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The McPhersons were fast asleep in their small, yellow house on Bliss St. Christmas was coming and, as always, the McPhersons had their Christmas decorations up earlier than ever.

Abbey woke up the next day to the cold air bristling across her face. Mrs. McPherson had opened all the windows because she burnt the pancakes. Again. Abbey came downstairs and saw the burnt pancakes, so she got the cereal out right away.

“Is dad driving me today?” Abbey asked as a mouthful of cereal was about to go in her mouth.

“No,” Mrs. McPherson answered. “He’s at work, I’m going to drive you.”

“Can I drive?” Abbey asked hesitantly.

There was a long pause.

‘’Um, I guess,” answered Mrs. McPherson.

Mrs. McPherson doesn’t like when Abbey drives, so Abbey always has to practice driving with her dad. This is the first time her mom has actually let her drive.

Abbey got in the car excitedly, put in the key, and backed out of the driveway. The whole way to school her mom was yelling and screaming.

She had to rush to her first class because her mom kept making her pull over and insisting she drive the rest of the way there. As Abbey walked into her biology class, the door behind her made a big SLAM! Her teacher, Mr. Jenkins, glared at her and directed her to her seat. He continued in his lesson, “On Friday we are going to dissect a frog, so I hope you all have these notes down. Make sure to look them over.” He looked at Abbey as she was writing them down as fast as she could.

Everyone left and went to the next class. Abbey walked to chemistry, her favorite class with her favorite teacher, Mr. Gilmore. She walked in the classroom and sat down next to her partner and best friend, Rory.

“Okay, next week on Nov. 14th, we are going to do our vinegar and baking soda experiment,” Mr. Gilmore announced.

The whole day went by so fast. Rory and Leo came over later that night to study. They were all studying for Wednesday’s math test.

“Do you have any chips?” Leo asked. “I’m starving.”

“Yeah, I think we have some food stored down in the basement. Can you guys help me look?” Abbey said.

“Sure,” they both answered.

They went into the basement and saw a bunch of shelves and boxes stacked on each other. They each went in a little space and started looking.

“Found it!” Rory shouted.

There was a big shelf in the corner with different kinds of food stacked on each shelf. Leo grabbed a bag of chips and opened it right away. Just as Abbey was getting out of her area, she saw a box with ABBEY written on it in big letters. She stopped and said, “Come here guys, I found something that I've never seen in my life.”

Abbey opened it and there was an old dusty teddy bear, a little baby blanket, two mini bottles with different colored liquids in them, and a letter. She opened the wax-stamped letter and and read it out loud. It said:

Dearest Abbey,

We are so sorry we had to leave you, we just wanted you to know that if we did keep you your whole life would be full of danger. See, in November 1998 the FBI asked us if we would make them a bomb, so we did. It could take out 15 miles of land. After that, a group called The Black Shield started tracking us down to get it. We hid from them for a long time and they still wanted it. Then we had you, and we just wanted you to be safe.

The purple liquid is the bomb solution, so be very careful with it. The green liquid is a time-traveling solution, another one of our big accomplishments. The teddy bear was your favorite toy when you were a baby.

We’ll love you forever,                               

Bekah & Will Wallace  (Mom & Dad)


Everything was silent, except for the crunching of Leo’s chips. Abbey read it again and again. “Maybe you were supposed to read it in your head?” Leo said. Rory hit him, like he wasn't supposed to say that, and he hit her back. Abbey left the stuff there and went up stairs with the letter. Rory and Leo followed her.

“So are we gonna get back to studying?” Abbey asked, like everything was okay.

“I guess,” Rory answered confused.

The rest of the night Abbey didn’t say anything about the box of stuff or the letter.

The next day Abbey asked Rory, “Do you want to come over tonight to work on the chemistry project?”

“Sure,” answered Rory.“I’ll be there at 7.”

When Rory got there, she saw the box of stuff out on the table and looked surprised. Abbey explained that she didn't want to work on the chemistry experiment, she wanted her there to work on the time-traveling solution because she always wanted to meet her real parents and see what they were like.

When Rory sat down on the couch she accidently hit the table, and the time-traveling solution spilled on the bomb solution. Right then there was a big flash and they both closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes they were in a big purple bubble and started screaming. They saw a clock going backwards really fast and days going backwards. They stopped suddenly and there was another flash. The bubble disappeared.

“Where are w-” Abbey was about to ask, when an old lady with a broom came in and screamed, “Get out of my house!!!”

They saw the front door behind them and left. As they were walking out they looked at the front of the house and realized it was Abbey’s house, but really different. They saw someone on the street and asked, “What day is it?”

The person answered “October 9th, 1981,” and kept on walking.

They both looked at each other and were concerned.

“The time-traveling solution worked, but didn’t do the right date,” said Abbey.

“But how are we gonna get back?” Rory nervously asked.

“Uh, if the table and couch come back with us in the big purple bubble, then the bottles must still be on the table,” Abbey said.

They walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. The old lady answered.

“We left something in here,” Abbey said really fast.

They both slipped in the house, saw the test tubes still on the table, grabbed them, and left. They saw the lady calling the cops, so they got out of the house and ran down the street. They sat down on the grass and mixed a little bit from each test tube. There was a big flash and this time they closed their eyes for the whole time. There was another flash; they opened their eyes and were sitting on the ground. They walked up to one of the houses and knocked on the door. A woman answered and said, “Hello.”

“What day is it?” Rory asked.

“October 26th, 1998,” the woman answered.

The girls looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you have a computer?” asked Abbey.

“Yes,” the woman said,

“May we use it?”

The woman hesitated to say yes, but then she did. She led them through her house and there was a computer desk. The difference between the computers now and then amazed her so much. Abbey sat down and looked up Bekah and Will Wallace. It said their address was 1202 Myers Street.

“That’s a couple blocks from here,” the woman said, looking over their shoulders.

“Do you want me to take you there?” she offered.

“Uh, sure,” said Abbey. “Thanks!”

They all got in the car.

“I’m Liz, by the way,” the woman said.

“I’m Abbey, and that’s Rory.”

It took them barely any time to get there.

“We're here,” Liz said, as she was pulling into the driveway.

“Bye, thanks,” Abbey said as she was waving goodbye.

They got out of the car and she drove away. They walked up to the big brick house and rang the doorbell. A pregnant woman answered the door.

“Hello. Are you Mrs.Wallace?” Abbey asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

Abbey had a really excited but nervous feeling in her stomach, and asked, “Can we come in and talk to you and your husband?”

“Well, sure,” Mrs. Wallace said.

They both came in. Mrs. Wallace got her husband and they both sat down.

“Ok. What do you want?” Mr.Wallace asked.

“This may sound weird that we know this, but didn't the FBI ask you guys to make them a bomb?” Abbey said, nervously. They both looked shocked.

“How do you know that?” Mr. Wallace said.

“Um, well you can’t make that bomb, because then a scary group will want it and you’ll go in hiding and then you’ll have a baby and you’ll put it up for adoption,” Abbey said.

“And we're from the future and she’s your daughter,” Rory said quickly.

“We went back in time to tell you not to make the bomb,” said Abbey.

“You sent me with a box of stuff and it had the bomb solution, the time-traveling solution, a teddy bear, a baby blanket, and a letter,” Abbey said. “See here's the letter.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace read it together. Mr. Wallace made a phone call.

“Hello Jerry, we've made our decision. No, we are not going to make the bomb.”

He ended the phone call and walked over to a painting, took it off the wall and there was a safe behind it. He opened the safe and there were blueprints in it.

“These are the plans to the bomb,” Mr. Wallace said.

He got a matchbox out of a drawer and lit one of the matches. He lit the the plans on fire and put them in the fireplace. Just then, Rory and Abbey started disappearing because now that the plans were gone, the bomb would never bemade and they wouldn’t have gone back in time.


Abbey woke up the next day and remembered everything. She thought life was back to normal and nothing had changed, but then she heard, “Abbey, time for your favorite breakfast.”  

It was her mom, her real mom. She got so excited, she ran downstairs and there was a big plate of French toast and bacon.



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