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It was a nice October day in the year of 2012. Although for me it was a bad day even before I received the news. I was outside raking leaves, the wind was cold, but I was the type of person who enjoyed the cold even with the wind. It was around noon and I chose to go inside and eat some leftovers for lunch. As I walked in the house I noticed my father on the couch looking even worse than usual. The reason why is what set the gloomy mood for these days. My father was suffering with stage four colon cancer. He was on chemotherapy and was sadly going to pass soon according to Dr. Thompson.

We were in the hospital room and Dr. Thompson gave us a choice bring him home or leave him here. My family and I choice to bring him home of course. Once we had arrived home my brother, Anthony had started to cry uncontrollably. Shortly after my mother whispered,                   

“Quiet down.” Once inside my brother and I went to our rooms just waiting until the moment came. It was around four in the afternoon and I knew that I couldn't eat dinner because I had felt as if I just had lunch. I then heard my mother call me in the living room. When I entered I noticed my grandma crying along with my mom and my brother not anywhere to be seen. I then glanced over at my dad to find him perfectly still. I then heard my mom speak in a quiet voice, “It happened.” I quickly ran over to the couch to take in what had just happened. It was true, my father had passed. My mom then called my uncle to take us out of the house. My uncle took my brother and I to walmart to pick out anything under forty dollars. Once we had finished shopping and arrived at the house my mom told me that dad had been pronounced gone at 5:30pm Saturday October of 2012. I then went to my room and laid there for almost the rest of the weekend with the exception of eating and drinking. After my grieving stage was over I decided to get out of the house and go to the park.

I walked downtown then into the entrance of the Versailles Park. I then walked over to an old, rusty bench and sat down. In my head I was remembering all of the years I had with my father. I then thought to myself nine years is a lot and you can never forget memories.I then was awakened out of my trance by someone tapping me on the shoulder. I then turned around and saw nothing. I imagined it was probably nothing. As I walked home I began to feel better when I realized “with every bad thing something good always comes out.” Once I arrived home I went to the kitchen and looked out the patio door at a small picnic table located in my yard that was constructed by my father.

I was about to daydream again when I heard my mom in a quiet voice behind me say, “Hey we all have our time your father’s just came a little early.” I suddenly felt a little better. After all, mom always knew what to say in situations like these. The following week I had school and was in 3rd grade, Mr. Fischer's class. Although he had no idea what had happened or at least I thought. We had the funeral Wednesday the week after that and Mr. Fisher along with all the other teachers came. My mother had spotted them three rows back from the first row.

Once the funeral started and music played the announcer said “and here is Scott’s son with some words to say. I then wondered if he was referring to me or my brother. I quickly realized it was me after he motioned me to the stage. I then got up and walked up to the podium and said, “Life's too short to be sad, tragedies are heartbreaking yes, but just remember you will always have, “Memories.”


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