton oh and Rachel go get the stationary.” Rachel left and returned with a pack of black and white stationery. Rebecca started to write a letter but stopped

      “Why don’t you guys just drive me home? Anna spoke up.

    “But we don’t know where you live besides our horse died a long time ago.”

    “Hourse?” Rebecca said don’t you have a car?”

   “No” mrs B.said” “We do not believe in technology.” Rebecca nodded and continued the letter but there was something off about mrs.B’s voice that made it an unsure tone. after lunch Rebecca helped with dishes then got a full tour of the house. Their tour ended in the living room and Rebecca picked up a picture of Anna but with a girl standing by her and they looked exactly the same.

    “That is Gracie Emma’s twin sister who is at our aunt's for this summer, now let's go mail that letter.” the two of them put on their shoes and headed out the door. the neighborhood looked really nice with flowers in every yard that belonged to a tall old house.

   “why is there a fence around the town?” Rebecca asked. Rachel bit her lip.

   “um” she thought  then explained “we get a lot of bears”

    “oh that makes since Rebecca said. But it really didn't why would a town be closed off from the rest of the world?

      ‘’How did you find this place?” Rachel asked.

     ‘Well” She started “I was running away from home and slipped down the mountain.”

        “Why would you run away from home?” Rachel asked. “family is all I have.” Rebecca said no more while Rachel pointed out places when they got the the post office Rachel asked “so what did you write about?”

      “Oh you know.” said Rebecca “were I am at and other things like that.” Rachel then grabs the letter and ripped it up.

     “Why would you do that?” Rebecca cried. Rachel then dragged her by the arm all the way back to her house. “

    Sit at the table.” she commanded. Rebecca did as told but was  thinking on how weird this family mrs. b came down the stairs followed by Rachel  

     “I know you may have a lot of questions mrs b said. it was about 80 years ago she begin our town was helping make defense systems for future wars and a radiation bomb went off and it affected most people by stopping the cells from from growing so our body stopped aging so we close of her town from the rest of the world and stays hidden forever.” “That's why you can't mail the letter.” Rachel said. “ then what am I supposed to do?” Rebecca asked  mrs b said ‘stay the night and then Rachel will help you up the mountain in the morning.”  Rebecca nada does Emma came down the stairs crime with Debbie and her arms “mommy” she sobbed “I   had a bad dream” “Girl’’ mrs b said ‘’  why don't you go play a board game in Rachel's room.” the girls walked up the stairs to Rachel's room but instead of playing a game the sat on Rachel’s bed.  Rachel then broke the silence and said. “ whatever you do don't tell nobody about us or we will become human science experiments.

         ‘’Ok Rebecca said as she picked up her hiking bag she felt bad though there was nothing she could do for them she just wanted to run home and tell her parents so they could help but she knew she could not.  “so where is your dad at.’’ she asked just to break the silence

          “ well, she started my dad sister and older brother or not affected by the radiation therefore they they passed away a long time ago.”

         “oh” Rebecca Set as she started to tear up. after that they play with a board game that Rebecca had never played before but she got a hang of it. throughout the day if 3 of them Rachel Rebecca and anna played games make jokes and Rebecca told him about the outside world and the next day came. As Rachel Rebecca and Debbie hiked up the mountain, Rebecca found her familiar Road.  when Rebecca saw her  house on the hill it reminded her on how homesick she was she gave a big hug to Rachel.

        ‘’Never forget me.” Rachel said and she started down the mountain Rebecca ran home and  in right to the front door

   “Mom” she cried “Dad” then her parents ran into the living room and had her and their arms.  “we were so worried about you” Her mom cried.

     “ I will never do anything like that again” Rachel cried. “And.” she continued “I need you guys in my life even if you make me do things that I do not want to do.”

      “Rebecca her dad “Why this sudden change in how you feel about family?” She replied, “Because anything could happen when I get older and I want you in my life now.”

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