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800 Persons Pour Into Kiwanis Sale At Opening

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BARGAIN HUNTERS CROWD INTO ARMORY: This lobby-full is only a fraction of the estimated 800 persons who crowded into the Armory in the first 10 minutes of the Kiwanis Club's 26th annual rummage sale that opened today. It will run for three days, with new stock due to come in daily to replenish sale items ranging all the way from fingernail polish to pianos.

800 Persons Pour Into Kiwanis Sale At Opening

An estimated 800 persons poured through the doors of the Armory in the first 10 minutes of business as the annual Kiwanis Club rummage sale got underway at 9 a.m.

Half an hour before the doors were opened, Herbert Welhener, general chairman of the children's aid fund project, reported the first "casualty.” An unidentified woman fainted in the crowded lobby. After half an hour of rest, she collapsed a second time as the crowd pushed past her at the entrance. She was wheeled out of the building on a stretcher but declines hospitalization.

No other untoward incidents were reported this morning as the crowds good-naturedly jostled for space along the counters. Within minutes every counter was lined with buyers for new and used merchandise that ranged from fingernail polish to pianos. Three of the latter were on sale for $15 each. Sweaters were going well—at 10 cents each. Blouses enjoyed a brisk sale at five cents.

Will Sell Manure

A load of manure will be put on sale Saturday morning—outside the building.

Welhener said that the early crowd was “by far the best turn-out" in the 26 years of the annual event.

He also reported that the merchandise donated for the affair is "at least 25 per cent more than received in any previous year."

Goods packed in an old store building being used as a warehouse by the Kiwanians will be brought into the Armory in stages to replenish stocks throughout the three days of the sale, he emphasized.

With many large items—including stokers, bathtubs, furniture of all kinds and kitchen appliances up for sale. Welhener predicted an all-time record will be set in earnings. The previous high was little more than $6,700.

Five-Cent Baby-Sitting Service Aids Shoppers

Because many mothers were being hampered in their rummage sale shopping by children, Kiwanis Club members’ wives this morning set up an impromptu baby-sitting service in the balcony of the Armory.

Charge: Five cents a child "for the duration of the shopping time."