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There was once a small little place named Silvesteria where there was no crime nothing bad had ever happened but either people or location they always have their secrets. Yet all of this was about to change when two investigators named Payton and Braiden would come and help out the curious town’s people. This town was so secluded it wasn't even on the map the mayor had made sure that they weren't able to be found.The town’s people disagreed with that so behind his back they called the two brothers. And this a story you won't forget the two brothers showed up and were happily greeted by the town’s people.

        Payton announced,“We will solve your curious problems but for us to do this we will need to ask questions if you disagree with this we understand but you will be a witness.”The towns folk all agreed on it and the questioning was continued the two brothers questioned a single mother named Gorelda she wasn't the most trusting but when it came to the safety of her children she would spill all her knowledge.

Gorelda explained, “We are all suspicious of our mayor his name is Terry he is our main concern but there is also this old building we all nhere screams and cries come out of but Terry just tells us it nothing we would investigate but we are all to scared and have family to look out for if something were to happen to us.”

Payton replied, “It's ok mame we will investigate both situations and solve all this confusion your people have about your so called mayor.” The lady thanked him and they left

Braiden said, “So which one we question about first the mayor or the creepy old abandoned building?”

Payton said,“I honestly think we should split up i'll talk to the mayor and you'll check out the old building.”Payton smacked Braiden on the back and said

“Ok let's do this.”Braiden didn't have any time to share his thoughts about this plan but there wasn't much he could do anyways.Payton went up to the mayor's house it was a big house overlooking the town Payton knocked on the door knock..knock..knock no answer meanwhile Payton waits Braiden was asking the townspeople if they know any details about the old,creepy looking building.Payton seems to have no progress with the mayor but he sees a open window about two stories up

          Payton said to himself,“I think if i use a rope i can climb up and get in the house that way.”Payton climbs up and on his way in makes a loud sound bang!!!

the mayor comes running up stairs and screams,“What are you doing in my house this a violation of my privacy i should have you thrown in jail for this boy!!”

    Payton says anxiously,“Sorry mayor but i thought you were in trouble you didn't answer the door.”

the mayor replied,“I didn't hear you very well i'm getting older and it's harder to hear things.”

         Payton shook his head and says,“I knocked several times and even almost brook down the door,when i saw the window i thought it could be a way in without causing much damage.”

The mayor told him,“I'm just fine but thank you for your concern but i think it's time for you to explain yourself why are you in my house in the middle of the night?”

Payton explained“I have some questions to ask you sir.”The mayor then replied “About what exactly?”

      Payton said,“about the town's past history,you wouldn’t know anything would you?”The mayor looked startled and a little questionable about about what Payton had said so Payton trusted his word and left but he knew there was more to the story so he would go back the next night.Meanwhile Payton and Braiden meet back up in the middle of town

Payton explained”I didn't get much out of the mayor but a dirty look for sneaking in his house.”

         Braiden laughed and said,”Well you might not have found anything but while i was looking inside the house i found this.”Braiden showed him a picture of the mayor and his family and he said,”The mayor had a family they must of died in that house when it burnt down.”

     Payton agreed and explained,”that's why he has never been the same since the accident.”But Braiden questioned it and said,”But what if it wasn't an accident what if it was on purpose?”Payton stood there in amazement and explained that he was going back tomorrow night when the sun go down to find out more information.So they went to the motel they wer staying at to get some rest for the next day.Finally the sun had come up and as well was the boys they got all the ger they needed to pull off the mission to break into the mayors house andthis time Braiden was comming with Payton.Until the sun came down they would spy on the mayor to see if they coud find anythig out that was needed.It was at last dark and Payton and Braiden both knew time must not be wasted and quikly Payton again spotted an open window knowing that Braiden was lighter he would send him up.

    Braiden said,”Ain't no way i’m going up there and getting caught by that shifty man.”Then payton had explained they didn’t have time for that and needed to act quickly.

         Braiden argued,’’But why me why can’t you,you already did it once?”

   Payton said aggravated,”Your lighter and it will take less time than it will if i were to do it.”Braiden had finally agreed and they threw a rope up and Braiden climbed up into the house.Payton herd a loud crashing noise and knew he had fell luckily the mayor was away from the house.Braiden opened the door and said out of breath,”The door was unlocked already did you know about this?”

     Payton laughed and said,”Yeah.”

       Braiden asked in a high pitched voice,”but why i thought i was your friend?”

Payton said,”You are but would have been the fun in just opening the door.”

         Braiden looked at him with a smug look and said quietly,”Let’s just find what we need and get out of here i don't want to be here longer than we have to.”The two boys walked through the hallway and came to a room with the door cracked open it was a storage room full of all sorts of documents

   Braiden said with treatment,”Wow look at all this how are we ever supposed to find the town's history records in all this?”

        Payton said,”Well we'll just have to start somewhere and by that i mean anywhere but we gotta hurry before the mayor gets back.”The two boys started looking as fast as they could when Braiden came acrossed a file labeled “Wedgy family house”

     Braiden said with excitement,”Look at this payton it's the wedgy family house incident.”

Payton asked,”Isn’t the mayor's last name wedgy as in like a wedgy board?”

 Braiden said,”Yes yes it is this must be the mayor's old house before it burnt and his family they all look so happy i wonder what happened.”They looked at each other with confusion and Braiden read a page of the documents it said “house of the wedgies was burnt down in 1964 the accident that was reported by Terry wedgy the youngest,the police never found out what had caused it but yet they found a small box of matches under the youngest boys bed.Investigators left the case assuming it was an electrical problem.The case has never been brought up again except for two investigators that new there was more to the story but sadly had died 3 days after they had started the investigation.”

    Braiden said,”It's as tho the incident just vanished and no one has ever tried to find out ever since the other two investigators.”

Payton explained,”There's something going on around here and i think the mayor is not really the mayor and we must stop him!”The two waited for the mayor to return and came to his front door without knocking the mayor immediately opened the door

        Terry said, “Come in i would love to have you guys for dinner.”

Braiden said eagerly,”All right i'm starving.”

            But as soon as he did Payton stopped him and said,”We're not going anywhere until you explain these to us.”Payton threw the pictures on the ground and as soon as the mayor saw them he ran.The boys chased after him but he ran to the ledge and jumped off.The boys ran to the ledge and looked off and he was gone.

     Braiden asked,”Where did he go?’’


  Payton said,”I think i know where he went.”The two boys ran to the mayor's old house that had burnt down Payton knew he would be there back to where it all began when they finally made it there the mayor was already there with a wedgy board.Payton and Braiden knew that he was trying to summon demons to come and rule over the word but Payton and Braiden weren't about to let them they grabbed his hands and smashed the wedgy board in half and arrested him.They took him far away from that town so he would never be able to punish that town ever again.Three weeks later the town went back to its normal hobbies and never before had it ever seen the beauty in that place and that will never change.

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