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It was 1998 and one of the biggest nights for the Tigers at Versailles Missouri High School. The Tigers were playing against the Eldon Mustangs. The Tigers won -20 to 3, they were so happy. The star Quarterback Drake Willis,and his girlfriend Jessica Smith, she is the caption of the cheerleading squad. They had decided to have an after party for the whole team and friends. Jessica and Drake we having a good time, until the Mustang team came along all of the football players got really upset. Drake stepped up to the mustangs caption and said “ What are you do here”. They were ready for anything the Mustangs had for them. The Mustangs said “ you guys played really good and is one of the toughest team we have ever played”. Everyone was really shocked they thought there was going to be a big fight. The mustangs had decided to stick around for the party. Jessica’s friend Kelly got really sick that night and needed to find the bathroom.Everyone said you don’t look so good kelly. She said “i know I think i’m going to be sick, I need to find Jessica”. She was able to find Jessica and on their way to the bathroom they heard something. They would of stoped and looked what it was but Kelly was sick. They never thought about this but the house they were in, there use to been a old couple that lived there. Of course the couple had died but still. They had found the bathroom and Jessica had decided to stay outside since the lock did not work. Jessica kept asking Kelly if she was okay. then Jessica said i am going to go down stairs and get something. Kelly had been in the bathroom for about thirty minutes, and Jessica had still not come back. Kelly started to feel better and came outside of the bathroom. she went down stairs to see if she could find Jessica. Kelly went to see if she was with Drake. She asked Drake if he had seen her but he said no. She also asked him where the mustangs went?She had had her eye on number twenty three. He said she might be in the kitchen she kept talking about how hunger she was,and the mustangs had left about 30 minutes ago. Kelly said that is the time Jessica had went down stairs to get something. So Kelly went in the the kitchen but Jessica was not there,  her phone was also gone. Kelly went running to Drake. She’s not there and here phone is gone to Kelly said. Drake got really nervous. He gathered everyone up that was at the party. He said “ excuse me everyone has anyone seen Jessica.” They all looked around at each other and shook their heads no. They decided to get a search party ready for if she did not come back in 5 minutes. Someone found Jessica’s car keys. That is what caught Drake”s attention. “ She always has her keys” Drake said. Five minutes had passed and Drake was really worried. He said  “I told her parents i would have her home buy 12:00”, Drake said. Drake finally gave the signal to move out and start searching. They all had their phones with them so if they found her. They also had fully charged flashlight. Thirty minutes went by and still no sign of her. Drake was really getting worried now. He had finally said “I think we need to call the cops”. One of Drake’s friends Cooper said he would call the cops also before the mustangs left they said that they needed to tell Jessica something so I told them she was in the kitchen. After Cooper got off the phone with the cops they said they would be there in thirty minutes. Everyone started to look in every room. One bot found Jessica’s jacket that she might of left. Another boy found Jessica’s phone case. One boy found a keychain with a mustang sigh then it was pretty obvious what had happened.  They even tried calling Jessica’s phone but she would not answer it would go straight to her voicemail every time. Drake thought that was weird because she would always answer her phone. The cop had finally got there and when they did they had asked Drake and Kelly when they had seen Jessica they had both said the same thing “One hour ago When the Mustangs went home.”They also asked them if they had tried to call her phone. They had said yes we tried before you guys got here and she would not answer her phone. Drake had also said that they had found her jacket and phone case. Since they Mustangs went home the same time Jessica went missing,They had finally decided to go visit the Mustangs. When they had went to number seventeen’s house his mother answered the door. They had asked her if she knows where jeffrey her son was. She said the last place so knows where he would be is at the school’s gym having a party. So when they left  the house they went straight to the gym and they found the boys and they were having a party . Guess who they had with them, They had Jessica. They did not hurt Jessica they had a snack table for her and everything she was partying to. When they saw Jessica like that they knew that it was just a joke so they decided that they were going to get them back. Then all of a sudden the cops started rushing into the gym. They were all yelling “ put your hands up”. All of the football player got all frantic and shit those hands up. One player  started to cry. The cops start to yell “ you are under arrest for kidnapping”. one of the players started talking in spanish because he wanted his mom. Another player started saying “ i want my mommy”.  Then Drake comes out laughing  and takes a picture of all of the sacred football player. Then all the cops start to laugh at the players. All of a sudden all the player’s phones start to go off.  There was the picture of the sacred player, they were so embarrassed. At the end of the night all of the night both of the teams decided that they would have one big party. everyone was dancing and having a good time at the party.Jessica and  Drake was able to see each other and have a couple of slow dances . Kelly was and to meet her number twenty three. they were having a good time until they ran out of snack and had nothing to eat. So Kelly and Jessica went to go get some more out of the cafeteria and everyone was happy.Drake was able to get Jessica back to her house on time but, her dad did not say which twelve o'clock he had to have her back by. Jessica  got home at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. After everything that night everyone decided to not talk about the party nor the when Jessica got kidnapped. Everyone ended up forgetting about the the whole party, and everyone stayed friends including the Mustangs.

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