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Cali Morrison’s trip to Neverland

It was just a boring day in the orphanage. Cali was sitting on the cot in her room reading her book. Cali didn’t like to be loud and obnoxious ,but yet still wanted a friend to read books with and discuss the wonders of reading. A loud bell rang signaling the girls it was time to eat supper. Cali put her book under her pillow and walked into the dining hall. She grabbed a clean tray and got into line with the other girls. Cali walked up to the first lady with a pot of slop.
“Where is the rest of the food, we normally have rolls and cheese,” Cali questioned.
“Well little one, we are running out of food and it has become expensive after the war. Now run along before you get none at all” the lady hastily said. Cali turned around and walked off. She knew that Mother Lee was hiding all the food and keeping it for herself. Cali sat down and stared at the disgusting slop. Cali knew Mother Lee was hiding the rations in her room but where. She picked up the slop and put it into the trash bin. She slowly walked to the washroom. Cali accidently bumped into Mother Lee.
“Oh, I’m quite sorry Mother Lee” Cali said looking down.
“Quite sorry my rump, go get washed up and head straight to bed” Mother Lee demanded pointing towards the washroom. Cali quickly scattered to the washroom to do her business. Once Cali was finished she hurried back into her room and shut the door behind her. Cali walked over to her cot and sat down to read her book. It was almost midnight. Cali went towards the dining hall to see Mother lee was busy eating donuts and playing cards with the sisters. Cali quickly walked down the hallway to get to Mother Lee’s room. She slowly opened the door trying not to make a noise. Then she started looking for an entrance. Finally Cali pulled on a bible revealing a secret passageway. Cali walked through the passageway to find a room filled with canned goods and treasure. She grabbed a jar full of marmalade and scarfed it down. Cali walked deeper into the room to see shelves full of documents. Cali scanned over the papers realising they were papers on the children of the orphanage. Cali looked over all of the documents looking for her letters.
“I found mine” Cali shouted. All of a sudden a big bang came from Mother Lee’s room. Cali jumped at the loud noise losing the paper in her hand. Mother Lee came barging into the room looking like a rabid animal. She grabbed Cali’s arm with a tight squeeze and pulled her out of the hidden room.
“Out, Out, Out. Go to your room, you will recieve your punishment tomorrow for trespassing in my room. You’re lucky enough I’m not considering shipping you off to a military school of some sort” Mother Lee shouted before slamming her door with a big bang. Cali quickly scattered to her room slamming the door close and locking it. Cali quickly went over to her bed and began to cry.
“All I wanted to know was who my mother was and if she was ever coming back” Cali said crying. All of a sudden the window opened with a loud clang. A shadow flew into the room. Cali fell off her bed in a panic trying to figure out what flew through the window. Cali looked around in a panic still not finding the shadow. All of a sudden a figure floated down quickly in front of her bed.
“Please help me he’s after my family treasures and food” the flying girl shouted.
“What I don’t understand, who are you and what are you doing here” Cali said in a frantic.
“I am Marina, daughter of Captain James Hook. I need your help you are the only one who can fight against Pan and the savages” she said coming closer.
“I thought Pan was the good guy” Cali asked rising from the ground slowly.
“Not anymore, after Wendy left he became evil and took all of the pixon and used it against everyone. The savages were scared and decided to join him and the fairies. He attacks everyone that gets in his way or he doesn’t like” she said scared.
“I need your help to fight him off, please” Marina asked with hope holding out her hand.
“I hardly know you, how could I just run off with a random stranger who claims to be the Captain Hook’s daughter” Cali whispered.

“Please I beg you, help me” Marina pleaded.
Cali grabbed ahold of the girl’s hand and they took off. Cali and Marina flew out into the warm night air. Cali looked down at the town she called home. She couldn't believe she was leaving with a random stranger.
“Hold on tight” Marina shouted. In that moment they took off in a flash. Next thing Cali knew she was on a island with white sand. Palm trees decorated the middle of the island. Cali turned to see a huge blue ocean. Before Cali could say anything about the island Marina made a whistling noise. A large pirate ship came in sight. Cali and Marina climbed aboard the ship and walked to the captain’s cabin.
“I know this is all a big whirl of wind to you ,but you're the only one who can help. You look exactly like Wendy and if I’m right the only one Pan will listen to. He was close with Wendy” Marina said.
“We need to stop this before someone get’s hurt, Please for Neverland” Marina sadly said.
“If this gets anymore out of hand he may go to your world and try to take over” Marina replied. Cali thought for awhile.
“Okay I’ll help” Cali responded.
Marina started to explain the plan with Cali.
“So that’s it, all I have to do is pretend I’m Wendy and he’ll stop” Cali asked.
“Let’s hope” Marina replied rolling up the scroll. Marina started to pull out a long nightgown just like the one from the movie.
“Here it was one of Wendy’s old nightgowns, wear this and maybe he’ll think it’s her” Marina said giving her the dress. Cali quickly changed. Once Cali was done Marina called the warriors aboard. Cali helped Marina pass out swords and load the cannons just in case of an attack. After they finished Marina and Cali sailed to the other side of Neverland. The ship had stopped at the old,wooden dock. Cali quickly jumped off onto the creaky dock. Cali fixed her hair and looked at herself in the water. Cali wasn’t sure if this was going to work ,but she knew she had to save Neverland for it would save her world too.
“Ready” Marina questioned.
“Ready” Cali replied looking up from the water.
“Remember don’t call him Pan, he will instantly know I sent you to stop him” Marina whispered afraid of someone hearing her.
Cali nodded her head and ran into the jungle full of tall trees and thick vines. After a couple of steps in she was caught in a rope trap. Savages came towards her with spears. The savages cut the rope and carried her towards a small village.
“Let me go” Cali shouted.
The savages ignored her and brought her in front of a throne. All of a sudden a flying boy landed on the chair.

“Who are you” Peter questioned.
“It is I ,Wendy. I’ve come to stop you before you make a mistake by stealing from the people of Neverland” Cali said trying to stand up. Peter jumped off of the throne signaling the savages to release me.
“Peter you can’t steal from others” Cali said.
“I can do what I please they are my people and I can do as I please” he replied turning his back and crossing his arms.
“You are going to hurt people Pan” Cali said covering her mouth instantly.
“You aren’t Wendy, Savages kill her” Peter shouted with anger.
All of a sudden the pirates came barging in fighting the savages.
“Stop” Cali screamed. In an instant everyone stopped fighting staring at the girl in shock.
“This is ridiculous. Just because you’re a king does not mean you get to steal all of the things your people have worked hard for” Cali screamed.
“They are my people, I can have whatever I want” Peter screamed.
“That does not mean anything. You should always be nice to people even if they are different. What would have Wendy thought about this” Cali questioned Peter.
“What have I done, I guess I was upset about Wendy leaving” Peter responded putting his head in his hands.

“I shall return everything right this instant” Pan said as he flew off. Everyone cheered for now there would be peace in Neverland once again.

“Cali I must take you home” Marina whispered to Cali. Cali nodded and waved goodbye to the people of Neverland. Marina grabbed ahold of Cali and they flew off. Cali finally reached the orphanage.
“Thank you, for everything” Marina whispered shaking Cali’s hand.
“Your welcome, do you think we’ll ever meet again” Cali asked with hope. “Maybe one day I’ll come back for you ,but for now just keep your chin up” Marina said giving Cali a warm hug. Marina stepped back towards the window.
Before she could leave she whispered “Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”. Marina then flew off into the morning. Cali quickly went to the window to see the twinkle when Marina left. All of a sudden Mother Lee barged into the room.
“Time for your punishment” Mother Lee said grabbing Cali’s arm.
“Mother Lee you lied to everyone about the food for the orphanage” Cali said.
“Yeah so what.What are you going to do about it squirt” Mother Lee asked with anger.
“I’m not dumb, I know people who can put you in the bighouse, Mother Lee. I can end all of the money you get for taking care of us with one phone call” Cali smirked.
“You wouldn’t dare” Mother Lee glared at Cali.
“Try me” Cali said staring down Mother Lee. Mother Lee hissed at Cali and left stomping her feet out the door. Cali smiled to herself knowing she and the other orphans would have a delicious meal tonight.
After that day Mother Lee never talked down to any child of the orphanage. Marina never came back for Cali ,but she knew Marina was watching closely over her. Cali became a great story teller who told her adventure to Neverland. About helping Peter Pan with his stealing issue and making friends with Captain Hook’s daughter. No one believed her ,but that did not stop her from telling her story. The story of Cali Morrison’s trip to Neverland.

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