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“Hey Sharon” said Kristy her hands clammy. She began shaking not visible to the eye. Thoughts began racing through her mind abundantly. “Hey Kristy” Sharon said as a smile spread across her face. Why is she smiling at me? Does she not know what the whole school knows? Thought Kristy.  Kristy grew anxious as Sharon approached her.

Sharon was about five one, long brown hair with a crème completion. She wore light blue jeans that looked like they were painted on her skin, with a gray baggy long sleeve shirt, and white air force ones. Sharon held her books in her hand as her purse hung from her left shoulder. “H-Hey where are you headed?”  Kristy said becoming more and more skittish. “To biology” Sharon’s emerald green eyes glistened as if they were stars in the night sky.

“I heard about what had happened” Kristy began.  Sharon looked down “I know I know” replied Sharon in a low tone. Kristy looked around and took a step back as kids started to unload off the bus “I-I got to go” announced Kristy. Kristy walked away expeditiously almost tripping over her long white skirt. Kristy wore a blue tank top that stopped at her belly button reviling her belly button ring, a long white skirt that flowed in the wind, and light brown cowgirl boots.

 She had a unique mocha completion. Her long black curls bouncing with every step she took. Kristy held her head down as she walked clinching her English book. I shouldn’t have walked away like that. She is supposed to be my friend. What if she needs my help? Thoughts flooded Kristy’s mind as she continued to walk away. Kristy and Sharon use to be best friends until this summer, the summer of their 11th grade year.  That was the year Sharon would never forget

3months earlier

Ring ring Sharon looked over to her phone and saw the picture of her and Kristy pop up.


Yeah girl are you getting ready?

Yea you must be ready to go huh?

Girl you already know wassup haha

Iight we will be on our way in a little

Sharon hung up the phone and looked in her closet. Sharon pulled out a pair of high waist pants with a white turtle neck crop top that stopped at her belly button and showed her sparkling blue belly button ring. She and Kristy got their belly button pierced on the same day after school got out on the 13th on June.  She slipped on her clothes and looked under her bed for the right shoe box that had her pink and white Jordans in them. Just as she was putting on her shoes her brother Jamal knocked on her door. 

“Come in” yelled Sharon. Just as she told him to come in the bedroom door opened and in walked Jamal. Jamal had on a blue, yellow, and white Ralph Lauren shirt, all white pants, and blue and white Jordans. “You trying to match my fly, it’s okay though lil sis we can shut it down together” Jamal said with a grin on his face. “Boy whatever if anything you are trying to match my fly” Sharon said grabbing her purse. “Any who lets go, Kristy is waiting on us” Sharon and jamal walked down the stairs and out the front door to the all-white mustang that had a red strip down the middle.

Sharon and Jamal pulled up to Kristy’s house and honked the horn three times. Kristy walked out with a black leather skater skirt, a plaid blue and black button up shirt, black and white converse. Kristy got in the back seat and pulled out her compact mirror. Kristy had on liquid eye liner with the wings on both eyes, fake eyelashes, and blue lipstick that matched the plaid in her shirt. “Girl you look pretty” stated Sharon with a smile “yea yea I know “Kristy said with a little laughter erupting in her voice.

After a 10 minute drive they arrived at the local jump off in their town.  When they entered the room everybody was coupled up and dancing on each other having fun. “iight so I’m about to go talk to shorty over there hit me up when you ready to leave” said Jamal walking toward a dark complected   female sitting in the corner with her friends.

Sharon and Kristy laughed and began walking to the back of the club. When they made it to the back of the club they started to dance and laugh.  While dancing Kristy looked over to her right and saw a tall caramel complected boy. He had on a red, black, and white button up shirt that was open just enough to see his white tee shirt.

“Girl look” stated Kristy “what” said Sharon still in her zone dancing. “You have a little friend” Kristy said a smile propped on her face. Sharon raised her head up and looked around. Just as she looked to her right she saw somebody walking up to her

Hey beautiful

Uhh hey

My name is Xavier what is your name?


Do you mind me buying you a drink from the bar?

No, I don’t drink sorry

Do you dance?

Sharon laughed slightly. She glanced up to look him in his eyes and noticed he had light brown eyes. She didn’t want to admit it but she was attracted to his looks and the smoothness of his tone. Sharon looked at Kristy and Kristy looked back. Kristy nudged her a little on her arm. “Yes I do dance” said Sharon.  Xavier held out his hand for Sharon to grab on to. He escorted her to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing.

At about 12 at night the Jump off started to empty out. Sharon and Xavier exchanged numbers and parted their separate ways. Kristy had left the jump off at 10:30 she had to be at work by 11:00. Sharon waited at the mustang for her elder brother.

I see you feeling good about yourself

You already know little sis, but I see I’m not the only one who had a good time tonight

What you talking about Jamal

I saw you with ole boy over there what’s his name ….uhhh XAVIER!

What you mean how you know him

I don’t know


Hahaha I know him from one of my home boys

Sharon and jamal hopped in the car laughing and talking about her new found friend. When they got back to the house Sharon took a shower and went to sleep. The next morning Sharon woke up to her phone ringing.


Good morning beautiful


Yea it’s me how did you sleep last night

Good I guess what about you

I slept good. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me for breakfast

Sure that sounds good let me get ready

Okay call me when you are done so I can come pick you up.

Later that night Sharon found herself stretched out in someone else’s bed. She looked over onto the night stand to grab her phone and instead found a note that read:

Good evening beautiful,

I hope you slept good I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, but my job had called in. on the other hand I had a lot of fun with you this morning and afternoon. I hope to see you again and soon. Oh and by the way your phone is on the charger down stairs by the tv.

Sharon laid back in the bed a smile spread across her face as she remembers the evenings events. I’ve never felt like this before is this real this can’t be he is so sweet. Thoughts abruptly started racing through her mind. Sharon eventually got up and put on her clothes. She called her brother to come get. When Sharon made it back home it was 8:30pm. Sharon glanced at her phone and noticed she had 5 missed calls 4 from Kristy and 1 from Xavier.

Present Day

Sharon sat in the doctor’s office awaiting the doctor’s arrival. It had been 2 months since she had seen Xavier. He had stop coming around and calling after he found out Sharon was pregnant. He told Sharon he had too much to lose and didn’t want anything to do with the baby. Even Kristy stopped talking to her after she found out Sharon was pregnant.

Maybe it was because she found out with the rest of the school, but Sharon was scared. She was only 16 in the 11th grade she didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. For a while she was in denial for weeks. How could she tell somebody else if she didn’t even want to believe it herself? After 2 weeks Sharon had finally told her mother and brother. Her mom was disappointed that it happened to her daughter this young.

On a different note her brother was excited to be an uncle, but mad that the father didn’t step up. As she sat there on the bed the doctor walked in. “Well the test came back and everything is fine and steady” Sharon got up from the bed and took off the hospital gown and put back on her clothes. Even though she was too young to have a baby she vowed to be the best mother ever.