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The Criminals….

Beep, Beep, Beep. It is 6:30 A.M. I am waking up to my stupid alarm. I get up and walk to the curtains. I look outside. “What the….”

“Watch your mouth young man.”
“But . . .”

“But nothing, you're grounded.”

“Uhhh I hate my life.”

“Say another word you won't do anything for the whole month of March.  Now come downstairs and eat breakfast.”Liam now.”

”Coming, What are we having for breakfast.”

“Ham and eggs.”

“Yes my favorite,  mom can you get the mustard.”


“Thank you.”

“So has school been.”

“Good well I have been doing pretty bad in social studies. I was doing so well in the beginning of the school year. I was getting straight A’s But now C’s and D’s. I dont know whats going on.”

“Maybe you can ask her teachers for extra credit.”

“Hey thats sounds good, I am going to school mom”.

“Ok love you, bye.”

“Bye.” I forgot what I saw outside my curtains. I slowly started walking towards the door. I reached for the doorknob,it was hot. I grabbed a hold of it.It burnt my hand. I opened the door as fast as I could. There were people on the street with guns, big  guns. I went into the garage got my bicycle and started heading down the street. The people with the guns saw me. I heard a revving engine. I looked behind me. There was a big yellow struck with two guns on it with big guns. I thought to myself this will be it and didn't even say I love u back to my mom when she said to me heading to school. I heard the truck getting closer and closer.I saw a  little dirt road up a head. I took a right turn. I barely wrecked. My left leg hit the ground hard. I could hear the car engine. I could tell it was not that far behind

“you can't run from us.I was peddling as fast as I could go. I saw a sign but it was too far away to see. I soon as I got closer I saw the sign.

It said “Dead end.” I tried to slow down but I was going to fast. I sonnely came to the end. I flew of the rock cliff. I was falling. I felt queasy in my stomach. I was falling fast. I did not want to look down. I could hear water rushing really fast. SPLASH. I hit the water really hard. The water was going so fast it sucked me under. I saw a tree lying in the river. I got sucked under the water,this time I went down far. I could see the  tree just up ahead.I got sucked one more time. As soon as I popped up I grabbed the tree branch. My palms grasped the scratching branch. My hands were slipping. The water was making worse. Finally my hands slipped. I took a deep breath. I was falling. I looked down and saw dirt and rocks. I was getting closer and closer by the second. I finally hit. BOOM that's all you could hear except my bones cracking. I laid down in the dirt for awhile. I could see the bone sticking out of my leg. There was a road up ahead. I started crawling to the road. I had to stop because of the pain in my leg. It took my fifteen minutes to crawl to the road. After fifteen minutes I got to the road. The road was very busy. I looked down at my watch it said 4:30. I reached down in my pocket to get my phone, it must of fell out in the water! I was thinking about my mom. I bet she has called the cops and the school. I should have been home and hour ago. I saw a policeman driving by. Is window was down I yelled “Help” “Help.” The police man quickly came to a stop.

“Son why are you out here.”

“Then I told the police officer my series of unfortunate events.

“The police officer said can I contact any body.

“Yes my mom.”

Do you know her phone number son.”

“Yes, 5737896678.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“What is your name.”


“Well Liam nice to meet you and sorry for the trouble I promise we will find the criminals.”

“Liam do you know what color the truck was or the brand or style it was.”

“Yes it was a yellow truck with two guns on the top.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

The policeman went back in his car. He was talking on the phone after an hour of talking the police man go out of his car and came to me.

Well Liam I told you mom was okay except your broken leg.”

“Ok, thank you for calling her.”

Your welcome. Well you will be riding with me back to her house.”

“Ok sounds great.”

When i got into the cop car there were all types of stuff. I was playing with the computer. I was pretty exhausted. I leaned back in the chair and went to sleep. The cop taped my on the shoulder.

“Liam we are in town.”

“Ok how far from my house.”

“Were not going to your house.”

“What why.”

“When you were sleeping your mom called and said just to meet us at the hospital because your leg lost a lot of blood.”


“The hospital is about two hours away.”

I quickly fell back asleep. I was dreamy about my mom and how happy I would be when I saw her again and her beighing so thankful i came back okay. The officer woke me up.

“We are here.”

The officer carried me into the hospital. I got into the room and my mom was on the bed waiting for me.

“Liam are you okay did they do anything to hurt you.”


The doctors came in they put me to sleep. Next thing I know I was in the car riding back home the first word I told my mom was “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I was out of school for at least two months. I told my mom “You promise you will take me to school every day.”

“Yes i promise Liam.”

For the two months I was out of school I was doing extra work for social studies. I mailed all my work to the school. When I got my results back on every paper  I got a B or better. My mom was proud of me. After I got all my work caught up I played xbox with my friend and told them why I was gone for a long time. They felt really bad and some cried. As soon as I went back to school I joined basketball and weights to get my leg stronger. By one month my leg was healed and stronger. I was already stronger than most kids in my grade. Ever since my accident happened every body has been my friend and nice to me. My mom picked me up from school. She said “we are moving as soon as i got in the car.” My face was priceless I was shocked, disappointed. But ever since i came back it has been so smooth and nice. Can you please tell me why we are moving


Just let me figure this out myself.


When we got home my mom said “There are some guys following me and watching me.

“Who is it”.

“No there is a tall black guy and a small white guy.” So in the morning we are leaving .


As soon as the sun came out we were packed and ready to go. At 6:30 we were on the road. We stopped at the gas station and saw the guys. They came over to the car and said. “Here is your ring you dropped on the hospital.”

“How did you know I was there.”

“We were behind you.”

“Ok thanks.”

“Your welcome.”

Now we know why the criminals were after us.

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