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Kayla and i was walking down little saw a van pull up to us and the masked people pulled us in their van.when we were in the  van they asked us our name and where we were coming from.We told the that our names where Kayla and Dylan and we were really good friends.Kayla told them that we were both coming from different schools.After we told them that they hit us with a pan that they kept in their vehicle when they picked up kids off the street.                                           

  When i woke up i saw  my best friend chandler knew each other since kindergarten strapped down and some people in mask over next to him.I looked over and saw him crying with fear when the masked people moved i seen a hole the size of a quarter in his stomach .When i saw the masked people come toward me with a drill and a knife in one of the masked people´s hand.I felt a tear go down my cheek.


                                               24 hours later


‘’Good morning one of the  masked people asked”.Oh it’s bob diddlebock and his servant the ugly captain dumb (who only cares about himself )That means you don’t get breakfast because of your rudeness mammoth(which means that you are fat like a fat pig)’’.’’That is just rude maybe i am having a baby you never know with me because one time i got pregnant when i didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and it magically appeared. After that I had a miscarriage and i lost everything my house,job boyfriend what else will you take from me.’’I can take everything you had here away from you’’.’’Ok what will that do for me i am only 13 and i have been torchered since i was born like when i was 2 my step dad sent me to my aunts because my mom was very sick.When i was there my uncle hit me pulled out my hair because they did not want to deal with me.Then one day they took me to the doctors and he gave me medicon and when i came back the next day and all my medicon was gone and they searched my stomach and there was no medicine in there.Then the doctor gave me more medicon.Then i came back and i had no more medicon.My aunt and uncle got chareged for child abuase and child endagerment’’.Thats my background of my story.

                                               1day later

¨Good morning i have soup and chicken rice for you because you are my favorite then the rest of my servants.

¨ But why am i your favorite is it because i told you my secret about my child hood story.

¨No maby.

¨But that was a secreat.

¨Do like me or do you just want to here the rest of my story.

¨I like you but i also want to hear the rest of the childhood story please you can't just stop it right there or it won't make any sense’’.

¨Fine i will finish the story.

Thankyou - thankyou-thankyou you are the best slave i have ever had

.’’Ok i guess.When my aunt and uncle went  to prison i had to go to a foster care because i was to little to stay on my own.Then A foster mom came and got me and she treated me really bad worse than my aunt and  uncle treated me.Then i got really sick and they took me to the doctors and they gave me medicine and the foster parents gave it all to me at one and i got an overdose´´ I said to the other servantsTo make it short the foster care parents went to jail and i got to go back to my mom.

´´What happened to your dad?

´´He did when my mom was sick

´´Oh my mom died and my dad did not want to take care of me any more so ´´he sent me to foster care long story short the parents weren't good to me.

´´I feel so bad for you

´´Did anyone tell you that you are beautiful


´´I seen you walking home from school

´´you are a creep you know that right

´´but why where you staring at me

´´how many people like you from school ´´

´´ um everybody likes me ´´

´´wow that must be weird for you´´

´´can i tell you somthing ´´


i like you

You cant like me i am youre prisiner

So i think you are so cutie

But i am 13 how old are you?


you are older than me by 8 years


so i cant date you

why not

becuase you are 8 years older and you are ugly

ok that is harmful to me


all and every girl hates me and i thought you would like me

no i have a boy freind and its not you its jaly

ok then you will die


or you will get torcherd

ok then i will try to ecsape

no then if you do then i will torcher you.

what thats not fair to me

that is fair

Ok then i will torcher you and no take backes

ok then when will we start

how about right know


gards take her to the cage of death and she shall be whiped till her back is bloodified

That is groosom is int sir

Not really not after she did to me


dont tell her this but i am her dad


her mom left me when she was born

ok that is not wright

no its not but i have a quistion


why did she leave you

i was a abuser to both of them so i dont really want to date her becuase i am not her dad eather i am her x-boy freind

what i thought you where dad

i was but when she was born she looked just so butiful i wish you where there to her then you might be able to date her but you cant  becuase she is mine all mine ha ha


                              24 hours later


beep beep beep

ahh why is the buzzer going off gards said diddlebock

um please dont hurt us but she left the building when we where asleep

well what are you staring at go and find her now

okok we will just hold on and we will tell the border


hello are you there bob

yha whats wrong

um an prisener excapt out of our home and we where woundering if you can you will watch to make shour she has long dirty blond hair with blue trims and she is short

ok but i have one question


you are going to jail for kidnaping a little girl we are on our way

What i cant go to jail my wife is having a baby

no she is not because your wife got murderd in 2003

what why didnt no body tell me that

you where in jail for abuase

ok i wil


                      2 years later


Ahaa its good to be back here in my own house instead of that mean kidnapper's house.

Kayla dylan is here

ok thank you very much mom

Thank You mrs bellestaligh

your welcome dylan you're always welcome here even if your papie doesn't like you or if he abused you

Thank you but he does not abused you

oh then you are always welcome here

ok i think i will go up kayla now

ok i am baking cookies

all right

hey kayla can i tell you somthing


do you promis not to tell any body or freak

i cross my heart hope to die stick a neadile in mt eye put a tooth pick in my thigh

ok here it goes

well are you going to say it

yes just hold on a second this is stress full for me ok


here it goes i like you

do you like like me

yha i actilly love you

what oh i mean i actilly like you too

you do

yha i allways liked you since first grade

that is so sweet

i have a quistion to ask you

what will you go out with me




¨love you

¨love you to


               The day they get marred


¨Hey mom

¨hey are you ready for your ceromony


¨oh the music is starting do you want to start walking”down the ail

¨yha lets go

¨do you take this very lovly woman to be your wife said the minester

¨ yes i do

¨do you take this man to be to be your husband

¨ i do

ok you may kiss the bride


Now lets start a family



                                   5 years later

tommy,kaylee,michale.nick,marian,and chris,time for dinner

ok we are coming


they live a very good life

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