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My name is Jake. I’m in 8th grade, I’m pretty short for my age, I wear Harry Potter Glasses. Overall I’m nice kid but I admit if I have a partner I do all of the work. Most of the time I wear jeans and a sports jacket, and a light blue shirt. So please don’t judge me on this, I’m a nerd. If I had a friend I won’t let them down. But I try so much and I fail so badly. If you think I’m a mommy’s boy, you’re wrong.  I truly think school is terrible because some kids bullied me but I don’t know why they do it to me since I never did anything to them. Man, I wish I had more friends because I have none. So, I decided to go somewhere that the bullies were not expecting me . Thank God I escaped from them. That never happens because they usually find me and beat me up. Today I scored, so I decided to go home without being noticed because the bullies might find me! When I do it I look like spiderman but they never notice me anyway. When I get home, I feed my best friend Razor, my guinea pig, and I do my homework, then I read, I go swimming and lastly I go  to bed. This is an example of my normal day. It happens sometimes but that’s life. I just wish I could do karate, so I could beat up the bullies for justice! In my dreams, I can do it and it feels great. Sometimes it feels that it's too much, you know my mom doesn’t even know about this. The reason why I don’t say anything to her is because I think, “she might want to have a talk.”  That's what I think, I might not be right though. The worst of the bullies is Marco.  Man, I don’t know what’s up with him because I keep trying to  avoid him, so I should not be beat up by him, right? WRONG. When I go to school, I’m always chased by Marco. I usually escape and make it to class safely. My teacher likes me but I’m not the teacher’s pet because if you are, you are screwed and they beat you up way more than me, so I'm ok.  I think so, I’m crossing my fingers. In school there's too many projects. I can finish them most of the time but it takes me a long time.  At least my work is neat. So that's that. Let me tell you that we have enormous packets of homework for every class. When you are use to it, it isn’t that bad. At least I try to make friends but it fails badly no matter how much I try, I fail more. I hate Marco. He is very popular even  though he is the baddest bully in the whole district. I hate to admit that I’m dead, but I need to try  to run for it,  that way I can finally have a break from escaping him. Every single time. I’m going to try to fake to my mom that I’m sick. It only worked one time, the rest of the times I failed at. I just want a good nice loyal friend because I’m a good boy and I feel I deserve one.

Marco always says,”You will regret this because the next time I will beat you up and you will be sorry.” Then, I was not ready for the next day. One reason is that I don’t like school. It’s boring and a bummer. Now the whole bully routine will start all over again.

Today we have a test. It’s just too easy for me no matter how much I tell the teacher. “Life is great,” I tell to myself.

Just today, Marco had made a bet with me. He said, “If you win,I will leave you alone for three months, but if you lose I get to beat you up in the alley after school and you have to pay me twenty dollars.” The bet was impossible to win because I had to become popular in thirty minutes. Thank God Mr. Smith was around there, and he sent Marco straight to the principal's office. His punishment was that he gave Marco three hour detention. You should have seen Marco’s face, his face was as red as a tomato. The rest of my day was perfectly fine because today I could finally enjoy P.E. without Marco on my case. But tomorrow everything would go bad because Marco was going to beat me up the baddest It can be. So I have to fake that I’m sick because I’m too scared to go to school tomorrow. I think I have to tell the truth to my mom but I’m not ready to tell. I just don’t what to say it to my mom. I’m too nervous but I’m up for it. The school day is going by and I’m still thinking what to do. I’m so scared of Marco because he is too freakin dangerous but it’s all in my hands.  Right now I have to go to E.L.A. to write an eighty page essay due on May twentieth, so I have to get over with but I’m going to take my time. The teacher said, “I expect As from everyone!”  That’s all I have to say for today, TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE A HARD DAY SO WISH ME LUCK!

When I got home, My mom asked me, “Are you hungry?” I responded, “no mom, I’m not hungry,” and I went straight to my room. The rest of the evening I read my favorite comics till I fell asleep. The next morning my mom came to wake me up and I responded, “no mom, I’m sick and I don’t want to go to school.” Then my mom got suspicious and started asking questions. Why I didn’t want to go to school. After a lot of asking, I responded all of her questions. So my mom said that I should not be hiding the rest of my life and she proposed me to sign up for self defense classes. I agreed to sign up that same day.

I learned a lot in self defense class. Every move that I learned I saw Marco’s face. I became so good that I went to the highest rank there is. My teacher was extremely proud of me for learning fast and he gave me a diploma for my success. Now I was ready to face Marco’s stupid face.

The next day I was on my way to school when Marco was waiting for me outside of school. The former Jake would have been afraid but this new Jake was not messing around. Marco was going to punch me in the face but I dodged, grabbed him and threw him to the ground.You should have seen Marco’s face, he was so afraid he ran away screaming for his mommy. All the other kids were cheering, clapping and laughing. After that day, Marco never bullied anyone ever again and my life changed thanks to my mother’s advice and the self defense classes. I like this new Jake.   

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