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Once upon a time in a distant past (not too distant, it was last week), but as I was saying, in a distant past there was a family, a large family -- a mom Alberta a dad Jimmy and their sons Joe, Moe, Frank, Hank, Ken, Ben, and Dragan. The family lived in Toronto, Canada. They were an active family. They would play football, soccer, and basketball. They all did everything together, other than Dragan who everyone always forgot about because he lived in the basement so he wasn't near as fit as any of his brothers. However, Dragan did have some friends, the family's dogs, which usually just stayed inside with him cause they were fairly lazy. Every time Jimmy left the house he would say a famous quote to the family, and to the dogs Jimmy then said, “Lazy dogs sleep sleep sleep get a life oh you have one it's sleeping.”

So the next day when the family went to a football Jimmy said his famous lines. After when they left the house the three dogs George George’s sister and George’s cousin, all ironically named after a guy that was named George at the supermarket otherwise know as the Muskageorge’s for short. Soon later they wanted to go outside. As they ran to the door Dragon watched his parents forget about him and drive out the driveway.

He slowly opened the door letting the out the dogs, and walking back to his lonely basement in sorrow only to come back to the door open it let the Muskageorge’s in, and start feeling depressed again. About 5 minutes later he went back upstairs and outside.

He called for the dogs yet was stumped to see the dogs gone. They lived in a rural area where everything was fenced up behind electric fences. They weren't very safe for kids or pets but somehow when he checked the perimeter he found a hole in the fence near the back. He then saw Georges tail, and his fluffy straight standing up hair, probably from the electrical fence. Dragan instantly ran to the fence pulled out his handy pliers out of an imaginary vortex in his pocket. He then cut away at the fence somehow not getting shocked, he made a big enough hole through the fence and jumped threw. Leaving his pliers on the ground has he did so.

A couple minutes later after running guessing where the dogs were going he finally caught up with them, by a bus stop except there was something different about them. As if they were talking to a camera that one was holding and he then realized THEY’RE TALKING!!! A short time later as Dragan watched in amazement what is happening he hears the director of the Georges show call out LOW BATTERY, ANNNNNND dead. They then all spontaneously say darn and look around as if they were looking for batteries. Or even  something to do they then spot Dragan’s eyes at the corner of the street. but they didn't notice who it was. They then walk to the stranger on their 2 hind legs, and has George gets close he asks in a voice higher than alvin and the chipmunks, “Do you have batteries we could borrow for a couple days until they die and are useless we will give them back.” Seconds later they notice it's Dragan.

Suddenly they run to the newly arrived bus and bolt to it making Dragan also scurry to it, but George screams to the bus driver. Making him not only mash down the pedal but also go def in the process. They get to the end of the street near the airport and crashed. Yet while Dragan stays at the bus stop waiting a whole 5 days before getting a bus ride. He knew he couldn't make it across the street to the crash. Which had already been cleaned up and as he was dropped off there near the airport he notices The Georges, walking into the airport. In tiny baby crutches and body cast with patches all over  Their  blonde fur.

He ran into the airport and sat behind them. After he saw they bought 3 tickets to quote on quote, “Somewhere in Asia” he went up to the S.W.M.I.T sales representative or the Sometimes We Make It There LLC flight company. After he listens to them talk about what happen which was actually they crashed in the bus. They then healed in the hospital and because they had no insurance they started a house cleaning company. They paid the hospital bill off with the money they made after. Dragan was amazed by the well thought out story so he believed them, he then tried to walk up and talk to them to break the ice with his only friends. with some wronged sized triple a batteries for their camera but they accepted him as a Muskageorge anyways. He is reassured of this because he turns into a huge fluffy dog soon after. Eight days later there flight to somewhere in asia is upon them.

As they get on the plane they were all greeted by many siamese cats,  and an odd parakeet. They all fought on the plane leaving fur and many nails on the ground of the hallway of the plane. Once they get near somewhere in Asia they all get there parachutes on except since they were one short they decided the pilot is more needed then one of the cats sleeping in the bathroom.

So after they all jumped out it seemed as if they dropped in a very bad communist country. They were stuck they for the rest of their lives eating the same thing getting paid the same amount. Thier  houses all looked the same and they end up never returning but Dragan did send a letter to his parents back in america saying they're fine.

But 2 weeks later when he gets a letter back it say who are you? He then gets depressed and becomes a sailor but what actually happen is he sent it to someone else getting there address wrong. After being depressed from no response to his letter.

He then decided to go take the dogs kidnap them while sleeping and took a taxi across the world, back to there house. Where he forgot where he lived and the dogs got mad because of this so they left him.
Then went back to asia and he lived happily as a hobo for the rest of his life.   

The end… or to be continued ...       

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